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Messi/Cesc to RM: "I'm living in the future so the presence is my past, my presence is a present, kiss my ass"

I hear the team won something tonight? Maybe we talk about it later? Messi became the all-time leading Supercopa goalscorer and he’s 24? Cesc played 10 + stoppage and won his first trophy in 6 years and had a hand in the gamewinner? Beating a rampant Madrid side coming with full force? Yeah, good night.

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  1. Hey guys! Awesome game..

    I couldn’t find a good enough stream to see it live, so I downloaded it and waited without seeing this page or any news at all..
    A lot of things going on in this game, Messi was superb! Mascherano was a real boss down there, and Valdes! he saved thing I never knew could be saved. I recognized a lot of defensive work in Villa and Pedro, it was a nice enough game for Adriano (nice assist, but awful mistake on EE’s second goal). I liked Cesc coming in and gameplaying, he seemed so comfortable there! This all in all a great game for cules.

    Now the ugly, What mou has done to RealMadrid, is unspeakeable and disgusting, I never liked EE, but I have never hated them as a team and as an institution so much as of now. He should be punished, its incredible how much of an ass he must be to convince a lot of talented players to be so agressive trying to hurt fellow footballers. And in top of that, convince them that any foul they make is non-existent and all of our players just fall down because they want to. I’m truly appalled for his behaviour. I hope he fails miserably with EE.

    1. It takes a great man, a gentleman made of pure class to keep his cool and not point fingers.

      I agree with Carme when she talks about Casillas and Alonso being poisoned by’s shocking and appalling. And Siro and that other guy have some nerve being offended when she blames Mou for all of this. How stupid can you be not to see when all the dominoes are falling in your face? Royal team of Spain my ass. Where the hell is your dignity?

    2. i know it cut off, but at the beginning of the video they are still discussing the tackles and that’s what i mean, in what i say that mourhino seems to have been effective in the media war (so far)

      some people still have trouble accepting Madrid’s overly rough play as dangerous, and even less as a deliberate system (more than a recourse) applied by coach

      I love Pep’s words, and really they are an inspiration to most fans, barca or not of the game. but in today’s soundbite media, the translation form catalan seems to vary depending on the writers intent. i have even seen that presser translated as: “pep slams mourihino” (albiet just from a google search-

      “We must be careful, because one day we will cause harm, not on the field but off, and we’re all a little responsible for this.”
      -espnsoccernet (passive, notice the use of WE, no other quotes used)


      “One day, this will end bad. That’s what I feel. Football isn’t only about the players on a pitch, there are more people involved.I can do something with my players, and make sure that they behave their best, but I do not give lessons to anyone [else].”

      haters gonna hate, i guess but its still frustrating…

      best to just enjoy being a fan i guess

  2. I hope Alexis recover soon.. we need him for La Liga games, since Villa will be suspended..

    EE fans spreading rumors that Villa made racist comment about muslim, and I won’t believe it unless Ozil/Villa make a statement..

    El Clasico will always turns into an ugly stage with Mou as their manager..

  3. hey guys, i am really happy for this victory; it may have been a glorified preseason cup but it clearly mentally set the tone for the rest of the year. I remember letting out a captain caveman primal scream after iniesta’s goal

    sadly it looks like the circus of last season will continue. I really hate how much emphasis mourinho places on the mind games and scripted responses in the press. i think he guy can’t tell anymore where he end and his media persona begins

    After barca went up 2-1 and looked steady in the second half i really thought they could have transcended it all. and that is where i think mourihno has been so successful to his like minded audience; in painting an alternate fallible perception of barca’s game (as whiny, divers, who manipulate the refs)… exaggerated distortion of mostly non football related matters

    It may have been a lot to ask for, but IMO a boring scoreless second half or a 3-1 victory would have put out more fires than all of pep’s classy restraint. kind of how barca (re)won the world’s respect after wembley

    As it was, RM played well, when they stuck to playing football; while I clearly understand why they play physical, i think they go after the opposing teams’ body too much. I just watched the game once, but i remember barca’s yellow card tackles were primary seeking the ball; just arriving too late (due to lack of fitness and yes a bad decision). some of those extra kicks and arm throws will just be very hard to punish…

    anyway until Euler’s formal breakdown, I found this on madrids effective pressing…

    few great signs:
    -like fabregas 8 min (sans icepack),
    -pique’s back heel (even though i think he should have cleared it leading the RM 1st goal)
    – iniesta scoring again
    -abidal and alves bossing the defense
    -mach looking better at cm
    – pedro!
    -really incredible after 3 days rest between last game, i am proud of these players 🙂
    visca barca

  4. I missed watching it live as the family vacation took us to a long road trip to Hana Coast in Maui. While driving through the treacherous, winding road, I was saying my “Hail Marys” not for our safety but for the team to win the final. The drive was gorgeous but I kept thinking about the match. Having seen it now, I am absolutely appalled how the footballing world could allow the devil incarnate himself roam on football pitches. Mourinho’s deplorable tactics should not be condoned as they send the wrong message esp. to young soccer fans. My 10 year old daughter who plays competitive thinks EE players could end up hurting or ending the careers of some football players. Is there a way to file a petition to ban coaches and players who are out to hurt other players maliciously? While Mourinho gives Barca fans someone to hate, despicable creatures like him do not deserve to roam the earth. How I loath this guy and given the chance to see meet him in person, I would not hesitate to crumple his face just like he did to Villanueva.

  5. what is this?

    my twitter TL is full with “Villa is dead to me”, “Villa insulted Islam”, etc.
    and they don’t have any proof or evidence whatsoever.
    they just believe it, because they want to.

    it’s “Busi is a racist!” all over again.
    God, this is why I’m so sick with El Clasico this year.

    1. As a non-religious person, I am happy to say that I don’t give a flying fuck what Villa said to Senor Ozil..its is the getting physical part that I abhor

    2. again, in the same vain, it doesnt make sense. Busquets allegedly calls Marcelo “mono” while having African and Brazilian team mates. Now Villa insults Islam while having Muslim team mates. This nonsense is getting out of hand. I think Xavi hit the right point when saying this team does not know how to win. I was taught how not to be a sore loser when I was a kid. Im guessing all of Real Madrid missed that lesson.

  6. I only caught the last 25 or so minutes of the match but I’m really looking forward to Euler’s post match analysis. I’m REALLY curious about why we were suddenly able to pick apart Madrid after Cesc came on.

  7. Ramos: “You can’t reproach Real Madrid anything. As for our attitude on the pitch, we left a great image.”

    Seriously? How loco can you get? I kinda wanna try what this guy’s smoking.

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