Copa del Rey Draw

CopadelRey0809The draw for our first round in the Copa del Rey (the round of 32) is out.

We face Cultural y Deportivo Leonesa, a team from León that was founded in 1923 and currently plays in the Segunda B, Group 1. You can read up a bit about them on Wikipedia here. They have only ever been in La Liga for one season, back in 1956/57 when they were relegated directly back to the Segunda (though they finished 15th).

The matches are October 28 and November 10.

You can check out the Final Phase Bracket here on Wikipedia. It seems somewhat unfair that we’re playing Leonesa and Real Madrid is playing Alcorcón while Getafe gets Espanyol, Valladolid gets Mallorca, and Zaragoza gets Málaga. Not that I’m complaining and generally agree that better seeds should face easier competition in the earlier rounds as compensation for having previously done better than others.

I think this is where we see the reserves get massive amounts of time on the field, especially Pinto, who I expect to play ever match of the CDR, like he did last year. He was, after all, the reason we were able to breath easy for the last few minutes against Mallorca. That PK save was stupid sick.

Here’s to another run towards the trophy!

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. OMG! We will be playing Real Madrid in the next round! If they can win Alcorcon, of course! 🙂

    1. Wow a surprise clasico! Let’s hope they don’t play with a all stars team, then we can do a cantera vs cantera match

    2. Dont think Yaya or Keita would have played anyways tbh…i think this year the copa is gona be very much for the cantera…

  2. Look at that the top half of that draw.. If we win, we may face Atleti/Sevilla and then Valencia/Villareal/Bilbao..

  3. I got pre-hectored or something 🙁

    I don’t have any links yet but I just watched the news and the journalists were filming the 2ª B teams that could end up facing EE or Barça… There is such a big diffrenece between the celebration of the 2ª B team facing EE (Alcorcón, a celebration yes, but a kinda weak one) and the 2ª B team facing Barça (Cultural Leonesa, they went nuts, totally out of control… as if they just won the CL)

    😀 😀 😀

  4. I just hope we don’t end up chasing this trophy again because we don’t have the depth to challenge for a triplete again. Our squad is even thinner this year. Plus, we were very lucky with injuries because our main players were able to play in the key matches and key parts of last season.

    I doubt very much that we’ll be as lucky this season with injuries as we were last.

    1. If you were our fitness coach now and said the same, Guardiola will make sure we win the treble again and most probably would fire you in the summer… And I guess you would be more than happy to be that unlucky(rather lucky) person 😉

    2. Haha, very funny, Boat. 😉 I remember when that happened, but we got very lucky last year with injuries. Remember how RvN and Mahmadou Diarra were out for the season for Real Madrid, and they were both starters for them last year? Now what if the same thing happened to Ibra and Yaya, would you say the same? However, if we had Milito fit and then had on our team Fabregas and/or Mata like we tried to do over the summer, I wouldn’t have a problem with going for the treble because then we would be stacked in every department and ready to do the treble again. But our squad is even smaller than last year, so I wouldn’t spread myself to thin this season.

    3. Yeah man!!! But one thing about recurring injuries is, they do depend on the manager and his technical team… If you remember Kirkland, he was always injured when played for Pool but not once after he went to Wigan. Messi never played an injury-free season until Guardiola took over. Recent example, when did you last time see Michael Owen play for 3 continuous months without picking up an injury!?…
      But we do have to be lucky with malicious tackles from players who come play only to injure the players who are gifted with superior talent cough*Weligton*cough

      But the way things are going I’m sure the board is gonna sign a CDM & LW in January which makes it easier to go as far as possible to win the Copa 🙂

  5. I think that the draw is reshuffled after this round. We won’t necessarily be playing RM in the second round. There’s another draw to go through.

  6. agreed. I couldn’t imagine the spanish tournament organizers to set up a RM Barca clash to anything prior than the quarterfinals. It wouldn’t allow the hype to build for such a mach, which the league would love to profit from.

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