World Cup Qualifier Match Comments Post

Today is an important day for many teams around the world and many of our blaugrana players. I’d like to highlight the more important games and then let you have your say throughout the rest of the afternoon in the comments section.

Ukraine – England: Crucial points for the Ukrainians, who are trying to finish second in the group. (PPV, 12pmEST)
Armenia – Spain: We are all hoping del Bosque gives our boys a rest, but Marca thinks Puyol and Xavi will start and thus probably play 90. (Fox Soccer en Espanol, 12pmEST)
Denmark – Sweden: Zlatan takes one the Danes and their 4-3-3, though he’s in a bullish mood about it and expects victory. (Fox Soccer en Espanol, 2pm EST)
France – Faeroe Islands: This should be a gimme for Titi and Eric, but we’ll see what things Dumbenech can do to make it harder. (Fox Soccer Channel, 3pmEST)
Argentina – Peru: Must win, obviously, but will Maradona realize that and start 11 players or will he handicap himself with Heinze? (PPV, 5:30pmEST)
Mexico – El Salvador: Rafa returns to El Tri, but can they qualify? (6pmEST, Telemundo)

Mali and Brasil play tomorrow.

In earlier action, the Ivory Coast drew with Malawi 1-1. The Yaya played only the final 12 minutes, which was obviously the problem for them. Still they’ll move on in the qualification process quite handily.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Did anybody stick around to see that last kick from Peru from midfield. What a crazy match…people will probably remember it for years if ARG goes to the WC

  2. Can I just say tho, that Maradona is still a total f-ing embarrassment? And the team is reflecting that.

  3. Wow. If Argentina needed 93 minutes and a miracle finish to get past Peru — at home, no less — will it even matter if they get to the World Cup? They’re going far regardless.

  4. Who made the Palermo substitution?! Who? Who?!

    Maradona is the best coach in the world!

    Ehm..alright…its my bed time…enjoy your day across the ocean

  5. ANYONE but fucking Palermo..fucking hell he’s gonna think he was perfectly right. fucking hell


    Anyway, watching the MEX game was pretty fun..gotta say, Blanco had his bad days, his good days, and these have been his best days thus far IMO. Guy’s pretty damn old, shouldn’t be playing as he already retired, but even so he is doing great. Sacrificing a lot.

    Palencia the other old timer, did a few good things, too. Knew he couldn’t outrun his defender, so he goes for the crazy as hell cross-field pass to Vela who managed to muck up his chance. Damn nice..goal was great, too.

    Very happy with these two.

    Also, Vela scored a goal! He was due this game.


    1. Yes, yay for Mexico! [I still don’t like Cuauhtemoc tho. He just *bothers* me.]

      Whats the consensus, will we see JDS in the WC?

    2. i hope so. but who would he come on for? cuauhtemoc? not likely anymore.

      so vela scored @ the end? waiting for the highlights.

    3. Ehhh Blanco has a little something to him that I dislike, too. Probably coming from his days at America, and I am a Chivista.. However, I can’t say I hate the guy or that I dislike him simply because of his work in the Mexican NT.

      JDS may be present at the WC…but I am not holding my breath. It would depend entirely on how he performs for Barcelona and he has an entire season to make some noise so who knows. It could go either way.

    1. Now Uruguay v Argentina is a REAL derby. Like heads will roll, things will be destroyed. Pitch invasions if Uruguay loses, and Maradona will roll back the years and kick some arse Early ’80s Barca-style * if Argentina loses.

      Either way, DEFINATELY not a game to miss.

      But what if it ends in a tie…:D

    2. HAHA that fight was so funny. Everybody was fighting with their legs? What happened to fists? Funny, especially Maradona lunging into a kick at everyone.

  6. Ecuador play Chile away next game, they lose then both Argentina & Uruguay through*of course one for play-off

  7. well argentina won and that makes me happy. but maradona is shitawful coach. why does he not resign? he was my idol as player but now he is amongst the worst coaches ever.

    i can (and will) bet that uruguay beats argentina on wednesday. there is no way this team with maradona can even draw that one. then they will depend on their own (chili coach bielsa) to not let equador win so that they can squeeze in for play offs. this has irony as bielsa was the one argentina fired at beginning of compaign and now he has chili playing best football in continent.

    One thing is for sure though. maradona cannot coach or pick players to save his life. he has not even put zanetti, samuel, gonzalo, forlin on subs bench and plays with three makeshift players. goddamn awful.

  8. Uruguay V Argentina? Ohhhhhh now that’s a game right there.

    Sorry Messi, and Masche, and others, I love you dearly..but damn do I hate Maradona. I sure as hell hope Arg. and Equ. lose… :0

    1. I’ve been hoping for Argentina to still change course until yesterday. But after the match yesterday which was – except of some parts of the first half – absolutely terribly and hurt my eyes, I really don’t want Argentina to qualify anymore. If they qualify, they will go to the WC with Maradona and with a similar line-up like yesterday or the match-days before. They’ll get ripped apart by any opponent of the Top 50 FIFA World Ranking.
      Why the hell is Maradona soooo stupid and blind, why does he not retire voluntarily after the next match? He’s so pathetic and at latest yesterday, he succeeded in making me an anti-Argentina-attituded guy (actually it’s anti-Maradona, but I fear the only way to get rid of him is to lose against Urugay combined with a win of Ecuador, because then Argentina is out and Maradona will lose immunity, right?).
      The 2nd half yesterday was so miserable, I even decided to watch Ecuador vs Uruguay for the most part.

  9. looks like Maradumber failed to pray enough to beat both Pery AND Uruguay. Looking forward to watching Luis Suarez though! F Robinho

  10. vela’s goal for mexico:

    suarez’ goal for uruguay:

  11. Captain fantastic & The Maestro returned back home… Only the latter aggrevated his injury today. Hope he recovers by the time we play Valencia. Or else Iniesta should be able to deal with it hopefully since Valencia are defensively out of form lately; in case not then we are doomed, not just regarding the current run but on a longer road 🙁

  12. if argies lose to uraguay wednesday and ecuador beat chile, then argentina fall to 6th where playoffs are not an option!




  13. maybe it’s just a ploy so that xaviiniestapuyol can go home “injured” to barca , take the next game off, and it wont be offensive to the team we are playing on wednesday

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