Cuenca and Sabadell Don’t Meet Again: Sabadell vs Barca Babies LiveBlog

Why is Armando starting, Eusebio? Why?

Barca B Lineup: Miño, Montoya, Bartra, Armando, Planas; Dos Santos, Riverola, Espinosa; Rafinha, Rodri, Tello

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. And Rodri over Deulofeu? Por que?

    We gon’ have to rely on Espinosa – Rafa magic, plus some good stuff from JDS and Tello.

    Bartra will have to be his usual man-sized rock in defense. Our defense’s hope rests on the right side (Bartra – Montoya).

  2. Ugh. How depressing. Eusebio is ruining this team, not to mention the confidence of the players.

    1. You didn’t miss much. It was mediocre.

      Johnny was left lying on the pitch at fulltime, with a Sabadell player attempting to help him work off a leg cramp. At least, I think that’s what he was doing!

      Anyway, a Barca trainer took over, and as the game summary was being done, Johnny was still lying there at the end of it. The live broadcast was cut before he moved, so he may still be lying there for all I know.

      If there’s a bump in the pitch just to the left of halfway when they next show a game at the Mini Stadi, that’s where they buried Dos Santos where he lay. 😀

    2. Lost to Sabadell 0-1. JDS was pretty good, but the coach has no clue how to organize this team. He played Rafinha up front for some reason, and continues to rely on Armando and Carmona over younger and more talented players. Deulofeu was again on the bench and only got in for about 10 minutes when there was no game left to salvage.

      Bartra was good but picked up a minor knock that slowed him down in the 2nd half. Planas was better than he has been. Tello…didn’t do much, neither did Rodri or Kiko when he got on. Even Montoya wasn’t that convincing, unfortunately.

      IMO the problem is with the coach. Playing people out of position, grouping players that just don’t work together, and most importantly, he doesn’t inspire the team with a winning mentality. He doesn’t seem to believe in them like Lucho did, and that has got to erode their confidence. Even players like Bartra and JDS seem to be taking a step backwards under Eusebio.

  3. Question: does anyone know a good pub somewhere in London to watch Barca games? Not just Champions League games but the Liga games too.


    1. Thanks! Unfortunately most of the bars there haven’t confirmed, but hopefully they do closer to tomorrow.

  4. We talk about how keepers often seem to have the matches of their lives vs. us, but wow, Granada’s keeper was on fire vs. Valencia today!

    1. He was freaking awesome! Some of his saves were among the best that I’ve seen. If he’s not snatched up by another club, I’ll be very surprised.

    2. What was with the GolTV commentator (not Ray or Phil) referring to Pablo Hernandez as “PH19”? Ugh, it makes him sound like a electronics product, like hey, I’m gonna get a new TV, the Sony Bravia PH19. Please tell me that’s not something Pablo is trying to make happen. (“Stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen!”)

  5. Malaga with points against Getafe!

    What a controversial game – and a golazo by Baptista to win 3-2!

  6. Mino
    Montoya Bartra Gomez Muniesa/Planas
    Sergi Roberto JDS Espinosa

    I am still really undecided about what I think their attack should be. Between Cuenca, Rafa, Rodri, Kiko, Tello, Carmona, and Deulofeu, the only one I’m sure that SHOULDN’T be starting is Carmona. And maybe Rodri. But then they need a Striker, and I don’t think Rafinha is ready to lead the offense. Until a better option is found (why didn’t we keep Keirrison?!), I think Rodri is a must. But the amount of talent is absurd, and we should be able to dominate and win games. I don’t know what’s wrong exactly, but something needs to be done before the players’ morale and form drops.

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