World Cup Qualifier Match Comments Post

Today is an important day for many teams around the world and many of our blaugrana players. I’d like to highlight the more important games and then let you have your say throughout the rest of the afternoon in the comments section.

Ukraine – England: Crucial points for the Ukrainians, who are trying to finish second in the group. (PPV, 12pmEST)
Armenia – Spain: We are all hoping del Bosque gives our boys a rest, but Marca thinks Puyol and Xavi will start and thus probably play 90. (Fox Soccer en Espanol, 12pmEST)
Denmark – Sweden: Zlatan takes one the Danes and their 4-3-3, though he’s in a bullish mood about it and expects victory. (Fox Soccer en Espanol, 2pm EST)
France – Faeroe Islands: This should be a gimme for Titi and Eric, but we’ll see what things Dumbenech can do to make it harder. (Fox Soccer Channel, 3pmEST)
Argentina – Peru: Must win, obviously, but will Maradona realize that and start 11 players or will he handicap himself with Heinze? (PPV, 5:30pmEST)
Mexico – El Salvador: Rafa returns to El Tri, but can they qualify? (6pmEST, Telemundo)

Mali and Brasil play tomorrow.

In earlier action, the Ivory Coast drew with Malawi 1-1. The Yaya played only the final 12 minutes, which was obviously the problem for them. Still they’ll move on in the qualification process quite handily.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. Diego Maradonna: the only action of the entire match is jumping a half inch in the air, celebrating a goal scored by two of the players he has snubbed since he’s been in charge.

  2. Palermo can create the spaces they lacked in the first half. Just dont let him take penalties.

  3. Is * fooling around just with me!? Can any body provide a better link please

  4. Is it just me or is “Spiderman” Gutirrez playing in defense (as in he’s like a right back)? Are Argentina playing 3 at the back?

    1. He’s going for a 1-0 win, but as we all know with Maradona. What he thinks fails. So, 100000000 year old Palermo up front and 22 year old (and goalscorer) Higuain on the bench.

      Now, it is a battle of who is more inept. Peru, in front of goal, or Maradona, as a coach.

      Who will win?

    1. best way to nip that in the bud is to score again not put in another defender & sit back & take it.

  5. whats argentina tactics at the moment?
    They put palermo, stopped pressing and stopped playing on the flanks.

    1. Luis Suarez benefitting messi even before coming to barca, imagine him scoring for us and providing all those assists 😛

  6. While I want Messi to play in the WC, I really don’t want Maradona as coach. So, I kind of (guiltily) want Peru to tie the game.

  7. Tally so far:

    Ibrahimovic: Out
    Henry, Abidal: Probably in through playoff
    Messi: ????
    Xavi, Puyol, Pique, Busquets, etc: In
    Alves: In

  8. Bottom of the table Peru dominating possession on Argentina’s backyard. Gosh, they’re defending like a team playing us at the Camp Nou..

  9. Higuain AND now Aimar off. The ones who changed Argentina’s fortunes?

    Peru is going to equalise. I just called it. (Hoping I’m wrong, but I just get this feeling..)

  10. Peru had the chance to re-set the attack, but in playing it back to the keeper, showed that they don’t really want to win or draw. They just want to show well.

    1. That may be true, but what I think is that it won’t be so much as Peru brilliance, but Argentina self-destruction. The pressure is all on Argentina’s side of the field (and on the players).

      …And with these condition (adding to the drama of the game), you never know.

  11. I gotta stop saying that I’ll gouge an eye out if Cuauhtemoc scores. Every time I say that, the jerkface scores. I would be blind like 6 times over.

  12. Was going to say if he calls that BS for Argentina while ignoring the hand ball….

    Looks like Argentina will escape this one.

  13. I wish maradona play for the team again.

    Even at this age he still can serve the team better as a player than as a coach.

  14. See, I knew it! I feel bad for hoping for this scoreline. But seriously, can we have Maradona’s head now?

    Also, backwards day in Mexico, Paco Palencia just scored.

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