World Cup Qualifier Match Comments Post

Today is an important day for many teams around the world and many of our blaugrana players. I’d like to highlight the more important games and then let you have your say throughout the rest of the afternoon in the comments section.

Ukraine – England: Crucial points for the Ukrainians, who are trying to finish second in the group. (PPV, 12pmEST)
Armenia – Spain: We are all hoping del Bosque gives our boys a rest, but Marca thinks Puyol and Xavi will start and thus probably play 90. (Fox Soccer en Espanol, 12pmEST)
Denmark – Sweden: Zlatan takes one the Danes and their 4-3-3, though he’s in a bullish mood about it and expects victory. (Fox Soccer en Espanol, 2pm EST)
France – Faeroe Islands: This should be a gimme for Titi and Eric, but we’ll see what things Dumbenech can do to make it harder. (Fox Soccer Channel, 3pmEST)
Argentina – Peru: Must win, obviously, but will Maradona realize that and start 11 players or will he handicap himself with Heinze? (PPV, 5:30pmEST)
Mexico – El Salvador: Rafa returns to El Tri, but can they qualify? (6pmEST, Telemundo)

Mali and Brasil play tomorrow.

In earlier action, the Ivory Coast drew with Malawi 1-1. The Yaya played only the final 12 minutes, which was obviously the problem for them. Still they’ll move on in the qualification process quite handily.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Hmm Mexico game or Argentina game…hmmmmmm…..hmmm…both! ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope my internet tubes can handle it

    1. i’d much rather watch argentina on the boob tube & stream the mexico game, but what can you do? do i stream the portugal game & watch them crash & burn or watch a france v faroe islands rebroadcast? decisions. decisions.

      i hope iniesta plays no more than a half so that he gets his positioning down but doesn’t re-aggravate the bee’s knees. i think xavi’s payed his dues.

    1. that’s one of the best goals I’ve seen in a while. Who says Xavi and Cesc aren’t compatible?

  2. stupid armenia

    here’s another crackovia skit…


    iniesta’s outfit. oh my.

  3. Puyol with some well timed tackles. He has had to make more tackles in this game than with barcelona all season soo far

  4. england looks good with ten men on the field. Their passes, movement and general understanding of the game plan is crisp.

    1. i was switching streams as the goal happened but here’s what marca said:

      ยกยกGOOOOOL DE ARMENIA!! Falta botada sobre el รกrea espaรฑola y toca Puyol de cabeza para marcar en propia meta, aunque la FIFA le da el gol a Arzumanyan. Empata y sorprende Armenia.

  5. I am usually not one for conspiracy theories but Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, and Pique getting minutes vs Albiol, Alonso, Casillas, or Silva (who we play next) in a meaningless game is shady as hell. GOD DAMNIT del Bosque you are QUALIFIED. Why not put in the bench warmers (i.e. RM players?) CONSPIRACY…


  6. Hector, im with you 100%. I was wondering why Xavi is in this game. He played all games in south africa, plus all important games for barcelona this season (pique & Puyol too). The spanish team is already qualified, plus they have some benchwarmers who should be used in games like this. Iniesta is also coming off a long injury lay-off, has been suffering from frequent injuries lately and should only be used when necessary.

    It was cool to see Xavi and Iniesta switch numbers, is that a brotherhood thing?

  7. Wow, is anybody watching Ibra for Sweden? He is playing really well. He just set up Larson with a backheel for a beautiful goal that was suspiciously deemed offside. Could have gone either way, shame cos it would have been a lovely goal.

  8. Puyol will be ending his international “break” early, he came through with his promise :P, he got a yellow..

  9. god damn denmark. pfff the dutch.

    i guess i will be watching the portugal game as france is already up 2-0 through a gignac brace.

  10. Isaiah, he is the sexiest smartest sweetest charmer ever known. The first , the second and the thrid. And you are still wondering?

    1. No, because the 5-0 should have been possible with the B squad. Anyone can play well against minnows. It’s when you get the must-win matches that you see what a side is made of. Qualification was on their boots against Serbia. Just win and the rest is in their hands. But against real sides is when the team’s (or lack thereof) deficiencies show up.

      Benzema looks a god against Faroe Islands. He was shit against every other real side in that group. Now it’s the playoffs, barring some crazy results from the Serbian side.

      Put it like this: If Barca lost the Clasico, then Sevilla, then Villarreal, but beat Tenerife 9-0, we’d be happy, yes, but that happiness would be tempered.

      See what I mean?

  11. Shit. If Sweden wins that match, both they and the Danes are sitting on 18 points. And Portugal is screwed. Alas, it didn’t happen that way.

    Les Bleus look like shit. It’s the goddamned Faroe Islands. They should be up by about 47 goals, and they shouldn’t need Henry to do it. Luckily in the playoffs they will draw a weaker country, but Dumbenech could mess up a wet dream.

    Ibra looked good, but when you surround a diamond with shit, you can’t really expect much.

  12. I just realized that Dumbenech is wearing what looks like a leather suit. Holy crap. The Faroe player should have cock punched him.

    1. dude that leather suit was hard. whether or not domenech was able to pull it off is a different issue.

  13. Kevin, Kxevin, Kzevin….You will face financial crises if you will have to pay for brand names copy rights anytime soon.

    Sweden have their own version of Dumbradona as well.

  14. and yeap, recently I struggle to joke more and more everytime an Argentina match approach. That may require a psycological analysis….

  15. Hey, don’t blame me. Blame my ineptitude with my phone’s soft keyboard. ๐Ÿ˜€

    That Abidal thing was scary. He was planted, when the keeper cleated his own player’s leg, after trying to catch a clearance that he should have just punched.

    And Lassana Diarra and Gallas are classless gits. The latter picks up a yellow for an unnecessarily rough challenge, and laughs about it. He should have been apologizing to the Faroese player.

    Then late in the match, Gallas is squabbling about some ticky tack play. Even Sagna was saying “Dude, we’re up 5-0.Chill.”

    Les Bleus are a collection of talent in search of a coach to make it a team. The difference in the last Cup is that Zidane was an on-pitch coach. Now that he’s gone, we are really seeing how off things are.

  16. Oh shit Portugal won. Looks like the WC will have Crynaldo but not Ibra!?!?! Lets hope our little Argy Bargy’s moron coach doesn’t blow their chances among other things.

  17. anybody have links to the argentina game???
    i’m not seeing anything on myp2p & rojadirecta’s links are bunk. i’m not even gonna bother w/justintv.

  18. Ronaldo get injured early during a vital game for his country, Simao end up leading the team to the win scoring two goals = Simao had a good game.

    I cant help imagining the marca headlines if it would have been the other way, switching simao name with ronaldo in my first paragragh.

    Alright…hust 12 more minutes and the “fun” starts.

  19. myp2p has the links and most of them work methinks.

    Just saw argentine line up and its awful in defence. i simply do not understand maradona. its peru but still it awful decision making. fingers crossed.

  20. Yeah, ridiculous!! We used to play next to bee nests when i was younger. What a bunch of nancys..

  21. Argh, I have mentioned I support Mexico but hate Cuauhtemoc right? Can’t believe he was the one sort of caused that goal. Buu.

  22. Did anybody notice Schiavi left as the only defender back for about 10 seconds? Save of the day: Peru GK batting away Higuain’s effort with the back of his feet. Take that Casillas!

    1. Yeah, what’s with that DEMO business? Still, good link, good quality. Thanks so much. I get to tune in at halftime. Yay!

    2. Irag actually better quality except for that annoying DEMO business like the ‘MARADONNA’ for Argentina

    1. he’s played well. argentina’s been unlucky infront of goal. i think it’ll come though.

    1. The only highlight of the match for me. Was JDS called up for this match too? If Mexico scores a goal, I’d like to see him get some minutes.

    2. i don’t think so…



    Maybe if you say it enought, it will become reality.

    …and PLEASE don’t tell me Palermo is coming on for Higuain….

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