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Messi/Cesc to RM: "I'm living in the future so the presence is my past, my presence is a present, kiss my ass"

I hear the team won something tonight? Maybe we talk about it later? Messi became the all-time leading Supercopa goalscorer and he’s 24? Cesc played 10 + stoppage and won his first trophy in 6 years and had a hand in the gamewinner? Beating a rampant Madrid side coming with full force? Yeah, good night.

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  1. Can’t help feeling happy for Cesc even though I’m an Arsenal fan too. He looked really comfortable during the match. Can’t wait to watch a fully-fit full strength Barcelona. Judging from these 2 matches, I’d say we’ll beat EE anytime.

    1. I wouldn’t be that cocky just yet my friend. Madrid looks better than last year for sure. I would feel a lot more comfortable once Barca is fit and jelling well together. esp the likes of Cesc and Sanches

  2. I can’t help but feel that the brawl at the end was directions of Mou so that he can use the chaos and poke Tito in the eye.

    1. Why did he want to poke Tito anyway? And the worst part is he acted innocent after that. Crazy.

    2. Probably hoped to provoke a violent reaction? I don’t know. Only shows what kind of person he is, sneaking up from behind, grabbing his face and then playing the victim when he gets pushed away. And I thought I couldn’t despise him any more after tha ‘por que’ rant.

    3. He did it because he knew they lost the match and he wanted to eek out some petty way to try to humiliate Barca and change the topic of conversation from the fact his team once again gave it their all and lost.

      If you’re going to say the Super Copa is a trophy that is so urgent to win that you prepare all summer to do so, then there are no moral victories in losing it.

      He’s just trying to change the subject from his team’s failure.

      As usual.

    4. I apologize if this offends anyone on the board, but Mourinho is Portuguese for douchebag. Only a total clown would stoop to such depths. Absolutely pathetic.

    5. I just hope that Tito doesn’t get in trouble for slapping Mou on the side of his head in retribution.

  3. Game Was Epic! Hey Arsenal Fans, Took Fabregas 2 Days To Win A Trophy…
    Watched The Game In LA At The Fox And Hounds English Pub, Pretty Cool Place, Bunch Of Fans There. Visca Barca!

  4. A truly pathetic, despicable side and manager. Mou has become a caricature of himself. Pep is right, one day this will really end badly.

    1. Abidal. He owned Di Maria and later Ronaldo. Whenever he ventured forward, he did good.

    2. All three of, Alves, Masch, Abidal, seemed to easily deal with CR. His dribbling is really not what it used to be IMO though his shot and poacher instincts are as good as ever.

    3. Yup – Alves for me – he made Cristiana look 3rd division. He was so effective that RM moved Ozil out to play beside Ronaldo in the hope that he could draw Alves away. However, Pep made a brilliant sub when he brought on Adriano to the right which effectively closed down Ronaldo for the night.

    4. Absolutely Abidal in my book. He was the only one out there who looked comfortable all night. So many careless turnovers, our tika-tika is definitely not at full season pace but hey, we all breath easy at the end of this match.

      Thanks to Marcelo for making us look like true heroes in what was an ugly game otherwise.

    5. Unfortunately his reaction was a bit more than that. He actually slapped Mou on the right side of his head as he pushed him. Catalunya TV has shown a couple of different camera angles of the incident.

    6. Messi. Two goals and an assist. A goal and an assist in the first leg. Though Valdes, Alves, Mascherano, and Abidal are close second.

  5. Surprised nobody has mentioned Pique’s backheel to set up Messi for the 2nd goal.

    Other than that i am really disgusted by EE. I hope Mourinho dies before me so I can celebrate.

    1. I shouldn’t agree or laugh about your last two sentences but you echo my thoughts Lev.

  6. And yeah, sorry for being rude but voting anybody but Messi as MOTM is well…yeah, let’s not be rude cause I love y’all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Guardiola: “Lack of respect Mourinho he says he doesn’t know your assistant? Maybe he really doesn’t know him. I know Karanka, Faria..


  8. Dani Alves over these two legs was absolutely unbelievable defensively.

    Masch was amazing. Pique had a terrific game (what an assist – only CB in the world that could do that). Abidal was very good and so much better than last game.

    I have to watch the match again – but I think Alves was Barcelona’s best backline player.

    In fact for much of the match he was Barca’s best player.

    Until, well, Messi once again showed how ethereal he is.

    Messi was man of the match just on sheer impact.

    But in terms of overall involvement and game play – I think it may have been Alves.

    I do need to watch the game again though – as Masch was great.

    1. Completely agree. Even without going forward I thought this was one of Alves’ best performances in a Barca shirt. He absolutely controlled Ronaldo and kept a very cool head as well.

  9. For me, MOTM is simple decision about who swung the match for us and in this match, it has to be Messi. If no one was decisive, than i would go for overall performance. I felt our entire team played well considering the level RM were playing at. Only thing everybody sucked at was corners:).

  10. Please Blitzen, I know that this is a preseason win, but some Blitzen awards would be a lot of fun.

    1. You ask so nicely, how can I say no? I have to watch the match again first, I just got home in time today to catch the 2nd half.

    1. He’s certainly bulked up over the summer, hasn’t he? His neck is really thick now, and the other day he wore a sleeveless shirt during training which shows how much his upper arms have developed. I had to look twice to make sure that it was Messi!

  11. “Marcelo committed a foul and they [Barcelona’s players] threw themselves to the ground, like always.”
    -The EE captin whos name I will not type
    Classy guy.

    1. Oif, just when I was beginning to feel bad for him for having to captain such a classless side.

    2. He should have just stopped at the first 4 words and remembered the phrase, “Cause: Impact.” ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. He seriously said that??? Maybe he will change his tune when he sees the replay…but I doubt it.

      Why, Iker? You used to be a good guy/ ๐Ÿ™

    4. He was interviewed on the sideline right after the game. Unfortunately, he did say that. I really like Casillas – think he’s the best RM player – but his mind is now so tainted by Mou’s influence that I’m starting to go off him.

  12. Also kudos to the one who predicted that Coentrao will have lots of problems as a left-back for EE!

    He was indeed absolutely out-played by Pedro.

  13. Messi was decisive yes but went lost for large parts.
    Motm def has to be a defensive player.

    The whole back line cept pique was brilliant

    I also hope people take not of adrianos and cescs part in the winning goal.

    Pep deserves some credit

  14. please explain to us why our passing was so bad tonight?

    There were three reasons.

    First – the Madrid pressure was very good.

    Second – the touch and precision the team usually has simply isn’t there. They just haven’t played enough together yet to get back in rhythm.

    Adriano’s awful clearance was a good example of that off form touch.

    Third – not enough off the ball movement to create space.

    1. Yes – the RM pressure was the main thing. Even Valdes got into trouble a couple of times when Madrid players ran up quickly to him. Usually our back line has the time to hold the ball and let the team reset itself before playing the ball forward. Tonight, (and last Sunday), Madrid would not allow that to happen by pressuring far up the pitch.

    1. Yep I wonder that myself. After each of these crap I keep thinking our players have had enough but then again they RISE OVER IT AGAIN AND AGAIN. I LOVE THIS TEAM. IT’S UNREPEATABLE!

    1. yes, it was a bad thing to do.
      however I read he was reacted to Ozil who stamp on Cesc while Cesc was on the ground.

  15. I think we should talk about the goals and our play, instead of other stuff.

    For me, all of our goals were of the highest quality. And Messi involved in all three? Insane. Hard to imagine that he’s getting better, right? What a volley for the decider, and what a setup. Big players, big moments. Ramos pushes a gimme header wide, while Messi buries a more difficult shot with the match on the line.

    I don’t know if we had the juice to go through extra time. Fabregas already showed his value to the side, and boy, did he look comfortable right away, as if to the manor born. Some will say that he was but no, he’s spent the last years learning to play in a different league, in a different style. Maybe Masia training is like riding a bike.

    I thought that they were a very different side, until they reverted to past form. Aggressive, fit, with dynamic movement and passing. This match could easily have gone the other way. If they can keep playing that kind of footy instead of the other kind, this season will go right down to the wire, when it eventually gets started.

    We almost lost again to them for not clearing our lines. As with the Copa last season when we didn’t clear it out hard and long, Adriano’s half-assed clearance led directly to the goal.

    For me, this match was all about heart. We have the hearts of champions. As I said before, Guardiola clubs have no institutional memory. We lost every SuperCopa vs EE? So what. That was then, and this is now.

    I still place about all the weight of a feather on the SuperCopa, but it’s hard to argue with the display put on by our players, against a fitter, faster opponent. Again, it’s sometimes moments of individual brilliance that decide football matches.

    1. Except for the very end, it was a great game, with positive and forward-looking football from both sides (i.e. no parked buses). I can only hope the next classicos are played to that standard.

      Although we still looked rough, Barca was greatly improved from last Sunday. Almost all of the sluggishness was gone and the heart was definitely back. If Messi hadn’t drifted out of the game in the middle of the second half, due to rising anger over the excessive fouls against him, we might have seen even more great play from the little Argentine. Despite the short pre-season training stint for him, he is bouncing back very quickly.

      It’s gonna be another fun season.

  16. remember guys, this is the FIRST time, I repeat, FIRST time we saw our best XI play together again since Wembley.

    and donโ€™t forget the fact that despite EE played very well, 3 of their 4 goals come from corner kick, only one from open play.

    credit to the backline and our brilliant goalkeeper. we really really need to fix our anticipation with corner kick.

    that was not the best display from Barcelona, far from it, but really, Iโ€™m so proud of them. so so proud and happy.the heart of the champion.

    and Iโ€™m running out of word to describe how I feel towards *that team and that coach*

    and congratulations, Cesc. that was such a great and beautiful debut to remember for the rest of your life. ๐Ÿ˜€
    (except Marcelo ugly tackle and Ozil stamp you, of course). ๐Ÿ™„

    1. and donโ€™t forget the fact that despite EE played very well, 3 of their 4 goals come from corner kick, only one from open play.

      This is an excellent point. We have known for a while that set plays are our weakness. NOW is the time for Pep and Tito to address this. We may have shorter than average players, but there must be better ways to defend against corner plays.

    2. Barca’s habit of leaving the opponent player undefended on the far post would be a good place to start.

    3. Ha! True Nzm, I was shocked to see a man unmarked a least twice out there. For anyone here who plays football, we all know there is a magic magnet that draws the ball to far post.

    4. They don’t only do this with corners. Even in open play, many times I’ve seen the Barca defence drift too close to the ball carrier, leaving an opposition player unmarked out wide. So many “surprise” goals against Barca have been scored in this way.

    5. everytime they had corner kick, I feel like I just wanted to close my eyes.

      three of four EE goals come from corner kick. that was really bad.
      you got a homework, Pep and Tito.

    1. Mou’s spanish sucks ass but here’s a small half assed translation:

      We played well in the two games and it seems like weโ€™re a better team compared to last year. A reporter asks if heโ€™s sad about the result and he says the team did a spectacular job. All I can talk about is my team and nothing else. Whatโ€™s happened at the end has happened and its not Madridโ€™s players. Then a reporter asks about Pepe and Marcelo getting too excited and Mou says they played great. As far as Tito goes I have nothing to say. As far as refs and tv cameras go โ€œI have been educated in football to play like a man”.
      Weโ€™re not happy with loosing, Iโ€™d be a hypocrite if I said I wasnโ€™t happy despite this being a small title. Iโ€™m still pleased with the evolution of the team.

      5:32 it gets good..the female journalist has got guts. She asks:
      You say you are educated in the philosophy of football does the image of your players come into this philosophy?

      And then he goes on and on about the evolution of EE and how “great” they’re playing. Says there’s an equilibrium thats been found.

    2. Don’t forget about when he called Tito “Pito” (for the less hispanic types, I advise urban dictionary)

      Mourinho disgusts me.

  17. Michele, can you confirm/deny if Ozil stepped on Cesc while he was on the ground? It’s being reported on Twitter, but I was wondering if you saw it, or the cameras caught it at all.

    By the way, what a game you went to Ryan. Must have been nuts.

    1. It was! It felt way too open for my Cule eyes… Not nearly enough midfield domination! It’s almost 4am over here, but I’ll just say before bed that watching Barรงa’s build up play live is amazing. ๐Ÿ˜€ And our both our full backs were on full-beast mode. Hearing the monkey chants pulled me right out of that near blissful admiration tho. Feeling sick to my stomach wasn’t something I expected tonight!

    2. Yes – seeing the reports of that incident too, but TV hasn’t shown it. We’ve seen a lot of different camera angles of the affair, but nothing about what Ozil did before he was slapped by Villa. But the ref may have seen it, because he red-carded Ozil as well as Villa.

    3. Since last night, we’ve watched our recorded video of the game – and the fight sequence in extreme slow-motion – frame by frame, so to speak!

      Unfortunately, we didn’t get all the camera angles that were available when the incident was reviewed post-match, but from what we can see, we don’t think that Ozil came anywhere near Fabregas on the ground.

      After being red-carded, Marcelo went off to the bench, said something to Ozil and they both returned to the field. Ozil and Villa got together, and from what we can see, they exchanged words and some pushing and shoving – maybe a slap. Higuain charged into the fray – on behalf of Ozil – going for Villa. He was pushed away by Pinto and Abidal and then Mascherano.

      After some more shouting from Ozil, he was led from the field by Marcelo.

  18. Just got done watching the match on DVR, was in media blackout mode while at son’s futbol practice – this match was…
    Incredibly inspiring for the absolute iron will of this club, where do you start to talk about finding that opportunity again, and again, and again when you just aren’t at the top of your game yet. And some of the individual performances – wow.
    Completely predictable for its nonsense, I’m holding my tongue but we almost got the serious injury I was expecting and predicting in an earlier post.

    Glad we didn’t buy that Fabregas guy, waste of money, he would never fit in… wait,…what? – can you say hand in glove. This guy is so much better a reader of the game than he was ever had the support to demonstrate at Arsenal, he’ll be a joy to watch… welcome home Cesc, enjoy the first trophy.

  19. The only funny part of tonight’s melee was seeing Thiago standing in the middle of it with a “Whut?” expression on his face. Thought you were playing with the big boys? Nope! Welcome back to kindergarten, Thiago. ๐Ÿ˜›

  20. Wait, wait!!!! Who was it a couple of threads ago who said Cesc should come in to the game in the 82nd minute and show it only takes him 8 minutes to win a trophy with Barcelona??? That’s exactly when he came in! ๐Ÿ˜†

    1. Yup – that was Gogah – he called it!

      Fabregas + Arsenal + 8 years = 1 trophy
      Fabregas + Barca + 8 mins = 1 trophy


    2. Yeah I remembered that when I saw the match report too. Barca96 I think.

      My internet went down for the past 18 hours until just now and cable- which even aired Copa Catalonia and all the preseason games of both us and EE- didn’t show this so I couldn’t watch it!

    1. YES. The amount of times our defense just bossed a potential attack had me yelling like we had just scored.

      Say, Kxev, when are you breaking out the KRS scores? Waiting for La Liga?

  21. What do Lassana Diarra, Ramos, Di Maria, Albiol, Pepe, and Marcelo have in common ?

    Hint : The answer isn’t EE players.

  22. The team was immense today due to the circumstances.

    It’s unfair to pick MOTM, All players were worthy of that award, Mascherano, Dani, Messi, Iniesta, etc.

    The only thing I blame the defence for is the Corners, Absolutely horrendous defending, EE comes out firing on all cylinders and they only manage to score through corners. That shows how great the defense were in both matches but Pep has to work on that.

  23. I have to rewatch this without the anxiety. Was thinking about what went on when Pep made the subs – Was it Keita to DM?, Cesc to an attacking role and Adriano up on the wing ala Alves a few years ago ,… in the Apr ’10 Clasico was it? (that’s also the Affelay role from the CL semi’s last year). That shift seemed to really change the shape/flow of play, with more than just the impact of fresh legs.

  24. For neutral fans, that must have been one of the best clasicos in recent memory.

    The match does leave me a little confused. I mean, I get a little worried that Madrid’s midfield managed to get the better of our’s for the most part. But then I remember that we aren’t nearly at full fitness. But we were still using our best lineup. But then I remember that Madrid didn’t actually create many clear scoring chances. Their goals were really scrappy. And then I also think about how there is no way that Madrid will use the Alonso-Khedira combo again. His team has improved a hell of a lot in the past year, but they still conceded 5 goals in 2 matches against a sub-par Barcelona side that scored with almost every attacking play they had, and that is just not acceptable for Mourinho. He will for sure go back to his triple pivot, with Di Maria getting the axe. And their pressing won’t be as crazy that way.

  25. It’s sad to see the bag of ice on Fabregas’ knee in that second picture. I was hoping that he wouldn’t take any rough knocks for awhile and finally get some solid healing. Here’s hoping it’s entirely precautionary.

  26. The replay from behind the goal for Messi’s goal showed a beautifully symbolic scene: Cristiano Ronaldo chasing Messi, but unable to stop him.

    See at 2:42 in the following video:

    1. Not only chasing him, he is down to his knees… ๐Ÿ˜€

      It’s actually one of his typical celebrating position after scoring, dunno what was going on in his mind there ^^

  27. I didnโ€™t follow Cescโ€™s interviews during his Arsenal days tbh,
    but from what Iโ€™ve seen so far he always made Guardiola-esque comments to the press.

    you know, always try to keep it classy and avoid controversy.
    theyโ€™re not just sharing the same number, eh? ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. So what happens to Villa now? will he miss the first game of the Liga or Copa?

  29. So Sanchez will get big min right away if Villa gets 3 games for the slap. Marcelo should het 3 while pipit and Ozil will each get 1 or 2. Now to Mou; the league has to put their foot down, this pic is worth a 5-10 game touchhole ban. No coach should ever provoke a physical confrontation w/ opposing teams players or

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