Post Game Ranting Thread

For some reason, the comments section for the last post isn’t working. So here’s a new one to rant in. One thing I will say:

September is our January, except slightly worse. New formations, internationals, rustiness, etc. This will pass, but not before we see some more frustrating results. We don’t suddenly become Barca of December in, well, September. Things take time.

But the worse thing for me was Iniesta’s hamstring injury which will see him out for 4 weeks. We’re 2 for 2 in the games to injury to the hamstring ratio. 😥

Hope he gets better soon. Like, faster than 4 weeks soon.

Also, PUYI!!!!

It's go time from now on. YES

And Ibi came on too. We lose Alexis and Iniesta, gain Ibi and Puyol. Can’t wait until we get all of them back!

And remember, visca el Barca!

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. absolutely disappointing performance.
    i know pep said that we’re crap without the ball.
    but for a championship team, should we be soo crap?
    i mean can’t we defend one corner late in the game.
    cant we take advantage of more than 11 corners we have had.
    every time its the same fucking routine.
    I love pep, but i just cant understand why he insists on playing
    biscuits in CB. he just sucks there. period.
    every time all u guys have thought he can play there are after matches where he has had nothing to do in that position. he is slow as shit. he left pato to breeze past him and later let thiago jump over him to head the ball. he is a bloody weakling to be commanding the center of defense in european games.
    sorry, jus damn pissed off.
    to top it all off, alexis and iniesta gone!
    F*&^% this shit!

  2. Sometimes the other team plays a good game.
    Barcelona is great because they triumph over great teams. AC is the Serie A champion. They know how to defend.
    They have athletes.
    I think we have the brainiest team in football probably by far but we’re not even in the top 10 when it comes to athleticism.
    Both the Pato goal and the Silva goal were marvels of pure athleticism. Speed and jumping ability.
    I doubt whether any of our defenders would have been able to stop Pato once he was through. Same for the second goal – a perfectly placed corner kick to the highest jumping, most physically powerful man on the pitch.

    Having said that, the Barcelona virtues that are often brought to bear to overcome the athletic disadvantages were not brought to bear enough. If Iniesta had been on the field the whole game that might have been worth an extra goal. Fabregas is a terrific player and will get even better but he was far below Don Andres level tonight. Maybe he had the big game nerves. Who knows? It’s all been roses for him so far, he was due for a bad game.

    I was most disappointed in Dani Alves’ game. This game was his for the taking and he was below his best. Sometimes maybe we depend on Messi too much for magic. Dani could have been the game breaker tonight but he wasn’t.

    I don’t think this particular Barca team has ever been scored upon in 23 seconds. That first goal set the tone for the whole match. Well, now the players know from experience never to let that happen again.

  3. It is disappointing result, mainly because the equalizer came in so late.

    On positive side, the team played well even though Keita and Busi are obviously not comfortable in their positions. Messi was quite good. Expectations from our team are sky high and frankly unrealistic for me. No team stream rolls their opponents all the time. Even the mighty EE of late 50’s had too many games where they survived or even lost to Barca. Milan are worthy champions of arguably 4th best league in Europe and they parked the bus. Considering their defensive pedigree, we played quite well.

    On negative side, injury to Iniesta is a blow. Conceding goal in last minute is a blow as well. Our defensive unit is being modified too many times right now but that cannot be an excuse.

    Finally, this is september and if we take a look at past few season’s, Pep’s teams never peak in Sept and this is only start of upward trend. So not to worried.

  4. To quote Brick Tamland from Anchor Man, “I DON’T KNOW WHAT WE’RE YELLING ABOUT!!!”

    But seriously, I’m going to play the role of Positive Man here, as this was still a tremendous game for us despite the pain. Here’s the positives as I see it:

    1) Against the ‘reincarnation of Inter Milan D’ and ‘unbelievable Italian defense’ we created 7 shots on goal, 11…11 corners, and 75% posession. We could and should have won easily.

    2) Abidal may literally rise into the clouds and take a seat on the right hand of God the way he is playing now. He’s gone from solid to #2MVP to all-time legend in the course of his time at Barca.

    3) We looked lethal on free kicks. Let’s apply that to corners.

    4) The injuries…I’m going to argue its a good thing. We are a MUCH deeper team now with Fabregas, Sanchez, Adriano replacing Maxwell, Affelay, Thiago. We absolutely need room in the lineup to get these players time, and experiment with line-ups. Iniesta & Sanchez out allows that. The only downside is we have a much more difficult Liga schedule than EE on the front end…but with our line-up, it frankly shouldn’t matter.

    5) Puyol returned. Let me say that again, PUYOL RETURNED. Those who don’t grasp the magnitude of that don’t belong on this blog.

    6) I think Fabregas is playing great. Don’t agree with the criticsm, given its his 3rd or 4th game. He adds a great over-the-top passing ability which really makes us more versatile and provides alot of more balanced player-on-player numbers vs. our traditional tika-tika which can studder with 11 players in the box. And he is scoring goals which is much needed with Iniesta soft and Pedro playing poorly.

    7) Messi being Messi. The most beautiful play of the match was him keeping in the ball when he was called offsides.

    8) Pique is banging a singer-model and will be back shortly

    I’ll leave you with this:

    Now go back to the b*tch fest, this is a Rant post afterall:)

  5. There is nothing wrong with the players, there is no one player that is under performing and there is nothing wrong with the way we are playing. There were only small details that paved the last two results. You cannot expect our team this early in the season to step up gears and defeat teams such as real sociedad who equalized and then placed their whole team infront of their box, our team is just not ready to find answers in such difficult situations. Ac Milan defended very very narrowly and very tight, you can’t blame individuals for their lack of athleticism/creativity/heart/fitness when we can’t string up opportunities in minimal space. Its just not that easy to do period, the players need time to build that ability.

    and for those who are annoyed about our ball circulation. It would actually benefit us defensively if we did not go forward and attack vigorously. Ac milan have a very organised defence and they do not lose their shape so easily, circulating the ball forwards and backwards and side to side does two things, its stretches AC milan’s defence and tries to break their structure and it also allows us to keep the ball and not have to defend. Our players may have not looked keen to score another goal, but they are also trying hard not to give the ball away too often.

    If we had kept the ball for just a little longer at the end of the game and circulated the ball a lot more then we would never have conceded that corner that led to their equalizer.

  6. I think we did not only buy Cesc Fabregas, the deal also included some part of the Gunner’s curse of injuries, and that’s why we got him for a relatively cheap financial price.
    The price that we really have to pay now is our players dropping like flies, just like they did (and still do) at Arsenal over the last years :/

    1. lol! Actually, the thought had crossed my mind that maybe hamstring injuries are contagious and Fabregas is a carrier of the disease until I remebered that we didn’t yet have Cesc when Ibi injured his, 🙂

  7. @JoSocCuler
    Puyol: “People say we’ve won a lot and don’t have the will anymore. It’s not true, we have a lot of desire to keep winning.” #fcblive
    Puyol: “2 draws make people start talking. 2 weeks ago we were the best, today we’re not. We’ll keep working.” #fcblive

    I like those quotes.

  8. AC Milan’s twitter account have made a wallpaper to celebrate yesterdays draw. Seriously! That says it all.

  9. A lot of people & sports reporters writing Barca off already – saying it’s the end of an era! It’ll be good to be underdogs for once!

  10. Seriously people, when a Madr*dista has to come online and console us, you know we’ve blown things all outta proportion.
    @ Bassam- sorry I missed you, hon. Have a cookie:

    Goal one: a very good, extremely fast striker beats our high line for a very good goal. Occupational hazard of the way we defend. Very good goal, congrats to Pato!

    Goal two: yeah, we need to work on those corner things! But remember, Abi was already limping by then.

    We played well.

    They played/defended well.

    Busi is not a bad CB, Keita is not a bad DM. They’d be able to start in those positions on most, not all teams and those teams would be grateful for them. That being said, if one has a world-class DM, one should use him occasionally in that position.

    It was a good game. If any one of Messi or Xavi’s very close shots had gone in and the result was 3-2 we’d all be gushing about what a good game it was. So really, we were a couple of centimeters away from contentment.

    I think we’re suffering from some kind of bipolar-footy-fan desease. Two weeks ago we we’re soooooo happy. Look, we can win with no defenders! And now because of two draws it’s the end of the world?

    The group is tied at 1 point/team. No biggy. The draw did not hurt us. The injury sucks though!

    It’s a game, these things happen.

    Finally, it’s just a game. No, I’m not overjoyed about the result, but there are wars, famines, disasters and injustices aplenty in this world to be truly upset over. The level of vitriol(and cursing) that a few of you (only a very few) are showing isn’t appropriate.

  11. Isn’t it kind of funny that after everything this team has achieved in the last few years, after all the praise and plaudits heaped on it, the press and even some Barça fans are already making doomsday predictions, after TWO DRAWS. They weren’t even losses! Two games! It’s absurd, and I think it’s wrong for a culé to show this little faith in the team after everything they’ve done.

    Note I’m not talking about people who were really frustrated and angry and disappointed by this game, because I am one of them, but culés making Rijkaard comparisons, and writing us off after TWO DRAWS. Seriously folks, we need to get some perspective. Look at the beginnings of the last few seasons. There are usually hiccups and bad results. The Hercules loss, Pep losing his first match with Barça, this stuff happens. Like Kari said, September is not our best month by any stretch.

    So chill out peeps and show some faith in the club! Visca el Barça.

  12. Wow, some Barca fans really do love to over react.

    Lets keep things in perspective shall we…

    First of all it is september, and we are NEVER great in Sept (Hercules anyone?!?). This has been the case since Pep took over so it is no great shock that we havent hit top gear yet. The players are not at their sharpest yet and that is why we are not as clinical as we usually are.

    Secondly we were playing AC Milan, not some second rate team and they got an early goal which allowed them to do what they do best, which is defend. You never want to give Italian teams something to defend and that is exactly what we gave them, within 30 seconds none the less. We still managed to get the lead back against a very well organised team and one which was playing very well.

    Third, and most important, we were playing with two holding mids as our CB’s, hardly ideal.

    We still dominated the game for long spells and with a bit more sharpness we would have scored more goals.

    So lets all take a deep breath and relax because we have a remarkable team who have never let us down in the past and I dont expect them to let us down this season either.

  13. why does everyone always clamor for Euler? you watch the game, you see what went wrong, you analyse for yourselves and come up with your reason.

    don’t make him do all the tactical thinking for you.

    anyways, I’m not as angry as I was when this happened. I mean we got a point against Milan, in all likelihood we’ll still win the group. On top of that, there’s nothing stopping us from getting all 3 in Milan…

    yes, we dominated, yes we let a lead slip away (so did Milan), but it’s still early in the season. I’d rather draw here than draw again on Saturday to Osasuna. This group will be easier to win than La Liga would’ve with another draw.

  14. I only read a few comments, I cba to read them all really, as I don’t ever expect people to read what I say anyways. but chill. this is a great learning experience.

    you think the club will forget this come the game at San Siro?

    you think Pep won’t realize, “Hey, maybe I shouldn’t play Busi/Masch versus a speedy striker…maybe, just maybe, I can have Abidal at LCB and play Adriano to get width from him down the flanks..”

    you think Keita was bad at DM? I didn’t see too many Keita mistakes, everyone was at fault for the first goal. I didn’t think he was bad today, but whenever we drop points someone has to be to blame right?

    btw, Abidal let the ball roll off his foot for a corner. if you want to talk about losing focus for one second, talk about him. he was shielding the ball and kicked it. inb4racist.

    after a couple hours, I’m not worried anymore. this isn’t a two legged tie. this was the first CL game of the season. without our two starting CBs. we’ll be fine.

    anyways, does Keita’s natural progression backwards lead him to be who should play instead of Pique as the natural BPD bringing the ball forward? He could play LCB occassionally, and swap positions with Abidal..

  15. *pokes head in*

    Everyone calmed down, now? I decided to stay away until cooler heads prevailed. Seems like people have got some perspective by now. Here, have some La Liga Loca:

    This bit is hilarious:

    That path begins without José Mourinho, who is continuing to serve a UEFA touchline ban. The Madrid manager is expected to stay behind at the team hotel but his number two, Aitor Karanka, revealed that no decision had be made as to Mourinho’s location for the game. LLL suspects he’ll either be sipping brandy, sprawled in a giant leather swivel chair in an airship hovering menacingly over the ground, or lying by the side of the pitch having painted himself green.

    Because you just know Mourinho has considered it… 😆

  16. Why is Pep insisting on putting Busquets as CB and Keita as DM? It has cost us that last two games. By the time Pep decides to put Busquets back in his position of DM, he’s gonna have ruined him! Pep, for the love of all that is good and holy, please stop tinkering with the lineup. One change, ok, two is still doable. But, you start putting in a new line up with people playing outside of their normal position and you can’t expect our “total football” system to work. This is a team that needs to gel well together in order to work properly, if you make too many changes, it all falls apart. This is what has happening right now. Stop it Pep!!

    1. its funny how people can even come out and point their finger to Pep. it’s just 2 games into the season and Pep is simply trying few experiments which might be needed later in d season. He has bring us so so so much glory, where did u even got the nerve to question his methods?

      and when did u even started supporting barca? i watched em lose to the like Rayo Vallecano before. suffered so much before.. and i simply cant believe im living this glory years of barca. i cant thank god enough to be able to see Peps boys play.

      please, have some respect for the man. he knows what to do. he always does. have some faith. or maybe u just need to switch team, who’s winning atm.

      im sorry for being harsh, but dont ever question what Pep does.. he gave us what nobody thought was even possible. REMEMBER THAT

    2. Jeez, I think your comments are uncalled for, but I respect your opinion. This is a blog about post game rantings, so if I believe that the coaching should be called into question, well … that’s my prerogative. I prefer Pep doesn’t make, what I consider, silly experiments no matter when it is in the season if it means a very shaky back line when we have players ready and able to play that are sitting on the bench. (ie Mascherano). If he continues to experiment with playing Busquets as CB (which is clearly not his strength, Keita as DM (which is not his strength) and sitting Mascherano (who is more comfortable as CB or even Abidal for that matter), we’re going to have a difficult time keeping a clean sheet.

  17. Did everyone calm down? Alright here we go…

    1) The selection was completely reasonable considering the overall situation of the squad. If anyone think the defense was fragile you should think what would have happened if we had Adriano and Alves as fullbacks instead of having Abidal on the left to back Mascherano and Busquets.

    The way the first goal was conceded, I dont think even having Puyol and Pique would have avoided it. Its not like any of them is Bolt clone. Sorry. Truth hurts. The goal was an absolute quality of a forward exposing high defense line. It happened. It happens. It will.

    As for the second goal, its mainly a set pieces setup with flaws that Milan players got advantage of. Not the first time. We mark zones instead of players in set pieces (watch the goal again), and we dont even mark posts. Just the small box. Some midgets need to block the path of the giant runners of the other teams to give advantage to zonal markers (and goalkeeper) to deal with the cross. Not doing so caused the goal. That’s a technical instruction more than being players fault. I think (and hope) we will see some changes in that setup in the coming matches. Vilanova, I’m looking at you.

    2) Anyone who makes any passive comment about Keita’s performance in the match need to watch the game again, and again, and till he changes his opinion, he should keep on re-watching. No one would have done better as a holding midfielder in that game. So please, stop it. This is getting annoying as a casual trend. My Man of the match (for Barcelona) – by far!

    3) I didnt see anything special in this game that we didnt know since before. So I’m not sure where all this “end of cycle” came from. We struggle against parked buses since years (even when we had two bulls in offense in Eto’o and Henry). Nothing new. Really. It depends more on the quality of the bus parked than our players’ performance. And Milan parked an Airbus if you ask me. This is how our team is structured. As I said before the start of the season, Pep went for excellence instead of perfection. Everyone backed him in that. No one can change his mind now after a draw. No one should.

    Our keys of excellence that can actually help breaking buses are Iniesta, Sanchez, and Messi. You watched the game and you know what happened. The rest of our players expose the destabilized defense of the opponent, they dont destabilize it themselves. Especially Villa.

    Still we created more chances than you should expect. Lame chances maybe. Not so serious. But still. For the system we have and the situation we passed thru during the match, the outcome should be understandable.

    4) You should give a credit to Milan. Some Barcelona fans are getting too …hm…lets call it confident…. so they cant see that there is actually another team we plays against. It became a given that Barcelona players should enter the field and just sweep the floor with the opponent and toying with them like feather pillows. That’s delusional. When a team plays as organized, disciplined, and dedicated as Milan – with the quality players they have- bets should always be equal and anything can happen.

    C’est la vie! If you want an ever dominating team that never lose, play football manager and cheat so you get all the best players to your squad. That’s if you think there is any joy in that.

    Finally, Pep will still have a homework to do. The main problem with the Messi-Villa-Pedro offense line is that none of Villa and Pedro is welling to take responsibility. They serve as Messi co-pilots unlike Cesc for example who make advanced runs to the opponent box even when he doesnt expect the ball. Not to the same extend that a true nine would do, but still. We bake our bread based on the flour we have.

    The problem of Pedro and Villa NOT taking responsibilities by attacking opponent’s center backs even without the ball is that when Messi plays as false nine away from the opponents Center backs, the two center backs find no one to mark and cover so they start acting like defensive depth to the midfielders in front of them (and the fullbacks) who are checking our players. Center backs job become just to create diagonal cover for their team’s defense system.

    when a player play in an advanced position compared to Messi he creates more confusion for the center backs which give more space for Messi and co. Opponents CB will no more cover but will have to track and check. This is not happening. And this needs to be fixed.

    But generally speaking – again- this is how the team rolls for years already. What we changed this year was increasing system’s fluidity to pull opponents defense line away from the keeper and lob or slice a pass behind them for the space hackers (Pedro, Villa, Cesc…). Milan read that. They didnt check players but zones. They left no space between defense line and goalkeeper and so they terminated that trick. Teams read us on weekly bases. While we play our game they customize their tactics to counter our system. That is challenging for our technical department. Now I can tell you that coming up with new picks and tricks for the players to execute is easier said than done. So have patience and hope we keep the continuous progress we showed season after another.

    1. ^This, basically. To the power of Yaya.

      It went pretty much as I expected in the preview I wrote. A 4-4-1-1, narrow, Messi the only destabilizer now that Alexis is injured…

      We’ve taken the test, passed/failed depending on your view of things, and have lots of feedback to work with for the next game.

      You should give a credit to Milan. Some Barcelona fans are getting too …hm…lets call it confident…. so they cant see that there is actually another team we plays against. It became a given that Barcelona players should enter the field and just sweep the floor with the opponent and toying with them like feather pillows. That’s delusional.

      So, so true.

  18. 6 games, three titles, 18 goals repeat 18 f’n goals. This blog is constantly looking at Villa then Messi then Pedro as the scapegoats. Gimmee a break!!!!
    Barca was unusually unstable, unorganized, unsure of themselves, unwhatever and it wasn’t even one place it was the whole back third. So despite what allegiances you might have, Busi, Masch, Abidal in the Sociedad game, Keita and Xavi need to take a long look at why those two teams had great chances to win including their organization on set pieces.

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