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Confirmed Alien Landing: BATE – Barcelona Liveblog

After a draw against Milan in their first group stage game, Guardiola has impressed upon his players the importance of this match, saying “if we don’t win here we will have to wait till the last day to guarantee qualification”. With this in mind he has rolled out with:

Starting XI* Valdes Alves Puyol Mascherano Abidal Xavi Keita Thiago Pedro Messi Villa

Bench Pinto Pique Fontas Maxwell Busquets Fabregas Adriano


* – I have no idea if they are in proper-formation order

Join me shortly before kickoff at 2:45 EST.



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40 Responses to “Confirmed Alien Landing: BATE – Barcelona Liveblog”

  1. Calvin says:

    For the record I think we’re going to see a 4-3-3 with this lineup, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the 3-4-3 makes an appearance.

  2. Blau-Grenade says:

    No Busi as DM always makes me nervous. Look forward to a monster game by Keita!!!

  3. pr17 says:

    why does Pep do this to us…i understand him dropping yaya for a promising upcoming youngster in Busi.. why does he drop busi so early in the season for a no hoper non expert at DM (keita) who is an irrelevance and always reduces one more Midfielder from our playmaker numbers in order to support him…

  4. MiZa says:

    I don’t see a 3-4-3 coming out of this unless you had Masch at DM and Thiago playing the Cesc-role. (I guess he gets a role named after him now after just a few games.)

    Or maybe Alves on the wing, Villa as a true-9, and Messi playing just behind him.

    But otherwise, this looks like a classic 4-3-3, Messi as false-9, Alves bombing forward, Pedro and his windmills formation.

    • MiZa says:

      And as I say that @BarcaTheOffside reports:

      “Heh. Says @EduPolo that UEFA has Barça’s formation as 3-4-3, with Alves-Puyol-Abidal on defence, and Masche as DM.”

      • Calvin says:

        That’s what I was thinking it could be, but with this set of players on the field I think I’d rather see the 4-3-3. Although that does mean Keita at DM, so maybe the 3-4-3 will be better

  5. culegirl3 says:

    Every time I see Keita instead of Busi I ask why pep, why? And suddenly that one strange yet endearing comment he made during a press conference comes to mind. “Son mis niñitas, no me los toquéis”(They’re my little girls..don’t touch them).

    Besides that..the line up looks decent. Hope all goes well for us. No fights, no dives, no red cards, and no injuries is all I want..maybe even a golazo fiesta.

    In pep we trust.

  6. Miguel says:

    ¿No amaneció mi gallo?

  7. Ryan says:

    Let’s hope our focus does not abate later in the game and we grab an away win!

  8. Vj says:

    Diego Alves might’ve had the most point blank saves by a keeper in a match..

  9. MiZa says:

    I don’t know if BATE was the game to prove this, but in the 3-4-3, Masch might be a better fit for DM than Busquets, because of his speed, he can cover the flanks.

    It’s like playing two sweepers, almost. Masch sweeping up behind the midfield, then Puyol behind the defense.

  10. K_legit says:

    For some reason, I’ve been boxed out of the loveblob for a while..towards the end it was sorta lagging for me..

    Great game guys..

    a classic clinic on breaking the bus by us!

  11. K_legit says:

    btw, Tevez has been suspended (pending a review) for 2 weeks by Man City..well deserved..they should rot him in the reserves!

    • Vj says:

      They should’ve sold him already.

    • Helge says:

      I’m not sure if that is the right way to approach the situation with Tevez.

      He told he didn’t feel good mentally and thus decided it was better not to play. Or that he felt his soul was not alright.
      In times of modern football, the pressure is incredible high, not only for the players, but also for the coaches. If you have a sensible character, that might lead to a burnout syndrome or other forms of depression. In case of Robert Enke, it even ended in a suicide. And just about one week ago, Rangnick officially confessed suffering from burnout and retired from his coaching role at Schalke 04. Breno, once the most promising defender from South America, has been sent to a psychiatric ward from his club Bayern Munich (that was months ago). And now he allegedly burned down his own house and is in investigative custody.
      I think I remember some interviews where Tevez talked about missing his family, his homecountry etc. Then, after he failed to convert the penalty for Argentina in the Copa America quarterfinal, he even felt some antipathy from the Argentine media and people, who seemed to love him unconditionally prior to the Copa.
      Tevez seems to be a very tough guy from his looks, but maybe a mentally weak, hurt person is hidden underneath it. In the interview where he mentioned his soul / mental confusion, he seemed very honest and despondent.
      Plus, I’ve heard that he has apologized to the team and coach the morning after.

      Of course it might also be that Tevez is not suffering from any psychic problems, but given his interview and the recently upcoming reports about depression etc. in professional football, I think your reaction is a bit overdone. City’s reaction is more reserved, I’m glad that they didn’t fire him or send him to the reserves for the rest of the season (yet).

  12. K_legit says:

    Oh and Diego Alves of Valencia was a fucking rock today..8 or 9 excellent saves!

  13. blitzen says:

    Messi only has 41 goals to go to make him the top Barcelona scorer of all time. There is a clear possibility that he could even do it this season.


    He is 24 years old.
    I’m frightened. @@

    • Vj says:

      So are a lot of teams. And Thing Boy..

      • Calvin says:

        For me, the scariest thing about Messi is that he really didn’t play very well today.

        And he scored twice.

        • blaunero says:

          Messi has yet to play well this entire season, I think. Several times he could have passed the ball to Villa and didn’t and he missed easy passes. He’s not in top shape either, but with the 3-4-3 he doesn’t need to be. I feel Messi is much much better as the false nine in the 4-3-3 rather than the point of the spear in he 3-4-3, even though he might score way more goals in the latter rather than the former. It’s nice to know though that he can fit in both systems and not lose his goal scoring touch.

          • MiZa says:

            That’s really interesting, Blaunero.

            That he’s scoring more in the 3-4-3 even though he’s playing worse seems to me a benefit of the system rather than a detriment.

            It’s almost like more output with less effort. For someone that insists on playing every minute in every competition, I don’t think that’s a problem.

        • Vj says:

          Its like that Crackovia episode following the Osasuna travelling fiasco:

          Messi’s character: “All this running has made me so tired, I’ll only score twice today”..

  14. blaunero says:

    Chapeau to the home support who did not stop chanting their team’s name even in the 93′ minute at five goals down.
    As for us. Unfortunately we didn’t learn much from this game. Tougher opponents will come. The important thing is that both Pedro and Villa scored and that Thiago is getting CL experience.

  15. momo says:

    Does anyone know where can I download the game??


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