CL Liveblog: Barcelona – Dynamo

A big thank you to TuTomate for running this liveblog!

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. Does anybody else feel like flying to Spain, punching that ref in the face and kicking Weligton in the groin?

    1. I’m content with locking both of them in a cage with The Yaya. But yeah I wanna kick that Pepe dude, he’s just so annoying to my liking

  2. dont know if anyone mentioned this yet, but there is a very good article from phil ball on soccernet, in which he states “I’m no fan of Real Madrid, despite the frequent accusations to the contrary…”

    he’s a Sociedad man.

  3. just out of curiosity, tutomate, Isaiah, at what time will the CIL launch?

    (i suppose this measurement should be given in “minutes before match” since everyone is in different time zones)

  4. Hey Yall, the CIL will start 30min before the Match so we can get streams going and so I can start approving people.

    1. tomatomatutomate, so i guess a literal translation is: here here is your tomato.

      It doesn’t mean anything though, I just like the way it sounds in spanish.

    2. or “take, take, your tomato”, since “toma” literally = “take” or loosely = “have”

    1. That would be epic, and awesome…

      Assists by Xavi, Messi and Ibra?

      Tap-ins, or can we expect another Stamford Bridge Incident of 2009?

    2. Off the top of my head, I’d say assists by Messi, Xavi, and a wild-card defenseman who just lobs one over to him, and he makes magic.

  5. Official Line-Up:



  6. That is a hugely depleted Inter side. No Thiago Motta, no Sneijder (midfield does’t have creativity) and no Milito, Eto’s strike partner. The possession statistics are almost the same, and with a man down Rubeh have a real chance.

  7. no live blog for me. hopefully i can stream this match in peace–shoulda called in sick today *cough cough–otherwise i’ve gotta watch the replay @ 11pm. streaming it means barca-kiev gets my full love & attention.

  8. Oh you lucky, lucky Inter…

    They should be last of the group with 0 points and like -4 goal difference after those two really poor performances.
    Nevertheless, we shall be warned over Rubin Kazan.


  10. Pep didn’t really need to sub of The Yaya, he could have instead done that with Keita or Messi bringing on Gai for him… And Busi is losing a LOT of balls, it would have made more sense had he come on for Keita. But yay! 3 points! Top of the table 🙂

    1. But we won! I’ll take the three points. There was some good play, but the cohesiveness isn’t quite there.

  11. I’m surprised by how much starting time Keita has been getting this term. Sure, Henry’s been a little off, and Spf has had some hankering injuries, but still, Keita’s practically been a fixture in the starting XI. What are all your thoughts?

    1. He has been excellent. You can tell he has perfectly adapted, and brings us a lot in the middle. Obviously Pep has full confidence in him.

    2. Definitely would help even if Henry as expected doesn’t turn up much this time… But only as long as we sign some one in January. Against bigger oppositions, Ghostface should be paired along with Xavi. Anderlecht are currently the Belgium league table-toppers, an away fixture with them is definitely a tough match for Ajax & so Suarez will definitely be played against them. Hope he proves some of his critics wrong who say he disappears when played outside Dutch.

      P.S. If I wish Sevilla outscores Real this weekend, does it seem being too optimistic?

  12. Thats because keita deserves to be a fixture and if you actually watch a barca game attentively he has been in excellent form and followedf it up by another tireless performance today. One thing to be clear Keita is NO iniesta but Iniesta is NO keita

    1. Actually, I’ve watched my share of Barcelona matches this season, and would agree he looks impressive. He brings a more direct approach to the game that can sometimes make the difference when tiki-taka not tick-tocking. I’m still a little surprised that he’s started all 5 Liga fixtures while the Yaya has only started 2.

      And for anyone who hasn’t been watching Sevilla play this season, I think Tim Stannard might have to reconsider his evaluation of them as an ‘also ran.’ It’s early in the season, but they look HOT.

  13. I was reading all about how Weligton is gonna go unpunished for his assy play and ran across this bit in regards to Tito Vilanonva:

    “Vilanova se negó a abandonar el túnel de vestuarios, desde donde trató de interrumpir el juego lanzando un balón al terreno de juego.”

    He’s missing two matches because among other things “Villanova refused to leave the tunnel to the changing rooms, from which he tried to interrupt the match by throwing a ball onto the field.” Seems a little dramatic, but it made me laugh.

    Last thing, the always hilarious AS claims that Barça won thanks to a little Messi magic, but mostly because the ref was biased. As always.

    1. AS’ whole “Barça is favored by the referee wherever they fucking go” claim is a little ridiculous, no? I mean damn, every fucking game we get help from the refs? Are they watching the same match? Gosh, I can’t wait till El Clasico, although if we win, they will most definitely attribute that to the refs. Fuckers.

    2. And suprisingly enough, Marca has been fairly positive towards Barça this season. After this win, they said, “Despite the doubts of Guardiola, the champions look ready to repeat.” They actually watch the matches, I guess.

    3. Oh and Marca felt that Iniesta should have had a penalty.

      Check the photo: *

    1. Ya Ya Banana LOL
      Pedro now has 3 goals for his credit to Henry’s 0. And that too when Pedro had very much less play-time compared to Henry and P! has been too inconsistent

  14. Hansi Müller, former German international and TV expert, after the commentators praised Messi and Ibra most profusely:
    “I still admire Xavi the most. I wish a player like Xavi some day wins the World Player of the Year award. At best this year.”

    1. i think should hold the editorials and stick to reporting their misinterpreted news….such articles are ridiculous

    1. With Dima’s arrival, El Capitan ain’t taking any chances so he has to step his game up to ensure his spot.

    2. I don’t really consider Chyggy to be a threat to Puyol’s spot, more like an opportunity for him to be rested occasionally so he can pull off his crazy stunts for a longer time to come

  15. and that is at it again… Barca not scoring enough goals, lacking sharpness, because because we sold a certain striker to Inter. and of course Ibra has yet to score a goal in Europe. and oh if not for some Messi magic we could have lost today. hmm a sloppy Messi = magic to goal? lol.

    Ibra didn’t score, but he did everything else.

    1. I think we all agree that Messi wasn’t at his best today?

      I mean.. he did some great things, but in the 1st half he was fairly anonymous.

      The Swede was the one who’s magic we relied on, and Iniesta. Those two tore it up nasty style.. Iniesta with his runs along the line, and sharp passes to Ibra. And that Swedish mofo made some of the sweetest passes I’ve ever seen; should have had more than one assist, and a goal (can you ever head away from the keeper?)

      To point out that he has yet to score a goal and to say he is not as effective as Eto’o, means you lose about 100% of your credibility.

      But then again, we are talking about Their credibility is in the negatives ffs.

    2. Goal scoring rate in CL for both players: 0/2. Hmm. Who gives a hooey anyway?

      Barça 4pts
      Dynamo 3pts
      Inter 2pts
      Rubin 1pt

      What was that about goalscorers?

    3. I’m more than impressed with Ibra so far. But collectively we are not performing at the high level like last year. If we had scored one goal in 20-30 minutes we would almost surely kill the opponent. I guess parking bus and not being adventurous against us are the reasons to blame. Maybe off Henry too, I don’t know.

  16. Messi showed some really bad touches/passes, but he also showed some brilliance. Was up out of my chair a few times when he had the ball, as the UEFA announcers said. Kind of a weird day for him. Love the Ibra/Iniesta stuff in the first half. And yeah, someone needs to have a talk with Busi.

  17. Well if you want to compare with last year, we had an easier group then and no one has figured out Barca yet. I don’t think we’ll score that many this season, the main objective seems to be to win each game with minimum energy spent.

    1. “win each game with minimum energy spent.”

      Yeah I’ve noticed that some of the more experienced players will throttle their effort depending on the score and the opponent.

      Nice to see everything becoming more efficient. Although, for maximum efficiency, some of those chances have to be converted. Can’t count how many sitters have gone missing.

    2. Totally agree. Hmm…off the top of my head I can think of at least 3 very nice WIDE OPEN shots at goal keita has missed. If only he learned how to shoot (other than far screamers) with his feet! He’d be a total beast. That was a very sloppy game with many poor passes and bad touches for us, but heh a little magic can make all the difference.

    3. well even when we had an easier group, we never produced too many high scoring games. we beat sporting and shahktar in our opening 2 matches but the wins weren’t easy. i was worried that we would see lots of heavy defending against us, but other than inter we’ve been let off easy 😛

    1. or better yet, this clip Kevin used in an earlier review: //

    1. In the preview I noted that one of the linesmen was named Norbertus and then
      asked everyone to yell his name whenever anything silly happened thanks to the red or linesman.

      Then I just started yelling it basically for no reason cause it’s an awesome name. It was Norbertus that gave the dubious offside on Sheva in the second half that otherwise would probably have made it 2-1.

      Also on the annulled goal, was it offside or a foul that was called? Either that too was dubious. Meaning, of course, that we should have won 15-2 or something.

  18. Pretty solid match, Ibra is getting better and better but what the fuck is going on with Busi, as far as I am concernced he ain’t good enough for Barca. His stupid passes and headers are going to cost us at least 5 or 6 goals this season which is something that could prove costly come May given the tight race with Real that’s certainly coming up. God help us when Keita and Yaya pack their bags for Africa in January.

    1. when the africans leave, there will be three midfielders for three positions I believe, that is way too short:
      – dm – am – am –

      maybe txig or piquenbauer can play dm, but who am???!!! The list of players is kinda short for a team that hopes to win all competitions 🙁

      I trust busi

    2. btw… I totally loved how keita stepped aside in the high skill plays FCB was doing offensively, it’s a simple thought… if you’re not going to do anything better than what the others are doing, then do do nothing 😉 He plays well, but mainly when he steps aside and lets the creative midfielders iniesta and xavi do their thing. Yesterday iniesta was all over the place, playing like a free 10+winger, he came a lot of times to the midfield to help, to take the ball up when keita didn’t and construct some plays with xavi. Keita did well filling the spaces he left.

    3. busi never used to make these kinda mistakes in his debut season; but last night, AGAIN, he did something stupid.

      i wudn’t mind seeing marq in the DM role since without injuries, puyol, chygryn and pique will be enough to cover the back. i hav little confidence in busi after his last 3 or 4 games; let’s hope pep fixes him, cuz i think he’s stil a very decent player when he doesn’t make stupid mistakes.

  19. Stats so far this season

    Goals :

    Messi 8
    Ibra 5
    Pedro 3
    Keita 2
    Bojan 2
    Pique 2
    Xavi 1
    Alves 1

    Assists :

    Messi 4
    Xavi 4
    Alves 4
    Ibra 4
    Pedro 1
    Keita 1
    Busquets 1

    P.S. Iniesta should have claimed the assist for that wonderful through ball to messi yesterday, except for the defender’s useless deflection

    1. Thanks a lot, Boat Forever 🙂

      Should have been 9 goals Messi and 5 from Ibra actually, but it’s better to lack perfectness now than at the end of the season.

  20. Marquez has played decently as DM in the 04-06 seasons on occassion and should be fine playing there during this years ACN. Busi can rotate with him as and when required leaving the central defending to a pairing of Puyol, Pique or Chygnasty. Plus guardiola is optimistic that Milito could be running out towards the end of the year.
    Our problem area would be the lack of experienced backup in the AM roles where currently xavi and iniesta are the driving force. WE NEED ANOTHER AM in the Jan Window. Cesc would be ideal here. If not, JDS can be blooded and developed as an option, though considering this will be the business end of the season, im doubtful guardiola would want to experiment too much with the youngsters. Thiago is out as well which limits options further.

    We must pray for another injury free season if we are to challenge on all fronts…but i remain optimistic 🙂

  21. It seems that stands for scoring own goals. With all the massive number of attempts they make throughout numerous posts they publish on daily bases, their scoring rate is impressive, their general ranking is pathetic.

    1. hahaha
      BTW, ramzi are your articles still coming out or what?
      Ever since Pep’s place closed down for real it’s been a mess getting good info and articles (Hector’s excepted)!

    2. Your posts aren’t really “articles”.I mean they’re previews and good and stuff but I mean the usual tactical stuff. I didn’t mention Kxevin’s reviews for the same reason…

  22. New Revista de la Liga


    or Mediafire

  23. hey isaiah i like your previews with the historical slant, you’re like philballinho. a good model to follow i say. keep working on it.

    puyol was held up on the FCB official site as carrying out “an authentic display of force” against kiev. he was the player with the most balls won back (15), he rejected or broke up 19 other passes, and his passing accuracy was 68/69. AND — get this — he didnt commit one foul all game. impressive. “sign here, please!”

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