Just A Quick Phone Call

Hey, International Week. How are you? Good? That’s good. Certainly looked busy enough this past week. Ha ha. But let’s cut to the chase because I know you’ve got Euro playoff draws to rig. Here’s the thing, sweet little Inty: you’re a lovely thing. I like you a lot. You’ve given me quite a few thrilling experiences of late, but, well, and this is pretty hard to say, so I’ll just come out and say it: there’s someone else.

I don’t want to draw this out and make it super complicated–what? Yes, you know her–yes, it’s La Liga. Please, don’t cry, we can still hang out, you and I, though I’ll have less time now. Weekends? Well, um, the weekends are usually Barça time, to be honest. Hey, hey, that’s not fair, you always knew about La Liga–I know, I know what I said last week about needing some time to myself…it’s not like you gave it to me either! You were here from like 11 until 5 every day for a while…yes, it was fun! Dammit, I said that at the time too.

I’m sorry, you’re right, I shouldn’t curse at you.

Okay, fine, I’ll give you “the truth,” whatever you want to hear, I’ll say it: she’s prettier than you. She’s got bigger goals, her fashion sense is way better. Is that what you want to hear? Yeah, I actually do like the keeper kits this year. What about that? Yes I’m being snarky and mean right now, but you’re calling me a whole bunch of names that I don’t particularly appreciate. You weren’t even in HD all that often this week and you know that friendlies are total–I didn’t curse at you, stop interrupting me!

Ugh, this is why it can’t work between us. You won’t let anyone else have a say in anything. I know you have Trappatoni and Capello and — hey! No one had even heard of Alex Sabella until last week, don’t give me that–you’re not that different from anyone else. Oh, come on, you’re listening to Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” on repeat? Give me a friggin’ break…of course I’m listening to El Cant. Why do I have to be sad as well? This is–ugh, stop it.

I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry. Okay, don’t go too far, I never tried that with you. I was always honest about–yes I know you have Messi too, but it’s not the same…yeah, it is! Her Messi is better, okay? Great! Dammit, Inty–oh, should I call you Ms. Week now? Okay, fine, Ms. Week, I’ll just run off with my floozy now and, yeah, yeah, I know about your “reffing standards” I’ve heard all about them, but–don’t interrupt me–hey, what about–what about Martin Hansson? Iturralde, yeah, great, yadda yadda. You’re just rehashing now!

Fine. I’m going to go.

What? Yeah, I’m going, no I–yeah, yeah, all right, Inty, I’ll see you in November. Okay, take care. I’ll miss you too. Say hi to the World Cup for me, will you? Been a while. Yeah, okay. Bye.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. I’m going to blaspheme here: Messi needs a good, semi-long-term injury. Like a month or two. Not enough to really damage him, just enough to make him get the whatever it is that he needs. He hasn’t really looked “into it” all season, and from the Argentina reports, he didn’t look all that into it there, either.

    He won’t stop playing on his own, that’s for sure. We’re kinda in a mess right now. Abidal’s stupid ass played for a Les Bleus side that qualified despite itself, a side whose biggest problem is in attack, not defense (unless you count the lazy ass who let Dzeko take the shot). And now he might be reinjured, because Blanc (if you squint, he looks like Dumbenench) is too stupidly selfish to say “You can’t play, Eric.”


    1. I don’t understand why Pep can’t sit him more. Just don’t play him in games hes not needed in, we should be able to win certain liga, cl group games and certainly early copa games without him. Get the man some rest

    2. You’re tempting fate there, buddy, and I don’t like it! Do not ever ever ever wish an injury on a player for any reason. 👿

      Messi seemed pretty “into it” before Cesc picked up his injury. Agree that he seemed a bit listless in his last game for Barça (not going to talk about ARG), but even the world’s best player is allowed to have an off day. Now that Cesc & Iniesta are back I agree he should play less, but that’s not up to us. And how are we in a mess? Pique and Puyol are back, Sanchez should be very soon. We have plenty of healthy of backline players now, a packed midfield, and two strong forwards (Villa & Pedro) aside from Messi.

      And don’t blame Blanc for Abidal’s injury. Abi knew very well he was iffy to play and should have showed some respect to Barça by ruling himself out. Blanc wouldn’t have insisted, I don’t think.

      It’s Barça B that’s in the mess, down in the relegation zone.

    3. What else do we want out of Messi? I think in his first ten official games for Barca this year he has 14 goals and 9 assists.

      That’s literally 2.3 goals/per game he’s been responsible for, by himself.

      I think he’s doing alright.

    4. 100% agree. Indeed I think Leo has been quite into it so far. Maybe his overall contribution is focused “just” on scoring a dozen goals and providing millions of assists and not in being involved in everything but for me this is how Leo Messi rests (as scary as that sounds!:O )! I think he has been doing that ever since he became a regular and especially after the 2009 season … So injuries PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM LEO MESSI!

    5. It’s clear that Messi plays way too much and risks burning out. When Guardiola took over, the theory was that Messi would rest every fifth game, and for the first season this was the case. Now though he wants to play every minute of every game, a commendable but unwise attitude. If he and Mascherano are not rested against Racing on Saturday, the first of five games in 15 days, then they never will.

    6. Hey Kxevin, congrats on you new Samsung “cules phone. Re Messi you could very well be be able to see something in his play this year that I can’t – but looking just at his stats Messi has done real well this season – 6 la liga game, 8 goals, 5 assists basically his best statistical start of a season.
      Besides I remember the story being not long ago that Messi seemed to really be enjoying himself playing with Cesc this year.
      I didn’t see the argentina games, and I know you were concerned about his lack of all around effort in his last liga game (I think despite a hat trick) but I thought his form has been really good for many games this year and isn’t it true that consistently high form develops over the first part of the season?

  2. Thanks Isaiah,
    This gives me the strength to tell Ms. MLS that Bulls-Galaxy thing the other night was just a one off. She’s gonna have to playoff with herself…however if she calls finals nite with a 6-pack of Henry…well we’ll see.

    1. I saw what he did. He intentionally lunged into the defender from the back(foul 1) and when that did not bring the player down, he kicked him in the back(foul 2). Three games is a good amount for that.

    2. I saw the match too (on replay). Was it a deserved red card? Indeed. A 3 match ban is too heavyhanded.

  3. Messi needs a good, semi-long-term injury. Like a month or two. Not enough to really damage him, just enough to make him get the whatever it is that he needs.

    Chris Daughtry said in his song (I love this lyric) :

    “Be careful what you wish for,
    ‘Cause you just might get it all.
    You just might get it all,
    And then some you don’t want.”

  4. Great galloping Messi! Just got a Samsung Hercules (cuz of the “cules” part.) Suddenly, this site works via mobile. So much for my muttering vile imprecations about optimizing this site for mobile.

    1. That is an unbelievable phone. I am waiting to buy the Nexus Prime coming out later this month – I believe the specs are very similar(if not the same) as Hercules. Can’t wait for it to get released. Only difference between the two would be that the Nexus would get updates sooner….
      Enjoy your phone.

    2. One thing to note about the browser in Android’s is that it is quite different from the one in iPhones. Google Chrome / Safari. Both are however far better than internet explorer. But the Chrome browser is really leading the charge when it comes to the browsing experiences. I know that first hand because I have done some HTML/CSS/JavaScript(Ajax) development recently and IE seems to be behind Firefox and Chrome in those areas.

      In essence what I mean to say is that, while this site works on your phone, don’t assume it works for the others on their mobile devices.

    3. The Nexus Prime does sound really cool. Here, it’s exclusive to Verizon, which ruled it out for me. I’m a T-Mo boy for life, as I sit in the corner hoping the AT&T deal doesn’t happen.

      I think that Nexus is also pure Android, rather than another system (TouchWiz, Sense) overlaying the OS.

      This is a pretty amazing time right now. Phones have become the new computers, with the same “6 months later you’re a schmuck” realities of fast advancements.

    4. Then it’s very expensive. So Hercules was $200, $599 without contract. Ouch. In the U.S. (apologies for not being sure where you’re based, blitzen) it’s very different. In the rest of the world, you buy a phone, then your provider. Here, phones are linked to providers. You can buy them unlocked, but the initial cost is significant. Discounts for signing up with a particular carrier are huge.

    5. I’m in Canada. Here, if you don’t want to be locked into a contract with one of the big providers, you can walk into any mom-and-pop cellphone store and be offered a variety of new/used phones (at exclusive low prices!), with unlocking available and a choice of many different carriers.

      For example, I just bought a Samsung Corby Plus. It is exclusive to Rogers, who I refuse to deal with. The phone is “new” but not really, since someone had to buy it initially and sell it on to the store I got it from, and it has Rogers branding and software installed. For now I have just a cheap regular phone plan with a different carrier, but at some point I will go and get it unlocked so I can use whatever software and data plan I want.

    6. The last two Nexus phones were released unlocked by Google. I am hoping it will be the same with this one.

  5. I don’t know if this link was posted elsewhere so apologies if it has.


    “To sum up then, Bojan not only admitted his own role in his lack of game time at Barça last year, but also tried to reinforce his desire to undo this by working hard at Roma before returning to Catalunya.”

    1. I haven’t read this before! Thank you it was a great read 🙂 This media manipulation is pathetic especially when it concerns players straight from Barca’s family. They don’t care about anything but selling…I’m starting to think this is the biggest virus spreading over the world.
      Poor Bojan giving an interview demonstrating the right mentality and then someone comes and paints you like the excact opposite!
      Visca Bojan!

    2. Thanks for posting this link, it is an excellent read and I appreciate his take on Bojan’s interview. I have more comments below under Dani_el’s post.

    3. Thanks for this. Am following on Twitter now. It’s nice to have folks who look behind the headlines in ways that we often can’t.

  6. wow..thanks for posting that ptring..
    i was happy to read..
    i was confused about bojan’s comments when all that came out..
    they seemed way too negative to me at the time..

  7. Well thanks to ptrlng for that link about Bojan’s interview, it was an interesting read. I was curious about it so I found the original video of the interview:

    This is video shows the part about Bojan sharing his feelings about his exit from the club and about his relationship his last season with Guardiola. This is in catalá, so I did my best to translate it. I was torn, because the kid seems honest and obviously has strong feelings for Barça, but I don’t know if he truly gets why Pep did what he did, and why he got less minutes each game. He felt unmotivated so he didn’t train or play well, and that got him less and less minutes. He seems to think he got unmotivated because of Pep’s less trust in him, but that doesn’t explain the last months of the 09/10 season, when Pep gave him more minutes in the last games than Ibra and Henry. Well here it is my attempt of translating the interview from the video:

    Journalist: “What happened between you and Pep?”
    Bojan: “What happened, first and foremost is that I didn’t play I didn’t have continuity, and when you don’t have such continuity you don’t feel right in the team, and evidently I wasn’t happy. Also it’s about the treatment, I’m not saying the treatment towards me was bad, BUT one thing is not to play, and another to not feel like a player that is part of the group, for much that I did, his eyes (Pep’s eyes) didn’t see my effort (trabajo)”
    J: “So did you think it was about personal or proffesional reasons?
    B: I don’t think a person as Pep would do this for personal reasons, we didn’t have any problems (here he talks that he didn’t feel strong enough to keep with the team, the journalist asks him if now he learnt to keep some things quite, and Bojan rephrases that he meant no to the outside, but to himself and that there are other important things in life to be grateful about as family and friends…). “I tried to talk to him, but the right words didn’t come out of my mouth, I felt so many things inside, I didn’t see how to communicate them in an organized way but then, I felt unconsciously that whatever I did, few things could…
    J: “And why did you feel that whatever you did, it wasn’t enough (there wasn’t more to do)”
    B: My last year there, there was a time I didn’t train well, I wasn’t good psychologically, I felt sad, I didn’t feel like training or playing, I didn’t feel well to play, it was about me not having enough confidence, I didn’t feel appreciated, well I did feel appreciated by the rest of the team, and lots of fans, last year torn to be pretty complicated for me”
    J: “Well, you have to understand that you were part of a great squad, did you ever think you didn’t have enough quality (categoría) to play in Barça?”
    B: No, I didn’t think that way, that was something I was sure about, the day that I would have thought that I wasn’t enough to play in Barça I would have arrange my suitcases and I would have gone away. But that wasn’t the case.
    J: “When did you decide, you had to go?”
    B: In the Wembley Final. There I realized I didn’t mean much for Guardiola (pintaba muy poco), there was much time I hang on without playing. I was 20, 21 years old, and I needed, I need to play and have more minutes.
    J: “Did you think you were gonna play that day?”
    B: Honestly, I thought it was going to be difficult. But I didn’t imagine the outcome, and overcoming shock (not to play). But when it was the 73th minute, and Man Utd didn’t have much to do with the result, and there was a substitution left, I believed I was going to get called to enter the game. I am not saying I hoped to be a starter on the Wembley Final, or that I was going to play 45 minutes, for 3 (13?) minutes I would have been very happy.
    J: “So after Wembley, or a week since then, didn’t you talk with Guardiola?”
    B: “No, I thought that I was going to talk to him, but I didn’t, and he didn’t come to me either (s’ha dirigit).
    J: And before you left to Roma, what did he say to you?
    B: “No, we didn’t talk.”
    J: “So, since the Wembley final, you didn’t talk to him?”
    B: So after two days after the Wembley final, we left for holidays (vacations), just before we met for the group picture with the cup, to say goodbye, we entered the camp, then I said goodbye to the people important to me, people I knew it would be hard to meet again (coincidit), and we didn’t meet or talk in that moment.
    J: “It’s a curious thing because you and Pep are well appreciated here (Barcelona city) and I wonder, why don’t you have more appreciation for one another?”
    B: I always said, I as a soci and fan of the club, Pep is the best coach that the club could had, and to be left out of his plans, well to say an opinion as a player, evidently I can’t comment something as player and not as a soci, I understand the people who appreciate him, and thanks to him Barça is what it is.
    J: “So then, you wouldn’t come back to Barça with Pep as coach?
    B:”Man, well I would like to have a good season, and I would like him to say that I would play, I would like that evidently (logicament), in football as in live you never know what will happen, but then, now I would say NO.
    J: “So if this season ends and Guardiola asks you to return, you would say no?”
    B:It depends how this season ends, but I think I would say no, for the things I have discussed here. I respect him, but as a player I didn’t have a good time there, and I don’t think it would be the best option for me to return.”
    So from here until the end of the interview they talk about Italy, and do a pun about Ibra’s “io soy molto contento”.

    1. wow, Dani_el!
      thank you so much for your translation!! 🙂

      and thanks to ptrlng who posted the link..

    2. When people ask me what I think makes this space so special, I can just point them to things such as Dani_el’s translation. Spontaneous acts of kindness born of nothing more than respect and fondness for people in the family. So cool, and thank you so, so much for the translation.

    3. That was really great, thank you. One thing that this interview elicits is how human Bojan comes across. He is not perfect, he is not some machine that can shrug it all off. He’s a young kid trying to figure out whether he belongs or not. It must have been quite painful for him to get slowly but surely eased out of the squad. I don’t blame Pep for a minute, but we can still sympathize with Bojan.

    4. Thanks very much for taking the time to translate this. After reading it and the link provided by ptring above, I agree that I may have been a bit hard on Bojan. He at least does seem to understand the part he himself played in what happened. Quite simply, if he wasn’t motivated to train or to play, and he couldn’t connect with the rest of the team on the field, he wasn’t going to be given the minutes he wanted. Which dropped his confidence more and turned into a vicious cycle. That’s a very bad place for a sensitive person to be in. He couldn’t find a way to talk to his coach about it, and Pep seemingly didn’t pick up on how badly he was feeling psychologically. I remember a recent interview with Iniesta where he said Bojan was always happy, always smiling even when he was feeling bad. I’m not sure where his feelings of “not being part of the group” or not being “strong enough to keep with the team” come from.

      Still, I do get the sense that he feels he was “owed something” –continuity, minutes, benefit of the doubt, maybe. He didn’t feel appreciated, but somehow getting 3 minutes at Wembley would have fixed everything? Pep always supported Bojan publicly, saying that he was pleased with his progress and that he had all the attributes of a Barça player. The club gave him a new contract. I’m not sure what more Pep could have done to raise his confidence short of giving him playing time in every game, which just wasn’t going to happen. I suspect that Villa coming in and being an instant starter, as of course he was going to be, affected him more than he wants to say out loud.

    5. What effected him possibly even more was the purchase of Afellay and giving him time on the wing. Remember that it was also Ibi who was given the minutes in the final that Bojan craved for, even if it were only 3 minutes.

    6. Flyboy coming in affected Jeffren more than Bojan, I think. Even when Jeff was healthy he couldn’t even make the bench. Contrast how Jeff handled his situation—he tried to keep a positive attitude, worked hard on his recovery, and when the end of the season came he expressed his desire to stay at Barça. Then he went and spoke to Pep about his future, and based on what Pep told him (that he wouldn’t be able to give him many minutes and he thought he should go somewhere he could play regularly), he had his people look at offers. The difference being, he realized it was up to him to find out if he was in Pep’s plans and go from there. That’s a level of maturity that comes with Jeff being a couple of years older than Bojan and maybe being more realistic about his position in the team.

      I get what you are saying, though. Ibi coming in had to be a bad sign for Bojan. But instead of competing for his spot, he withdrew into himself and took it as a loss of confidence from the coach (rather than bolstering a thin squad and adding someone with different skills).

    7. Hey Lev, congrats on the why’d your team hafta go and make my Messi sad Vino Tinto win.

      @ Isaiah- fun read— breaking up is hard to do.

      @ Kxevin- Enjoy your new Hercules toy, AND don’t bring the curse down upon us regarding Messi and injuries 🙂

      @ dani_el- thanks for the hard work, true cule hero

      Ray Hudson tomorrow for US viewers, y’all!!! 2:00 pm EST GOLTV !

    8. The other complexity is that time and talent just pass people by. What I always think about is Joop Zoetemelk.Dude finished second in the Tour de France SIX TIMES. His career paralleled four of the greatest racing cyclists ever: Merckx, Hinault, Fignon, LeMond.

      Krkic is at a stage with the club, where the talent and accomplishment levels are staggering. He’s trying to break into a once-in-a-lifetime team. No shame in that game but at the same time, the bar is astronomical. Afellay will be, if we don’t sell him this summer as soon as he’s healthy, suffering from the same condition. He’s in a pool with Sanchez, Fabregas and Pedro. He has talent galore, but that swimming race is only going to come out one way.

      I don’t think that Krkic lacks desire or talent. I simply think he got hosed when they were handing out genetics. If he were even Eto’o’s size, I think things would have gone a lot better for him. It’s hard not to feel for the kid.

    9. Haha Joop Zoetemelk. It’s a long time since I have heard that name…Well over 10 years in fact. I had no idea that he finished 2nd 6 times, but then again I really don’t follow cycling. In Holland he is more (or only, to people like me) known for the one time he won the Tour de France than those 6 he came 2nd.
      I think Afellay is a lot more talented than Pedro but the big part that is missing from his game, and as I recall the part that worried me and which I warned fellow-commenters about, is that he is an atrocious finisher. Had he finished 50% more chances last season we would be looking at him very differently today.

    10. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it will be easier for Ibi to be in this position than Bojan. Strikers are streaky, high-strung creatures. They don’t score for a while, and it messes with their heads affecting even the rest of their game. You throw in a striker who has had limited time and is in a goal drought and he has only one thing to prove, usually to the detriment of the rest of his game and the team effort. Throw in a midfielder(granted Ibi plays as a winger but was never hired to be a prolific goal scorer) who has had limited playing time and they’re more likely to be more functional.
      Dunno if I’m right, but strikers seem like different animals to me (don’t know how their wives cope). Add to this Bojan’s age. Dunno about you, but the last thing I expect from a 20-year-old male is maturity and perspective (all 20 year-old males on the blog excluded ofcourse 🙂 )

    11. I agree with you but it’s not the point.

      I was comparing Ibi with Pedro. Ibi should have scored a lot more, and this negative characteristic of his game might end up costing him. Hence why a less technically talented player like Pedro is more successful because he always manages to 1) get in goal scoring positions and 2) score

    12. Thanks Dani_el,
      This is the 3rd translation I am reading and I am sure it has to be the most genuine one. In a nushell, Bojan did spit some venom. But I would say he is entitled to it, not because I agree with him (not at all) but because everyone is free to have his own opinion. I am just glad to get a clear cut translation of the interview 😀

    13. Thanks for the translation. After reading the article from the mainstream media, the article from the link I posted, and your translation, it’s safe to say the truth lies somewhere in the middle. It doesn’t sound like Bojan wanted to “wash” himself of Pep, nor does it seem he has Bendtnersitis. I don’t agree with him thinking that he deserved to play in the Wembley final but I agree that was probably the last sign Bojan needed to let him know Pep didn’t have him within his plans. Sounds more like Bojan wants to have a good season and then reevaluate.

  8. Dani_el,

    Just wanted to chime in with the thanks for that wonderful translation. That is a lot of work to do even when one is fluent in both languages. Translation is just difficult even if you’re trying to do it quickly.

    To echoe what Kxevin said – it really is a great example of what makes this site so strong. It’s why those of us who write posts are willing to put so much time into them. Because the community itself is always contributing so much to everyone’s benefit.

    And it’s particularly valuable you did that on this subject as the entire story was around what Bojan actually said. Google translate, etc just isn’t remotely good enough to get that across.

    Much appreciated.

  9. have anybody read the article bout the 100 greatest football players ever in the footballpantheon.com.?
    its no surprise that el diego is the numero uno. messi was ranked no.8,but in the last line, when they r discussing bout messi, they conclude that he might be the g.o.a.t when he wins the WC.

    WC or no WC he is to me the G.O.A.T.

    xavi and ini was ranked 22nd and 30th respectively.

    1. sorry it should be

      has anybody read the article bout the 100 greatest football players ever in the footballpantheon.com.?

  10. Miguel Garcia (president l’Hospitalet): “I ask Pep to put the leading players in the pitch even just for a few minutes. We deserve that.”

    Awww!!! I doubt if Messi or Xavi or Villa will play, but since it is such a short trip I hope that at least the whole team will go and watch the game, and give the opposition some love. Puyol should play a few minutes, just for respect.

    1. Hospitalet is in the greater Barcelona area, basically a suburb. It’s a Catalan team (Sandro Rosell used to play for them *ahem*) in the Segunda Division B. They are pretty much all Barça supporters. (Cue the cries of “Villarato!”.) They are thrilled and honoured to have the opportunity to meet their heroes in the flesh, see video here:


      I note that their home stadium has a capacity of less than 7000. Although they will probably try to squeeze more in for the game. We couldn’t have asked for a better draw or a team more grateful for the chance to be annihilated.

      Villarato! 😛

  11. Thank you all for the feedback, being appreciated like that for something so small makes this blog so special. Thank you for letting me be part of this family.
    Pep was asked today in the presser about that interview. Here some highlights:

    “I just know, that during the time I had Bojan as a player, he did everything and more to help us. I didn’t give him the necessary continuity, but I have good memories of him. I understand his dissapointment, but he is too young and has his whole career ahead of him to show his enormous talent”
    Guardiola also said: “Bojan’s journey is a roundtrip, if in two years I am still the coach, and Bojan as his contract states, comes back, I would have to be capable of convince him”

  12. So is anyone else excited about the Real Madrid – Real Betis match? I’m not getting up any false expectations, but I really hope Betis gives a good account of themselves. I don’t think they will shut up shop and play for a draw, anyway. They are better than that.

  13. Dani El – “Bojan’s journey is a roundtrip, if in two years I am still the coach, and Bojan as his contract states, comes back, I would have to be capable of convince him”

    wow. Apart from the classy comments that you quoted this last one is the first time we hear Guardiola speculating about STILL BEING WITH US 2 YEARS FROM NOW!!!! That would be friggin AWESOME!

    Blitzen – “I really hope Betis gives a good account of themselves. I don’t think they will shut up shop and play for a draw, anyway. They are better than that.”

    Well let’s hope Betis does just that, since EE is really good at slicing up opponents that attack them but doesn’t seem to deal well with opponents that shut up shop.

    1. Yep Lev, that would be awe-some! I hope he announces soon his renewal, some catalan media are hoping that he’s waiting for the EE games for Copa del Rey, if we pass the Osasuna’s games, of course.
      Lluís Mascaró explains better than me the sentiments concerning Pep:
      “Because there’s nothing worst than finding a substitute for an irreplaceable guy. Because whoever we choose, he will always be worst than Guardiola. Because of the results, how ever succesful he will be(the replacement), (the results) will never be better than the ones now.
      That’s why I don’t think we have to worry about Pep leaving. Because it is clear to me that nothing will be the same. Nothing. And our Barça, even if we keep some players, our game style and the proyect, will never be the same Barça. This change is irretrievable. And so will the consequences. Let’s enjoy what we have now. The magic of this football. The joy of success. No one, fortunately, can take this away”.

  14. Here’s a video by Cristian Pulina, showing the hard entries of EE in the clasico, and explaining why they deserved more cards. He does this to contrarrest the central lechera’s argument, that if Messi had the second yellow card, and if Ronaldo did that goal, and if if if.


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