Valencia – Barcelona LiveBlog (That could become a Match Comments post)

So if everything works out, a Barca and true Cule hero (otherwise known as Ryan) will run the Liveblog. If not, well, you’ll just have to blab here.

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By Kari

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  1. I feel it’s kind of strange no one commented on this yet but I read multiple times before the game how Emery will play 2 LBs on Alves’ side like he did last year, one to defend and one to go forward (Alba&Mathieu) and instead of Pep closing that down, he opened it up more by making Alves a winger and making us play with no RB. They scored 2 (of course 2 horror mistakes from Abidal, although Valdes should have communicated on the 1st goal with him) and they could have had another 2 at least.

    The minute Pep put in Adriano, he and Dani closed that right flank forever. Also Thiago’s sub was great, he played really well. Xavi was trying to hold the midfield almost alone in the 1st half and Keita wasn’t really helping him.

    After last game Pep said he wasn’t sure he could use the 3-4-3 at Osasuna next match, well, then how the hell do you use it against Valencia whose main attacking threat are the wings?

    As much as I think his tactics were way off the 1st half as much as I acknowledge the fact that he was great in rectifying them.

    1. The guy on Zonalmarking makes exactly your point.

  2. Gotta say, I was disappointed with how Pep put the team out. Emery basically told everyone his game plan in the press conference before the match. Pep had to know he would use Alba and Mathieu on the left. He had to. They caused us so much damage last season, it would’ve been silly for Emery to do anything different.

    Valencia were excellent, but we could have diminished a lot of the damage they caused us if Pep put the right team out there (with the right tactics). I’m never really disappointed in Pep, but this game I was.

    Still, glad we got the point. We could’ve nicked it in the end, but…oh well. At least we didn’t lose.

    We have another tough match coming up on the weekend.

    1. Alves wasn’t the only problem, it was our midfield that struggled both offense and Defence, everytime Valencia won the ball they managed to find easy passes to players who were open in dangerous positions. If our midfield players + Fabregas were better positioned and pressed the ball better, the Valencia wouldn’t be able to pull off Passes to those players.

    2. Yeah, dude. That’s always Emery’s move, playing two left backs and overloading the space left behind by Dani. Valencia matches are always fun. Maybe not the prettiest to watch, though.

    3. Hey guys, I’ve been a lurker at BFB for quite a while now, but I decided to break my duck and finally post some of my thoughts. I’ve talked with a few of you on Twitter too, mostly Jnice and Kari on Barça B games.

      Anyway, I fully agree with Jnice. I rarely blame Pep for our shortcomings in a match, but this one is mostly on him. Playing a 343 against one striker left us outnumbered on the right flank where Mathieu was alone time and time again. Mathieu is, frankly, an average player, but even an average player will make most of every chance if he has no one marking him at all.

      As soon as we switched back to 433, Valencia didn’t have a sniff. They weren’t even close. So the only thing that irks me is that going into the final minutes (where our domination was clearest), we were chasing a draw and not the win. Had we gone into HT level, I have no doubt we’d be congratulating ourselves for a well earned 3 points.

      I criticize this team just as much as I praise them, but I feel Valencia got the result here purely from our own mistakes than their amazing play. Yes, they pressed and fought, but they always do. If we had the done right thing and played 433 from the start, they most probably never would have gotten the chances they did.

      Ah well, it is what it is. I still don’t think we’re 100% fit and our pressing game suffers for it. Teams also get better at reading us every year, but our offensive game works as well as ever. Not something the EE can really boast about atm, ey? 😀

    4. In recent matches, Pep keep trying Busi in CB position. Maybe he want to prepare Busi to be ready to step in as CB whenever our 3-4-3 need another CB depending on situation going on the match. So Busi will hv 2 function as DM and CB. just as back up plan if our defence is outnumbered by the opponent. Just non-expert tought.

  3. I think Pep acknowledged his mistake in the press conference after the game saying that “We’re leaving with the lesson learned and we will wait for them when they come to barca”

  4. What a game! really entertaining

    I just like to start by saying that its extremely difficult to get 3 points at a stadium like the Mestalla. We were beaten in the first half and we copped two goals that our defence really couldn’t do anything to stop. I don’t blame the defence, Abidal was a bit off colour but really any defender in the world you put in our backline will struggle in this situation. I was questioning why Pep didn’t react quick enough to bringing back Alves into a conservative role. But again that wasn’t our biggest problem, our problem was the lack of composure in our midfield and forward line. Fabregas really hindered us defensively because we were always out of shape when pressing/defending Valencia. You give Valencia a plate full of the ball and they will make something of it, no doubt about that. But really there is no doubt on this team to perform. If Messi was a little bit sharper on the ball or if Fabregas was a little bit better with his positioning we could have taken the 3 points from this game. There is a lot of positives that came out of this game however, it is evident we have not lost OUR HUNGER TO WIN GAMES, and I know Pep and the team have learnt a lot of lessons this game.

  5. I’m actually kinda happy today. Real also drew (and looked awful, apparently) so we didn’t give up any points advantage to them.

    As for Valencia they’ve been my second favorite side since the Villa days, and previous seasons they’d start on fire until they played us, put up a great fight but eventually lose, and then tail off rapidly. Valencia have generally always had the sort of mean air or swagger or screw-with-us-and-you’ll-face-the-consequences vibe that all dominating teams have (United, Real, us, etc- Arsenal now, us 2007 etc didn’t have it) but the past few years they’ve lacked that and losing to Barca always seemed to take the wind out of their sails. Now they’ve gotten their mean aura back, have a decent defense for the first time in ages, and matched us in a game, so I have high hopes for them to keep up the strong form.

    As for us, we’re still a point ahead of Madrid who, unless they implode, will still be our main title contender. So not worried.

    1. Kari, where’s the real Hector now? Why he dont write any longer or comment at least. Is he live in place with no internet at all? or is he changing team, gosh dont EE?? haha

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