At Least Someone’s Having Fun During International Break…

Whoever’s running the club’s official YouTube page has decided to be a proper troll the last couple of days. Sign of a true cule, to be honest. First, they upload a video of Thiago and Valdes during a music video of some band. (mins. 1:00, 1:38, 3:00)

Then, they upload this seriously ‘lol, what the flip’ propaganda video about how Villa is the perfect man who saves puppies from burning buildings is always perfectly on time for interviews/press conferences, always praises his teammates (in the video, Xavi and Messi) and how he always waits for the person who ended pressers to stop talking so he can leave. (They highlight one moment where he felt he jingled his keys too loudly and was like, whoops!)

So, uh. I’ve got nothing else, really.

Therefore, this is the perfect time to spam reminisce on totally random moments like the random Ronaldinho red card from 2005 lol Jnice like that time where Xavi passed this amazing pass to Leo who tried an overhead kick but was saved by the suddenly there Cuenta goalkeeper.

(For replay zoom-in)

Or when we totally scored these amazing team goals in December last year? (I totally love Iniesta’s ROAR at 1:27, not even gonna lie. WELCOME BACK GHOSTFACE!)

Or Xavi’s crazy a** backflick right into the path of Villa against Sevilla?

Or Xavi’s celebration after Jeffren’s manita goal?

Or when Abidal got hit in the head by Athletic fans in the Copa and then was like, “screw you all” and scored a Abidalazo?

Or when Abidal swag’d his way back to training after getting his liver tumor removed?

So much swag, so little time.

Or when Abidal subbed in for the first time?

Or when Puyi put the armband on him after CL final?

Can I just make this whole post about Abidal?

Or Pep’s f— you subs, like when he subbed in Sergi Roberto at the Bernabeu during the 0-2 win in the CL semis? (I need to upload that to Youtube or something, seriously.)

Or that goal Iniesta scored in CL semis against Chelsea I don’t care that it wasn’t last year?

Or Dani’s WTF??? lol cross bicycle kick off the crossbar?

Or Dani making out with the CL trophy?

Or Dani and Messi owning Deportivo on the right?

Or how Alexis has his own theme song, you know he has his own theme song? He brilla‘s! (Or something) I bet you didn’t know that. (Messi has YAYA number of tribute songs, by the way).

Also, I managed to print screen this.

The above picture has been forwarded to @sandro_rosell. For shiznits and giggles.

[Note: not really]

I’m going to be kind to your bandwidths and stop there.

Now watch the latest Revista de La Liga courtesy of blackyliu. I know I’m kind of awesome for finding this stuff. I have no life, it seems.

And feel free to spam reminisce about stuff below.

(And yes, I’m still sick. Bleh.)

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. Dani_el translation of Bojan’s latest interview got hectored! I’ll copy his comment here :

    “If Guardiola would call me now, I wouldn’t come back. I decided to leave Barcelona on the final of Wembley, I knew I wasn’t going to be on the starting eleven (really?) but wining 3-1 on the 75th minute I did think I was going to play. I didn’t so I realized I didn’t mean much to the coach”
    “Before leaving my friends and family told me that I had to talk to him (Guardiola), but I didn’t seemed to find the right words. I believe I didn’t get the treatment I deserved.”

    He did said those things, I hope Guardiola stays years, and If he says “It’s me or him” we all know the answer. I don’t think Guardiola was unjust with him as he claims, he got his chances and he didn’t take advantage of those. And I believe it’s worst for him to talk like that of his old coach, ironically, he reminded me of Ibra (not such an ass, but still…)

    1. Well if you’re reposting his comment, I’ll repost my reply:

      Seriously, Bojan? You think you should have been subbed into that game ahead of Keita (who had a fantastic season and was a rock in the midfield for much of the CL campaign), Puyol (Captain Braveheart), or Afellay (reward for his excellent performance in the game against Madrid)? When you have already admitted that your play had been inconsistent all season, and a CL trophy was on the line? And you further think that Pep consciously left you out as a personal slight?

      Honestly, this boy needs to get over himself. He was promoted much too early and has an inflated idea of his own importance.

      Sorry, I have nothing against the kid, but he must realize the pressures and expectations that Guardiola is labouring under as the coach of this club. He doesn’t get to pick players just on the basis of whether he likes them or not. He has to pick the best players for every situation based on their skills, their form, and what they will do to help win the game. And he is rarely allowed to make a mistake. That doesn’t leave much room for an underperforming striker with a confidence problem. It’s unfortunate, but Pep gave him as many minutes as he could (and more than many of us wanted him to!) and just as he was improving, the injury came and that was that.

    2. Blitzen, I didn’t see your reply before I copied Danie_el comment, thanks for for repost it… 🙂

      agree with everything you and Dani_el said.. I guess Bojan has forgotten 2009/2010 season, where at the end of the season Pep trusted him more than Ibra, the 70m player.. and why is that? because he took his chances..
      last season is a different story, Pep gave him chances time and time again, but most of the times he failed to deliver it..

      Bojan also said they (Bojan and Pep) didn’t have goodbye words because they haven’t spoken for long time..
      and no, he’s not a jackass like Ibra, I still adore our little Bobo, but I think the problem was from the player.. Bojan and Jeffren had similar problem, they didn’t get much playing time (and I don’t blame Pep for this)… but unlike Jeffren who seems to maintain his great relationship with Pep, Bojan left with bitter feeling..

    3. Krkic sounds a lot like Hleb, who didn’t make the most of the chances that he was given, either. The question is always “Whose fault is that?” Guardiola has confidence in players who deliver. Sometimes too much confidence and faith. But that player has to play his way into the position of trust and confidence. Krkic did for a bit, then regressed and kept on regressing. Now he’s at Roma, sounding a lot like a certain Belorussian, who was also left behind by the quality of the squad. It happens, and that isn’t the coach’s fault.

    4. Call me cold hearted but I never liked Bojangles. I think he is a d-bag for his whole spiel about not returning to Barca while Pep is the coach. To me he sounds like a little kid who didn’t have his way and wants to latch on to the victim mentality.

      He didn’t capitalize on what very few minutes he was given. If you want a spot in the starting 11 of the best team in the world you have to earn it and if you get relegated to the bench, you should work twice as hard even if it means only being a sub for insignificant matches.

    5. Blitzen, I don’t believe that Bojan felt entitled to play that game, but that game was simply a snapshot of what had happened to him the whole season. The poor boy couldn’t get a game even when most of the games had been put away by the 70th minute.

  2. Bojan’s words remind of myself when I was a kid and thought I knew better than my dad. Now I’m 28 and know better.
    I think Bojan considered himself an automatic starter and it hurt his ego, facing the truth. The fact that Rijkaar promoted him at such an early age did not help him in the end.
    As for the videos etc. I rarely if ever rewatch matches or match highlights. I find it’s better to let memories ferment in my head. Then when it’s all over, and Xavi + Iniesta have retired or declined, I will watch every important game one by one, starting with the win in Osasuna in January ’09 to the 2-6 chorreo to the manita etc etc. (Incidentally, I have yet to watch even a single highlight of that famous game in May 2009. My memories tell me it was the best performance a Barcelona team under Guardiola has ever produced.)

  3. Thank you Kari for this! It was great!

    Tomorrow more international games. Oh and Peru beat Paraguay in a nice game on friday…yay!

  4. Gracias Kari for this entertaining post!

    The Alexis theme song is catchy..definitely going on my ipod.

  5. Thanks Kari, great post just whats needed in these international football blues.

    On Bojan: I think it’s best he moved out, he will see how club football is outside, it will mature him mentally but will also improve(or atleast change) his game to be more efficient. It’s also quite likely he will look back to what happened and change his stance. His inflated ego will be chipped away little by little.

    On Rosell: We should count ourselves lucky that the yardstick has changed so much that we call him bad.

    Reposting this:For anyone interested:

    Sarah Rudd’s incredible idea on measuring contribution to a goal in football. She also posted a link to the video of her presentation and her paper. I posted some comments which might interest you too (in non technical terms) *shameless plug*

  6. Who the hell does Bojan think he is?
    Whatever little chances he had of coming back has been messed up.
    I think scoring a cartload of goals in the juvenile Barca teams has gotten into his head, not to mention the surprisingly extreme affection he enjoyed from Barcelona. If a 70M Zlatan was kicked out after one year and 21 goals, and a 130 goal legend Eto’o was kicked out for Dressing room issues, a 20 yr old toothless Bojan can get kicked out for whatever reason for all i care.
    How dare he question the Pep.
    truth be told, i never understood the whole bojan hype, even when he benched ibra. that was more to ibra’s discredit than to bojan’s merit. he was the only sub available anyway.

  7. Fun trip down memory lane, Kari. Thanks. That gif of Xavi is worth its weight in gold (well…figuratively… you know what I mean).

    Aw Bobo, trying so hard to still like you.
    In Rec. council soccer, everybody gets the same amount of playing time. At any other level, you earn it.

    FYI—A couple of threads ago, Blitzen and I we’re trying to remember a scheduling conflict we knew was coming up. Here’s the answer:

    Basically, Barca must play the first leg of a Copa tie early because of the World Club Cup. The game is scheduled for November 9th (Pep had been lamenting the fact that because of NT duty, he would have neither the first team NTers or even the U21 NTers from Barca B). However, The RFEF is allowing our guys to show up late for NT duty (mighty nice of them since we’re representing their butts at the WCC). Jam-packed schedule this year!

  8. Just want to let you all know that my mum has improved a lot and seems to be over the hump. We are hoping she can get out of Intensive Care in another week or so. Thanks to everyone for their well wishes. <3

    Please don't respond to this, I don't want to hijack the thread.

    1. BarcaTheOffside Offside Barcelona
      RT @ESP_WorldCup: Spain starting XI (vs Scotland): Valdes, Ramos, Pique, Puyol, Jordi Alba, Busquets, Cazorla, Pedro, Xavi, Silva and Villa.

      Thiago on the bench.
      = fun NT game for us but tired Barca dudes for Saturday.
      BUT Hooray VV!!! Good to see Alba getting the nod. Always nice to see Santi’s smile!

      And supposedly Abi’s starting for France.*le sigh*. Can’t a man heal properly?

    2. Even though it’s the last of a string of dead rubbers and there are some injuries preventing starters from playing, it’s nice to see some others get a chance to start for la Roja.

    3. A La Roja lineup with a even shorter average height than Barca, haha. (Jordi, Santi, Silva, Ramos < Dani, Iniesta, Leo, Abi?)

      Would have been funny to have Mata start instead of Pedro, just to see the "[Valencia] Four Ponies of the Apocalypse."

    4. Not to mention, I think what makes that phrase so funny is that a pony is clearly meant to be non-threatening, but on current form those four ponies could do some serious damage…

  9. Why is everyone soo hard on Bojan? What he is saying is completely true. He wasn’t treated fairly. I wrote a few pieces about this last year, because even I could see it from thousands of miles away.

    It’s really very simple. Players need games to get to their best. Young players need even more game time experience and they need encouragement the most. They need it from veterans, and they need it especially from their coaches. It is why Messi will never forget Ronaldinho and is always grateful to Rijkaard for the confidence he instilled in him. Bojan got it from Rijkaard and blossomed initially, but he got this “you shouldn’t be here” attitude from Pep and promptly wilted.

    I remember Messi saying that Rijkaard would tell him where on the field he would play, and simply tell him to go enjoy himself. Rijkaard was also the first off the bench to cheer anything Messi and later,Bojan, did on the pitch. THAT-IS-PRICELESS to a young player.

    I have seen considerably less talented players like Gareth Bale, Phillipe Coutinho, Samir Nasri, Davide Santon and Jack Wilshire stink up the joints for long periods of time for their teams, yet still get loads of gametime to work out the kinks in their games. And they all eventually improved remarkably.

    I’m not saying that he should have started games when he was playing badly, but like I pointed out last year (and Bojan touched on the issue), There are games we were up by 4 in the 60th minute, would it have killed Pep to give him those minutes? Being given a starting role in one game then benched for the next 4, only to get another 3 minutes as a sub, and then not seeing a game for 2 weeks was the most horrible thing you can do to a young talent in my opinion.

    Whenever I played soccer or basketball, the one thing I always craved was something called “rapid perception” AKA slowing time down. This was when a usually fast game simply slowed down in my mind, and at that point, I could pretty much do anything I wanted in a game. It is a unique feeling. You have full control of your movements, the ball does whatever you tell it to, you anticipate your opponents moves and you can squeeze into the tiniest of spaces…and get away with it. It’s what Messi operates on, but you need loads of games to get to that level.

    A player like Bojan has the talent and class to get to that level. He is the only player I have seen whose finishing comes anywhere close to Messi’s when he only has a goalkeeper or one defender to beat. But he needs games. Many games. Consistent 20 mins a game with clear instructions and limited responsibility until he gets his ‘sea legs’ under him. I hope he gets it at Roma, and if everything goes well, I can guarantee that Bojan is a top 10 talent within the next 5 years.

    1. Note: I wasn’t trying to compare myself with Messi :). I was just trying to point out that when you play many games, you get a certain balance, calmness and ability that seemed to elude Bojan last year, as opposed to his performances in the last stages of the previous year.

      Why did this happen? Well, 1. Confidence- Pep was picking him over Ibra. 2. Games- He got loads of games consistently.

      Yes, most young players have fragile mentality…but so do veterans. Look at what happened to Ibra, Yaya and Henry.

    2. I can’t agree with what you’re saying. There were stretches of games last season where we had an injury up front and we had no option but to play Bojan. And throughout those games he couldn’t stay on his feet, let alone score goals. It might be because we have Messi to carry us when the team is playing badly and thus we forget, but Bojan was playing at a Torres-level of ineptness. He was given chances but couldn’t take them; Barca isn’t going to accept that kind of performance over a long period of time.

    3. You are highlighting my point. Being benched for 3 weeks, sometimes a month, then suddenly being thrust into the line-up, is recipe for disaster. If he had been given consistent minutes before that, his contributions would have been tremendously better.

    4. But there are plenty of other talented players who deserved a chance at the team, especially after Bojan fluffed his many chances. If he were in the B team then sure, let him run out a dozen games and work it out, but not in la primera. And uuuy, Puyol almost just scored!

    5. You are absolutely correct that young players need consistent playing time and encouragement to develop and gain confidence. That’s what the Juvenil and Barça B teams are for. That’s why Pep would never have promoted Bojan when Rijkaard did. If Pep had been the coach then, Bojan would probably have just been promoted last season, or maybe this one. Or maybe sent on loan for a year before promotion. The point is, Pep inherited a situation with Bojan not of his making and had to struggle to balance both the massive expectations of managing a club like Barcelona and the needs of a talented but inconsistent young striker. Ironically, if Pep hadn’t won everything there was to win in his first season, Bojan would probably have gotten more playing time over the last three years. Pep had everything to live up to.

      Bojan got lots of minutes in the first half of the season when manitas were sprouting on trees. Then Hlebuary came, and injury upon injury, and Pep no longer felt he had the luxury of catering to an underperforming player. I should also remind you that with Pep, attitude and work rate in training count an enormous amount towards whether Pep will play someone. No one automatically “deserves” minutes—they have to work for them. Pedro certainly did. This quote from Bojan’s interview:

      “I was not happy because I didn’t play and I didn’t have any continuity. I was sad, I did not want to play or train. At Wembley I thought I would play. I was discouraged because I thought that whatever I did had no effect.“The times I tried to talk to him the words would not come out. It is one thing not to play and quite another not to feel part of the group. As much as I did, his eyes did not see it.”

      This is very sad, and no one wants Bojan to be unhappy. But it also tells me that he just wasn’t emotionally mature in the way you would want a first team player to be. He was sad, he had the sulks, lost his motivation in training, and wanted his manager to make it all better. And maybe Pep could have paid more attention and encouraged Bojan more, I don’t know, maybe that’s on him. But I will remind you that the coach of the Spanish U21 team also said he had trouble with Bojan’s sulky attitude in the Euro tournament and basically stopped playing him. Because playing time is something you earn because of what you do, not who you are. Ask Thiago, who may not have been thrilled to go back to playing for Barça B last year, but did as he was asked with a good attitude and a smile on his face until such time as Pep recalled him.

    6. I agree with everything you said, and it’s a good point you make with the spanish U21 team.

      Here I translate something from Cristian Pulina:
      “Con tan solo 21 años, tiene el privilegio de haber disputado 4 temporadas en el Barcelona. Con Guardiola han sido 3 en las que le ha dado más de 7.000 minutos de oportunidades distribuidos en 111 partidos.”
      “With only 21 years, he had the privilege of having played 4 seasons with this Barcelona. Three of those Seasons he has played under Guardiola who has given him more than 7000 minutes in oportunities in over 111 games”.
      How come a player with such an amount of opportunities (7000 minutes!)thinks he can complain, and Nolito who didn’t have those kinds of opportunities in this team has repeatedly thank the Club and Pep for his few chances. Bojan didn’t get himself motivated for training, and we all know how important that is to Pep. He didn’t like to play on the wing, and he didn’t press as much as Pedro, or Villa for that matter. He kept positioning himself on the center as a 9, he needed much more Self-criticism for him to learn Pep’s requirements and be a better player. I hope he learns that and much more in Roma.

  10. jordi alba sets up a goal in his 1st start.I so cant wait till arbeloa gets back in the team next game. ‘yay’!

  11. do they need to start 7 barca players for a meaningless match (for spain) against a very motivated scotland side?

    i mean, sure, victor in between the posts, thats great. and carles and gerard can use the minutes. but xavi? david? sergio? pedro?


    1. I’m fine with P! playing, as he hasn’t been getting as many chances with Silva, Torres, and Negredo getting time.

  12. Germany are so strong now and with the majority of their squad so young, they certainly have a shout when 2014 rolls around.

  13. Sarah Rudd’s incredible idea on measuring contribution to a goal in football. She also posted a link to the video of her presentation and her paper. I posted some comments which might interest you too (in non technical terms) *shameless plug*

    I really like Sarah’s writing and commend her on the goals of her analysis. But outside of set pieces, I have real concerns about the utilization of markov chains to model football. There are real issues with its conceptual validity, IMO. In general, I don’t think the markov property holds in football (or the degree to which it holds calls into question fundamental model assumptions.)

    Perhaps I don’t fully understand her whole approach – but from what I saw of it, I have questions.

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