The BFB Dictionary 1.0


Camp Nou [Cahm no],  noun;

  1. Heaven.

Clásico, el [el clah-see-co] , noun;

  1. the most important day of the culé calender (calendario de jornadas, Sp): When do we celebrate El Clásico this year, Papa? 

Culé [cu-lay] –s, noun;

  1. an FC Barcelona supporter


  1. of or pertaining to cultured, intelligent thought: This novel made me think a lot; it’s very culé.

Culer -s
see Culé.


Evil Empire [EE-vuhl-em-pahy-er] noun,

  1. commonly albeit wrongly known as Real Madrid. Often abbreviated as EE.


Guardiola, Pep [Goo-wahr-DEE-oh-la-pep], noun;

  1. former captain of the Dream Team. Current coach of The Best Team in the World ™
  2. in him all culés trust.

Baffling (v)

  1. to defy all logic and reason by playing abnormal formations and/or players out of position.
  2. strokes of genius that would otherwise be insane if it were any other team. I was shocked when I saw the decision before realizing Pinto as referee was the perfect move.


Hectored [Hek-terr-d]   verb;

  1. when one posts a long comment on one thread only for another post to come up, thereby making the comment useless (as most people will now go to the new post’s thread and not read the comment on the other thread).
  2. to disappear suddenly without a trace.

Former BFB blogger Hector who used to post long, insightful comments only for Kxevin or Isaiah to publish a random post, sometimes containing a single picture with no words.

Hector Pills [Hek-tor pils], noun;

  1. figurative pills taken to ignore the nonsense of transfer rumors. Usually taken during the summer and winter: We’re signing Ricky van Wolfswinkel for 20m + Thiago? Where are my Hector Pills…

Hleb [he-lebb] –ed, –ing, noun;

  1. a former player of Stuttgart, Arsenal, Barcelona, and Birmingham (loan). Currently on loan at Wolfsburg at time of writing.

futile (adj)

  1. having no effective result; useless. Billy told his teacher he tried to do his homework, but with his Hlebbed brain, he was unable to complete it.


  1. football equivalent of being rickroll’d. I clicked on a BFB link only to find a picture telling me I had just been Hlebbed.
  2. for a move to slow or fail for no apparent reason: We tried to keep the attack going, but once the ball reached him, the move was Hlebbed.
Synonymous with: failure, futility
Antonymous with: Messi, Yaya

Hlebruary [he-LEBB-roo-er-ee], noun;

  1. the worst time in the culé calendar year
  2. form and/or points nosedive like Di Maria in an opposition penalty box


Iniesta [Ee-NEE-es-ta], verb;

  1. to do something absolutely amazing and yet be unable to produce a final product. “Wow, that painting was awesome until he spilled paint all over it moments away from completion.”
  2.  be ghostlike white.

Iniestazo [Ee-NEE-es-tah-so] , verb;

  1. to do something absolutely amazing in a final or desperate situation, dashing the opposition’s hopes and dreams with one kick. Usually at the dying stages of a match.

orgasmic (v)

  1. to score a goal so mind-blowing it causes the regional and/or national birthrates to increase.


Merengue [Me-RENG-ge] –s, noun;

  1. a follower of Real Madrid

inferior (adj):

  1. lower in place or position; closer to the bottom
  2. of comparatively low grade; poor in quality: This Budweiser is really merengue.
  3. acting or performing in a way that is comparatively poor or mediocre.

naive (adj):

  1. having or marked by a simple, unaffectedly direct style reflecting little or no formal training or technique: Your art is too, how do you say, merengue for this gallery.

Messi, Lionel [meh-SEE-lee-OH-nel], noun;

  1. an unstoppable force of nature that destroys defenses and renders tactics useless; a phenomenon. FCB Scout: The Messi is strong with this one.

peerless (adj).

  1.  a superlative to replace all superlatives. “Wow, he just took that ball, dribbled past eight defenders, through-balled it to himself, beat the goal keeper, and bicycled it into the net. How Messi was that?”

transcend (v).

  1.  to be so utterly and completely dominate as to render those subjected to said domination and onlookers speechless. Oh look, it’s El Clasico — let the bi-annual Messi-ing begin.
Synonymous with: Yaya
Antonymous with: Hleb


Yaya [YaYa’]; -d verb

  1. To dominate completely and utterly; not allowing one to express skills in football by closely marking and tackling: Raul was Yaya’d during El Clásico and was unable to influence the game.
  2.  To terrify with physical dominance.
Synonymous with: Messi
Antonymous with: Hleb
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Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. BarcaOwl
    September 1, 2011


    You’re brilliant, Kari! 😀

    Who said football isn’t educational? Not only do we get lessons in thermodynamics, we improve our vocabulary too!

  2. blitzen
    September 1, 2011

    Yaya – Mathematical term. An exponent expressing the maximum possible power. “I agree with this comment to the power of Yaya!”

    Iniesta [Ee-NEE-es-ta], verb;
    1. to do something absolutely amazing and yet be unable to produce a final product.

    I don’t like this one. 👿

  3. Artur
    September 1, 2011

    You know you’ve been a reader of this blog when all of these are familiar to you 🙂

  4. FalseNine
    September 1, 2011

    This is an excellent and well-researched piece of scholarship.

    In studying the etymology of the word Hleb, it is important to note that it is an anagram of Bleh. Many great truths are hiding in words, if you look for them.

  5. Barcaleya
    September 1, 2011

    Kari – you’re a genius.

    But poor “merengue.” Hahaha

    Meanie 😀

  6. Whatever
    September 1, 2011

    Finally I know what Hectored and Hlebbed means. Thanks, Kari!

    • stowe
      September 2, 2011

      i’ve been reading this blog for about 3 years now (since just before Hector left) and I just found out what “Hectored” meant about a year ago when a newbie asked (there were lots of newbies about a year ago, or something like that)

  7. September 1, 2011

    *broke out laughing in the office*
    *laughing continues *

  8. BA
    September 1, 2011

    this may need to be Pinned to the front page in some way.

    also, i still maintain that that is the single most majestic picture ever taken.

  9. Josep
    September 1, 2011

    Wow I suggested this months ago and it’s truly here! Enough people asked about Hectoring and EE I presume.

  10. mom4
    September 1, 2011

    Great ^ Yaya, Kari. Very messi indeed!

    addendum- The article “The” usually preceded the term “Yaya”. Not usually when being used as an exponent, though.

    On a related note, in a past thread I confused someone by using 3m instead of Afellay, sooooo:

    more BFBisms
    3M= Ibi Afellay
    CT= Cuddly Toy= Bojan
    FF= Final Fantasy (idk why, ask the others, hair related prob)= Jeffren
    BANGS = big angry no good Swede, big angry ninja _?_ Swede= Ibra
    TB= Thong Boy= CR7
    Ghostface= Kxevin’s (I think) name for Iniesta, aka Tiny Vampire
    Peanuts= something Eklavya shouts on a liveblog, goals sometimes follow
    loveblob= liveblog

    What am I forgetting guys?

  11. Eklavya
    September 1, 2011

    Good job, Kari! The Yaya is very Messy with you.

  12. September 1, 2011

    P! ..Gangsta (in BANGS) GhostfaceKilla

    Very nice Kari! I second the idea of making post sticky…and I second the 🙁 for Iniesta! (How could you go all EE on us there? You should be Hlebbed and Hectored to the power of Yaya power for that.)

  13. nzm
    September 1, 2011

    Nice one, Kari!

    I think that we all have the right to know if mom4, soccermom and soma are all names for the same person, or if they are different people? 🙂

    • blitzen
      September 1, 2011

      SoccerMom, aka SoMa: moderator, genius, and purveyor of sheer brilliance.

      mom4, previously soccermomof4: valued commenter, friend to all, and provider of cookies with sprinklers.


      • nzm
        September 1, 2011

        thanks, Blitzen – glad it’s sorted! 🙂

          • nzm
            September 1, 2011

            Wasn’t sure, mom4 – I came in around the discussion about abbreviations to SoMa etc, and didn’t know the lie of the land!

    • mom4
      September 1, 2011

      I’m me. The poster formerly known as soccermomof4, sometimes nicknamed SoMa4 by other posters. I am just a poster. I was soccermomof4 because I love soccer/ am a mom/ have four kids(teens). I’m mom4 now to avoid confusion, or so I thought.

      soccermom is a mod, she has younger kids, is a better write than I, and from what I see is a professor somewhere in the USA. She is soma/SoMa.

      I changed my nick so that we wouldn’t be confused. Should I change it again? Ugh! Maybe to iamnotsoccermom? *sigh*

      • nzm
        September 1, 2011

        No, no – keep it!

        I’m all au fait, now! 🙂

  14. nzm
    September 1, 2011

    BTW – the Spain U-21 are currently leading Georgia (0-2) after 15 mins of play in their Euro Qualifier!

      • nzm
        September 1, 2011

        I don’t know – I keep missing the goals! The announcer is not doing the normal gol-gol-gol-gooooooooooooooooooool celebrations. I’m working, but each time I look up at the screen, they’ve scored another!

        I’ll try to find out!

      • Para
        September 1, 2011

        I watched just the first half, as I have to go out now and….that was just a little bit sad. I know the spanish team is a ‘new’ under 21 squad, but is the georgian one new too? I kind of hope so, for their sakes.

        • nzm
          September 1, 2011

          Yeah – kind of depressing if you were Georgian, huh Para? Hard to believe that this is a side now without Martinez, Mata, Botia, Bojan, Thiago, Dominguez and Montoya. They look as though they’ve been together for years.

  15. nzm
    September 1, 2011

    OK – I’m gonna stop here – boys are 0-5 in Georgia before the 30th minute!!!!!!!!!!

  16. culegirl3
    September 1, 2011

    Thanks for this brilliant piece! Way more interesting than discussing Chaucer in my lit class right now 🙂

    • mom4
      September 1, 2011

      Pay attention to your teachers!!!!!!! 🙁


      • culegirl3
        September 1, 2011

        Yes ma’am I will!

        You have to admit though BFB posts are literary works of art and much more entertaining than British Lit 😉

  17. mom4
    September 1, 2011

    test- I’m having trouble posting

    • mom4
      September 1, 2011

      ignore or erase- maybe it was the link to the U21 game I was trying to post?

  18. blitzen
    September 1, 2011

    FT: U21 Georgia 2 – 7 Spain

    So Georgia > Arsenal.


    • mom4
      September 1, 2011

      Nah, scores like that(unless they occur in the EPL) mean that Spain’s probably just in a weak, Scotland in the sunshine, two-horse-race national team division. 😉

      • Ryan
        September 1, 2011

        Is this a Euro-based tourney? You might have UEFA mucking things up too!

  19. Dani_el
    September 1, 2011

    This is great Kari! I understood what “to get hectored” meant, but I didn’t got why. Pity he’s no longer around, I would like to read some of his comments. So we won’t have a Barça game for 10 days…

  20. K_legit
    September 1, 2011

    No Manita? (Ma-nee-ta)

    You’re all Crazie!!

    • mom4
      September 1, 2011

      Manita the scoreline, or Manita, Blitzen’s lovely adult beverage?

  21. blitzen
    September 1, 2011

    This quote from barcastuff is interesting:

    David Dein: “Arsene helped Cesc to fulfil his dream to return. There were other people who caused problems. Wenger is a man of his word.”

    Sounds like it was more of a “money man” problem than Arsene being stubborn.

  22. September 1, 2011

    This so fun kari… Thanks.
    I’m thinkin there should be a revised or updated edition soon as
    there are probably a lot that we’ve missed…and more words to
    be added from this season.
    Anyway, this brilliant. Can’t stop laughing.

  23. Dani_el
    September 1, 2011

    “Much has been made of Madrid getting closer to Barcelona over the summer, as evidenced during the Spanish Super Copa. But Barcelona returned from a preseason that Pep Guardiola had openly complained about, whereas Madrid had built specifically toward that game; in other words, their margin for improvement was (as was shown against Villarreal) greater. Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sánchez have already demonstrated that they will add something to the league and Champions League winners.
    And, besides, Barcelona ultimately won out.
    It would take a brave commentator (or a Madrid fan) to declare Madrid the better team. Right now, Barcelona surely remains the best side in Europe.”
    Read more:

    Got to agree with Sid Lowe

    • BarcaGirl_Indo
      September 1, 2011

      Both teams will look to batter, even the lowliest of opponents. After all, draws are the new defeat in Spain and goal difference may yet play a part. EE and Barcelona know that. Any bad result, any freak occurrence, could mean the title.


      • September 1, 2011

        It is highly unlikely that it’ll come to that, unless we are

        a) tied with RM at the end of the season


        b) we have equal but opposite results in the league Clasicos.

        Only then does goal difference matter. It’s better this way, I think, because it means that us beating Villareal by 5 is no better than beating them by 1. That way you also don’t have relegation teams just shutter down to defense after two goals, in order to avoid getting a walloping.

      • Ryan
        September 1, 2011

        Draws were the new wins about 3 seasons ago! Now 1-0s are the new losses, 2-0s are the new draws, and anything 3-0 and above is considered a win! (At least it feels that way sometimes when we struggle to get the ball in the net)

  24. BarcaGirl_Indo
    September 1, 2011

    and Kari, thanks, this is entertaining and will be very useful for the newcomers!

    looking forward for The BFB Dictionary 2.0 😉

    • BarcaGirl_Indo
      September 2, 2011

      hahahahahahahahahahahaha 😆

      spanish, handsome, midfielder, ex La Masia, Barça DNA 😆

    • outerspacedout
      September 2, 2011

      Jose I see your name linkback changes occasionally- last time I looked before this it was a jumping dog- but this one is so awe….SUN *YAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH*

  25. blitzen
    September 2, 2011

    Sounds like Carvalho has burnt his bridges with the Portuguese NT quite thoroughly. From the coach Paulo Bento:

    he abandoned his teammates and the country. My doors are closed to him. As long as I’m here, he won’t return to the national team. It’s impossible. This is not a situation that can be worked out by talking. It’s a fact that he wasn’t going to start, that he was going to be on the bench, and he sensed the situation. But he didn’t speak with me. My door is always open to everyone, but he didn’t come to me. We were in the breakfast room and we found out that a player had left.” Bento continued, “he’s turned his back on the national team. I don’t believe he acted in the heat of the moment, because a bit later he sent out a communique, and that doesn’t seem to be a normal reaction. He knew what he did and the way in which he did it. It was a surprise for me and for everyone… he should be punished because his attitude is individualistic, and no one else is responsible for the decision he made.”

    Wow. OK, you can argue whether the coach’s decision to bench Carvalho was correct, but walking out on the team like that was a huge overreaction. Dani Alves is the best RB in the world, and often sits on the bench in favour of Maicon. Valdes is the best GK in the world and can hardly get a game. Raul was benched by David Villa. None of them walked out on their commitments. Also, this Portugal game may be an official Euro qualifier, but it is against Cyprus. Not exactly a powerhouse of a team. Maybe the coach wants to try out some younger players in that position and see how they do.

    I’ve never particularly disliked Carvalho, but I find this temper tantrum very disrespectful. He is not getting any younger, he must realize that others are coming up in his position. This is football. Deal with it.

    • outerspacedout
      September 2, 2011

      And as someone mentioned on, Aguero sits for Argentina rather often too. This was really immature if he left and quit cos he was benched in a qualifier against a minnow.

      • Ryan
        September 2, 2011

        Aguero is actually sitting on the bench as we speak, in the game vs. Venezuela.

  26. Ryan
    September 2, 2011

    Argentina with Messi as its new captain is about to start. It’s on, which seems to have a fancy new interface.

    • mom4
      September 2, 2011

      Awwwwwwww, our flea all growed up and being the captain!

  27. Vj
    September 2, 2011


    Green light people!

  28. September 2, 2011

    The two sides are taking a pause that refreshes in the Abidal talks. When ZubiZa said that “Abidal can sign whenever he wants,” he apparently meant “on our terms.”

    Sticking point is duration right now. Abidal wants straight renewal until 2014, we want 2013, with an option year. Doesn’t sound like he’s going to quite get his wish of retiring with the club, since he will almost certainly have something to give a club in a year or two.

    As Linda noted on Twitter, can’t wait to see how the Puyol renewal talks go. I know the business is bloodless, but I think a dude that headed the ground to stop an attack deserves more than an option year. Wonder if RoSELL and his minions will be around when it’s deemed that Messi has lost a step?

    And for the record, yes, clubs are obligated to have the very best players on the pitch at all times, etc, etc. I just wish that the business side had a little more humanity.

  29. mani
    September 2, 2011

    I’ve finally given up my BFB stalker/lurker status and decided to register. I’ve been following this blog [homepage] for well over a year now from my humble abode in Toronto, Canada (any others out there?).

    In three short words:

    Best. Blog. Ever.

    Great bloggers, comments, analysis (euler is einstein).

    • blitzen
      September 2, 2011

      Welcome, mani! I also live in Toronto, and I think Blau-Grenade does as well. 😀

      • mani
        September 2, 2011

        Thanks for the welcome. Nice to have fellow barca nuts in the GTA after seeing so many EPL jerseys all the time (or maybe I’m just in the wrong part of town!)

        • blitzen
          September 2, 2011

          In my neighbourhood you are more likely to see Italy, Portugal and Brazil NT jerseys than anything else. And a surprising number of TFC ones.

          • mani
            September 2, 2011

            Ah, yes Toront- land of the multi-nationals! I really take note when someone is wearing a club shirt and TO is surprisingly lacking in blau-grana.

    • Blau-Grenade
      September 6, 2011

      Hey Mani, Welcome!!!

      Live in Toronto as well. I would love to join all of you for a match viewing. Just bring it up a little bit in advance on the blog, I check the blog once in a couple of days, so I know there is a call for a viewing.

      As Artur says ….Blitzen you lead the charge…

  30. mani
    September 2, 2011

    By the way, anyone see the Turkish ghostface look-a-like @barcastuff tweeted yesterday? I had to do a triple-take, the resemblance is uncanny!

  31. Vj
    September 2, 2011

    Only in India does a friendly end in an awards ceremony. Ooh in the 89th min. too. F###ing embarassing..

    • K_legit
      September 2, 2011

      Dude relax..its our first international friendly in like, forever..let it go!

    • mani
      September 2, 2011

      Hahaha. Who was awarded what in the ceremony? And did Ravi Shastri make a surprise appearance? (cricket reference)

    • thechaikid
      September 2, 2011

      ahh who cares about the awards ceremony
      india needs this. i mean we have a bazillion and one football fans
      but a national team that’s a joke
      i hope india revamps its football system.

      football >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> cricket anytime

  32. September 2, 2011

    his novel made me think a lot; it’s very culé.

    Very nice!

    Looks like Del Bosque is taking a page out of Bielsa’s (and to a lesser extent Guardiola’s book) – Javi Martinez looks to be starting at CB for Spain or Spain are going to play with a 4 man midfield.

    Bielsa has used Martinez at CB and evidently Del Bosque was having Javi play CB at practice.

    I think that’s a really good move for them. Makes a lot of sense – it’s something Spain should stick with and develop.

    Moving forward for the next WC Pique does not have a clear partner – and that could be an issue even for the Euros depending on how Puyol comes back and how his knee is.

    The only real alternative they have is to move Ramos to CB but given how limited their choices at full back are that’s not a great move for them. As it is Spain has such an issue maintaining width. It’s good to see Montoya get a chance (and they should play him today as they very well may need him this summer). But Montoya is still so young and inexperienced.

    Also – it’s very odd that Del Bosque hasn’t called up Luis Enrigue. The left back spot at Spain is so weak – and to not even call him up is strange. Feels like a situation of a player leaving the country and going to a smaller team and disappearing from the NT coach’s mind. Perhaps with his time at liverpool that will change.

    • K_legit
      September 2, 2011

      Jose Angle you mean.. I don’t know any other Luis Enrique than Lucho

        • September 2, 2011

          Yes! Sorry. Meant Jose Enrique. Was just reading something about Roma’s summer and was thinking of Lucho accidentally.

          Thanks for the correction.

  33. September 2, 2011

    Isla just scores a cracker off beautiful team play. Isla gets behind Arbelona on a fantastic ball crossed from the left flank.

    Chile has opened very brightly and have had the better of play so far.

  34. K_legit
    September 2, 2011

    Alright I have a question, if the referee sees a foul and brings his whistle to his mouth but then plays for advantage then does the actual foul get counted in the statistics?

  35. Ryan
    September 2, 2011

    Not a very impressive Spain so far. Is using Martinez over Botia really the right move?

  36. September 2, 2011

    Sanchez is just amazing. He never stops working. Every. And his pace is just such a constant weapon.

    He was integral in creating Chile’s goal.

    Spain – just not good enough along the back line or front line.

    It’s truly time for Spain to move on from Arbeloa and Albiol. They aren’t close to being good enough.

    Chile is controlling the match.

    Borghi continues to play three at the back even against three man front lines. And Spain isn’t making them pay for that risk because Silva basically plays like a midfielder as it is.

    By playing three at the back Borghi is getting an extra man in midfield and that’s making it difficult for Spain to control play in midfield.

    • Dani_el
      September 2, 2011

      It’s surprising to use a back 3 against 3 forwards. But as you said Silva usually goes back, this is one of the worst backlines I’ve seen for Spain, I don’t like Albiol nor Arbeloa. Golaso from Iniesta!

      • September 2, 2011

        3 at the back against a 3 man attack is very risky. Not even Bielsa liked to do that.

        But in the Copa America Borghi showed that he was willing to take that risk.

        Even against Uruguay’s three man attack of Suarez, Forlan and Cavani he had three at the back (though the midfielders did drop to help defend).

        Seems like Borghi may be willing to risk three at the back despite what the opposition does.

        And today it was three at the back with Vidal in the middle. He’s very flexible but still more a natural midfielder

  37. September 2, 2011

    No surprise. Iniesta comes for into the match to replace Alonso and the dynamics completely change. Iniesta gets Spain on the board with a goal.

    Alonso’s skill set doesn’t fit well against teams that press intensely.

    Iniesta has given Spain control of the midfield.

    Chile also not pressing as intensely – not sure if it’s fatigue or trying to save energy in a friendly but Chile aren’t as energetic.

    • nzm
      September 2, 2011

      Chile is playing a high-energy game – hard to keep it going for the whole 90 mins.

    • Aeneas
      September 2, 2011

      Unless a team is built around Alonso he can be pretty ineffective. He really has no business playing with Xavi on the field.

  38. nzm
    September 2, 2011

    Goal to Iniesta.

    Chile has been very impressive – almost Barca-like with their sliding defence and formations around the Spanish ball-holders.

    Sanchez is brilliant as is #15 Fica.

    Let’s see if they can keep it going for the whole 90 mins.

    • nzm
      September 2, 2011

      Actually – I don’t think 15 is Fica.’s jersey #s are way off!

  39. September 2, 2011

    Game is completely different. Not sure if Borghi didn’t want to push his players that hard in a friendly or what. But they’re sitting back now and not pressing as hard.

    And they can’t defend that way.

    Second goal was looking inevitable and Fabregas gets it done.

    Chile’s defending different – but taking off the double pivot has completely changed how Spain was playing in midfield.

  40. Dani_el
    September 2, 2011

    Chile is with 10 players on the field now, will they keep defending with 3 players?

  41. Ryan
    September 2, 2011

    I feel dirty… seeing an Arbeloa dive turn into a PK for Spain. Please win, but not like that!

    • blitzen
      September 2, 2011

      How dare you!?! Real Mordor players NEVER dive! It’s a well-known fact! 😈

      • Ryan
        September 2, 2011


        One does not simply walk the ball into the net of Real Mordor…

  42. nzm
    September 2, 2011

    Feel sorry for Chile.

    That was a total dive from Arbeloa. Disgusting.

  43. September 2, 2011

    Wow – is this actually possible? Did this happen?

    Arbeloa just took one of the worst dives you can possible take to “earn” a penalty kick in extra time against Chile.

    Arbeloa – the moral voice and consciousness of all forces against diving?

    Did he just win the match for Spain by cheating?

    Can’t wait to see the outrage in Marca and AS tomorrow.

  44. Ryan
    September 2, 2011

    And then Arbeloa starts a fight! Ugh

  45. September 2, 2011

    And now Arbeloa punches Vidal to end the match. Unbelievable.

  46. mei
    September 2, 2011

    Arbeloa dives to get Fabregas a penalty which he converts and ends up to be the winner.
    Spain should have had a penalty in the first half but anyway – arbeloa is a disgrace.

    His overall attitude towards making risky challenges , kicking players off the ball and diving is just ridiculous.
    He ticks all the boxes!

    He cant go forward to help spain create – he has low positional sense (first goal was scored because he simply ignored the incoming run off the wing.

    And now a fight because of Arbeloa’s poor attitude.

  47. nzm
    September 2, 2011

    And – I’m sorry to say – that was cheap from Iniesta too. The Chilean guy was defending well and beat Iniesta. That showed bad form from Iniesta to square up to him like that.

    And then of course Arbeloa had to come in as well and turn it into a brawl.


    • blitzen
      September 2, 2011

      I suspect the Chilean player had some words for Iniesta regarding the penalty, and that’s what got him so angry. No excuse, but…

      • nzm
        September 2, 2011

        Nope – no excuse at all. Iniesta was pissed that the Chilean defender got the better of him. He should have just walked away.

        • Ryan
          September 2, 2011

          I don’t it was that, as Iniesta doesn’t confront every defender that stops him. I also think there were words said, but you’d hope the guys could keep their angers in check. Shoot, even Valdes ran off the bench to get in the melee!

          • nzm
            September 3, 2011

            But not every defender gets the better of Iniesta, as that Chile player did!

            Whatever happened, Iniesta should know to behave differently. His reaction makes him no better than the behaviour of Real Madrid players which is something that is heavily criticised whenever they do something like this.

            From what I could see, the Chilean player stood his ground, and Iniesta then squared up to him. A sensible, rational thing to do would have been to turn and walk away.

            Chile rattled Spain’s nerves last night. There were some egos being bruised out there. It couldn’t have come at a better time – days before a Euro qualifier.

  48. Dani_el
    September 2, 2011

    First I think it is great that Cesc scored 2 goals. But that was a clear fake foul, Arbeloa dived. And then Iniesta does a good dribbling, and he gets anngry and Arbeloa goes and pushes the chilean agresively and messes up the game. It’s awful such a player, gets called for Spain NT. Of course we’re the divers, and we do down easily, and we start fights. Let’s see how Marca and Spain media reports this.

  49. Xingxian
    September 2, 2011

    That was one way of displaying national unity.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but that was Arbeloa(EE) shoving someone for saying SOMETHING to Iniesta(FCB), followed by Busquets(FCB) getting more violent than I can remember seeing him in a long time, certainly in a national game, much less a friendly.
    Oh and of course to top it off Ramos(EE) running in at the end to charge/punch someone.

    • Ryan
      September 2, 2011

      And Ramos actually wore the captain’s armband for part of the game!

    • mei
      September 2, 2011

      Thats far from it(and this is wrong way of displaying unity too but anyway).
      Arbeloa was angry since the middle of the second half because of some challenges.

      He just looked for an excuse to physically abuse the chileans whenever the chance , whatever the reason.

      It could have been two chileans fighting with each other and Arbeloa would mix in punching both.

      • jordi™
        September 2, 2011

        Alvaro is a nutter but on the other hand, Iniesta up against vidal , you see but one outcome there.

    • jordi™
      September 2, 2011

      “Oh and of course to top it off Ramos(EE) running in at the end to charge/punch someone”

      Heh, so thats who it was.My reaction was a mix of lol/WTF as a red blur burst through.

      • Ryan
        September 2, 2011

        But the cherry on the top was Torres ultimately getting the armband. Sure, his goal in the Euro08 final was immense, but he’s not exactly in inspiring form!

  50. September 2, 2011

    Busquets played all 90 minute. Only starting midfielder to do so.

    Tells you how important Del Bosque sees Busquets being against a side that presses.

    The story in the papers in Spain tomorrow is going to be the “unity” of the national team with Arbeloa “defending” Iniesta rather than Arbeloa’s awful defending and cheap thuggery.

  51. messifan
    September 2, 2011

    The Chileans were treated unfairly. Last time they faced Spain, Torres got one of them sent off and now Arbeloa did the same thing. TBH Spain did not deserve to win this game.

    • Ryan
      September 2, 2011

      Indeed, a tie would have been fair.

  52. September 2, 2011

    Spain has issues and Del Bosque doesn’t appear to be trying to actively solve them.

    They’ve had a historic run of success – but teams aren’t just going to sit back and allow them to just win.

    They have to continue to see how they can get better.

    They really lack width – everything over and over is run through the middle.

    And left back is a major issue for them.

    David Villa is going to play a very long season for Barca. That front line is so dependent on him for scoring.

    It’s going to be very interesting to see what Joachim Loew has planned for this summer.

    Germany is a more balanced team than Spain, especially with the development of Hummels. Spain is still clearly the favorite but Germany has more ways to win.

    • blitzen
      September 2, 2011

      Re: the forward situation: I see both Pedro and Villa getting a lot of time, as well as Negredo. Torres better find some form or he may be dropped altogether. If VDB is sticking with the double-pivot midfield, we will see both Silva and Fabregas played further forward, and both are in good form and should score a lot.

      Left back…clearly Arbeloa is not the answer! He kept getting in Pedro’s way and was so clumsy on the ball. Capdevila is out, I guess? 🙁 Getting too slow anyway. What about Nacho Monreal? Who plays that position on the U21 team?

      • Ryan
        September 2, 2011

        I wish Torres would get dropped, but I don’t think it’ll happen. How many chances did he get in South Africa and was still used as a sub when relegated to the bench?

        Then again, Bradley Junior got dropped from Team USA, so maybe miracles come in twos!

        • blitzen
          September 2, 2011

          To be fair, Torres was injured going in to South Africa, so you can’t really blame him for his performance there. You can blame VDB for insisting on playing him, though.

          Right now I think Spain’s best lineup should be:

          Valdes (yeah, I’m biased)
          Ramos Puyol Pique Enrique
          Fabregas Xavi Busquets Iniesta
          Villa Pedro

          Javi Martinez can play Puyol’s position till he comes back, and why not call up Botia to the senior team to fill in for Pique? Silva, Mata, Cazorla and Navas can all switch out with the forwards and Cesc as needed.

          Llorente is in a bit of a funk right now, so bench him, and frankly Torres just doesn’t fit in at the moment. NO Xabi Alonso.

          • nzm
            September 3, 2011

            Like it.

            They should also be looking at Soldado from Valencia. The guy is lighting it up at the moment. I would have thought that he would have got the nod over Negredo for a chance in the NT.

          • Ryan
            September 3, 2011

            But Torres is always coming back from an injury.I agree that it’s crazy that Soldado isn’t getting called up with the games he’s been having. Negredo did get a brace in his last game, but he didn’t really show much in that friendly.

  53. The__K__Man
    September 2, 2011

    Apparently Carvalho might get suspended from 1-3 months for leaving Portugal’s camp. That’s what they are asking UEFA to do. If it happens it’ll only affect him int he CL not La Liga.

    • blitzen
      September 2, 2011

      I hope they do, it would serve him right. He may be the best Portuguese CB right now, or he may not be, and he can disagree with his coach all he wants as far as I am concerned, but walking out on his teammates like that is disgusting.

    • Para
      September 3, 2011

      You mean suspended from playing games with RM? I think that sounds pretty unreasonable.

      I’m not saying what he did wasn’t pretty rubbish (especially if it was because he wasn’t starting), but his refusal to play with the national team shouldn’t (in my opinion) affect his ability to play with his club.

  54. ciaran
    September 2, 2011

    Spain need to lineup something like…
    Ramos Busquets Pique Enrique
    Fabregas Xavi Iniesta
    Villa Silva Pedro

    They are relying on EE players who can’t play football in the way Barca do. Silva can do the Messi thing in the hole and let the rest play our football.

    • September 2, 2011

      Azpilicueta is also an option at RB, though he’s coming back from an ACL injury suffered in November of last year.

      • barca96
        September 3, 2011

        Why Busi at CB? Please…Pep is already wasting his talent there. He is the best DM, let him play where he should be playing.

  55. culegirl3
    September 2, 2011

    Wow..from reading everyone’s comments I’m assuming the Spain vs Chile game was an interesting game…not sure if I’m excited to watch it.

    Anyone going to be watching or going to the US vs Costa Rica game tonight?

  56. outerspacedout
    September 2, 2011

    Why does Arbeloa still play for the national team? Even without any Barca bias I would say he is rather average as a left-back and offers very little going forward, and I’m sure Madridistas would agree with that as well, being clearly third-choice left-back and a massive drop off in quality in the position. For a while it seems like its mostly due to all his competition playing in small or lower-profile clubs, but now with Nacho Monreal playing in a Malaga side competing for the top six and both Enrique and Jose Angel going to big clubs in England and Italy Spain can find a better left-back. One that in addition to not sucking, not alienating a Spain legend by stamping on him, not being a thug to fellow NT team-mates in club football and doing body-checks on Pedro on the complete other side of the pitch from where the ball was being played while the ref isn’t looking, is also young enough to be a long-term solution and athletic enough to keep up the Spain game.

    Albiol is mediocre as well. Again, not any Barca bias, even Madridistas admit he’s nowhere near good enough right? Maybe Javi Martinez alongside Pique to keep with the ball-playing-midfield-centrebacks theme, or a more conventional defender like Dominguez or Botia who at least seem to have more potential to peak at a higher level than Albiol.

    For news nobody here has seemed to mention yet, Holland won 11-0? And finally the news I came here to mention. Our favorite Swede! Dear BANGS has had some good words for Pep from what I see last.

    “Barca are the best team in the world. I already knew [that] when I got there, and when I left. What happened, happened. Guardiola is a fantastic trainer, the problems between us were different,” the Malmo-born man told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

    “Think of today. Guardiola is doing well at Barcelona, and me too. We must move forward and not look back. Milan are strong and we are still growing. We [have] made good signings and I hope they can adapt well in the group,” he concluded.

    Very nice and mature compared to his previous statements! No wanting to kick his ass in a dark Milanese alley or the like.

    • nzm
      September 3, 2011

      The issues of defence within the Barca team is reflected in the Spanish team. There are not a lot of world-class Spanish defenders, other than those already playing in the NT. Sure, there are a lot that are a level down, but not up to the calibre of playing at top level yet.

      This is something that I can’t understand of Del Bosque. During friendlies, he’s happy playing with the midfield and front to try different combinations, but he hardly ever experiments with the back.

      I’m not sure what more Valdes has to do in order to get some playing time, either.

  57. Srini
    September 3, 2011

    While Alvaro Arbeloa have been Mourinhoed for sometime into playing like a thug, what is irritating is Busquets’ false bravado. The way he tried to exacerbate everything by coming in and pushing one of the Chileans was very pathetic to see. It is not the first time Busquets is showing such bad attitude – he did a similar thing against the Copenhagen coach when he was having a tough conversation with Guardiola; and not to mention his antics in the past.

    Vicente Del Bosque must instill in these players a strict message that such unsportsmanlike conduct is not to be tolerated. Very shameful of the world champions to behave in this fashion.

    On the brighter side, I suspect the next Euro qualifier is going to be Alvaro Arbeloa’s last game as a La Roja player for sometime. He has been shown up as very inadequate for too long now.

  58. say2
    September 3, 2011

    for the newcomers sake where is hector now?

    • Eklavya
      September 3, 2011

      Mystery likely never to be solved.

    • Triplo Volanti (formerly Cesc Pistol)
      September 3, 2011

      But the BFB crew will atleast have his e-mail right? why not try there?

  59. barca96
    September 3, 2011

    Didn’t watch the friendly but I have a question to those that did watch it.

    Why was Busi particularly going for the #19 Chilean player? He didn’t even touch anyone!! He was just walking about as Iniesta was squaring off (not cool of him) #8 and all of a sudden Busi targeted #19.

    Did #19 do something to Busi that made Busi just want to have his moment?

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