Barcelona B vs Recreativo Huelva Liveblog

Just made it in time. If you have streams…

By Kari

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  1. The voting is going to be on 3 major issues: the Qatar deal, the Youth section in gol nord and the smoking ban.

    Not sure of the smoking ban, while it seems trivial and on a logical basis one should not subject another person to second hand smoke despite it being an open-air area, it represents something associated with a historical image and is a cultural issue as well.

    The Grada Jove can wait another year to be honest, it has many issues which need to be sorted out. Basically it allows younger fans part of animation fan groups who sing, support the club the 90 minutes and bring flags, tifos etc. to the stadium and create atmosphere discounts and liberal rules behind Gol Nord. It’s something that should really have come out earlier – atmosphere has been quite lacking in recent years. But while it seems fantastic in concept there are many issues with it: specifically some of the people allowed in it are associated with the Boixos Nois and other violent groups. It’s best if it’s not passed just yet but I would love an initiative from the club to atleast support the Almogavers alot more.

    1. Valencia had a penalty and Sevilla was down to 9 men. 9. Benega missed the penalty and Sevilla egged Aduriz to commit a dumb reaction, so that made it 9 v 10 and Valencia couldn’t do anything at all. It seems Emery’s guile works only against Barca.

  2. The B team coach seems hellbent on playing the older players, regardless of form. I know against Segunda Division teams, we need experience, but he should play best players. If that means making players like Deulofeu and Espinosa fixed starters, and keeping guys like Kiko and Riverola on the bench (I don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of these two), then so be it.

  3. YAY! Rayo really are taking the game to Real! Jose with a sub in the 29th minute, they’re really weak.

  4. Rayo lead, huh? Doesn’t matter. EE are playing at the Bernabeu. Phantom penalty to give them the win.

    (Still debating whether I should watch or not. Rayo scored while I wasn’t watching. Don’t wanna give them the kiss of death)

    1. Someday, somehow, I will forgive you. Until then your name shall be a dire curse I reserve for grievous occasions.

    1. Blessing in disguise I say–too much schadenfreude this early in the season could come back to haunt us.

    2. Well, it could already come back in the form of Atleti taking points away from us. We’d be behind Madrid, even with a draw.

      Schadenfreude would have been legitimate if we had taken all points so far, but we’ve already dropped 4 points, all of them were unnecessary…

      We need a more concentrated approach vs Atleti if we don’t want to drop some more points.

      Real to win 5-1 or so, btw ^^

    3. Yeah, like I heard this from somewhere – we were really head and shoulders above EE with a 1 pt lead..

  5. Atleti line-up: Courtois, Perea, Godín, Miranda, Antonio López, Mario, Tiago, Gabi, Reyes, Diego, Falcao

    FC Barcelona line-up : Valdés, Alves Mascherano Abidal, Busquets Xavi Thiago Cesc, Pedro, Messi Villa

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