Spanish Super Cup Second Leg Liveblog

After a 2-2 draw at the Bernabeu, Barcelona is looking to lift their first silver of the season at the Camp Nou. Pep has left Cesc and Sanchez on the bench, and is playing our strongest lineup from last season.


Barcelona Starting XI

Valdes Alves Pique Mascherano Abidal Xavi Busquets Iniesta Pedro Messi Villa

Bench: Pinto, Fontas, Adriano, Keita, Fabreagas, Thiago, Sanchez


Kickoff is a 5 PM EST. I’ll start the liveblog 10-15 minutes before the match. Come get your groove on!


  1. Leaving work soon, hope to join you all in the loveblob by halftime.

    XAVI!!!!!! BUSI!!!!! PEDRO!!!!!

    I’m tipping Pedro to score, just to show Alexis who is the real starter around here. 😉

  2. Barcelona line-up (official): Valdes – Alves Mascherano Pique Abidal – Xavi Busquets Iniesta – Pedro Messi Villa

    Real Madrid starting lineup: Casillas, Ramos, Pepe, Carvalho, Coentrão, Khedira, Alonso, Di María, Özil, Cristiano, Benzema

  3. This is the line-up we used in the final last May!!!

    (And now we get to bring Sanchez and Fabregas off the bench!!!)

  4. Loveblob well my friends.. Be descriptive. I’m at a kids soccer practice trying to follow things on a droid.. Typing on this thing is torturous. Best available XI, so psyched! Hugs to my fellow cules!

  5. Don’t forget the scenarios: 1-0 or 1-1 and we win. 2-2 and we to extra time, possibly penalties. Any wrong-way lopsidedness and they’re celebrating on our pitch.

  6. The bench looks kickass compared to the CL Final! Though how fit are the starters? That worries me. Pep is taking this mental and bragging contest seriously, so it’s now important to win this. My net is giving me problems. I hate not being home.

  7. This team is incomparable. Just breathtaking what they are capable against the most difficult of circumstance.

    To cule – for right now – just let it go. Let the anger go.

    Now is not the time. Don’t let their poison ruin this moment. There will be ample time to discuss that later.

    Right now – this team – this moment – it’s about the joy created not about the hate that is determined to destroy it.

  8. And obviously the Spanish federation is not going to do anything to Mou or his thugs. Okay if you want to play rough and dirty, you play that way, but at least they should be punished. Right now they do the crime but not the time, and that really pisses me off.

  9. Marcelo could have broken Cesc’s leg.No doubt Madridistas will call him some form of a feline but that was a shocking tackle and even if he didn’t get a red he was on a yellow.

    Cant the earth swallow them up so we never have to ‘play’ them?

  10. What an entertaining game. Thrilling.

    Pepe, Marcelo and Mourinho showed that they shouldn’t be in the world of football.

  11. Pique to mourinho—you are responsible for this mess…for Gods sake,this is not a wrestling match!!!!! Marcelo,pepe!!

  12. Look at how happy the team is.

    So happy for them. They deserve this.

    They still aren’t close to full form and fitness and they still overcame a Madrid squad that had made winning this pre-season cup a huge priority for itself all summer.

    What unbelievable heart.

  13. I blame the refs as much as Mou. If they find they can get away with stuff, they will. Someone will get hurt next time.

    1. The morbo makes it all the better! Piss on the corpse of their preseason form and laugh.

  14. Barca gifted Madrid a joke goal. A goal that could only happen in the preseason.

    And Madrid still got beat. They still weren’t good enough.

    That’s what inspires the venom. It’s the petty hate of jealously and inferiority.

    Pep should be so proud of his men.

    1. You said it Euler.

      It was a terrific win by an excellent team that showed tremendous fortitude (I just can’t get enough adjectives).

      What matters is that Barca trounced Madrid even when they were vulnerable and showed up the latter as a thuggish team led by a juvenile delinquent named Mourinho.

      The rest will take care of themselves. I think this will motivate Barca to continue to improve.

      I loved what (little) I saw of Fabregas.. showing innate abilities to identify space and pass quickly. Adriano for some reason was the target of a physical assault by the Madrid squad. I didn’t understand his substitution, but boy didn’t he turn out to be the one who provided the killer assist!.

      Busquets showed why he is so important to the team. So tremendously comfortable on the ball and so quick to “mig toc” it around.

      Valdes was good as keeper, but in his self appointed role as keeper=sweeper, I thought he was very lacking in the second half. Lots of dodgy forward balls.

      Abidal started off a bit rusty but was excellent as the game progressed.

      Cristiano Ronaldo got a joke goal that I think he didn’t even score and was otherwise smothered into non-existence.

      Messi was Messi. Enough said.

      Pepe and Marcelo were thugs in the garb of footballers. They complemented their punk coach pretty much.

      Xavi-iniesta were okay, still rusty and not to their full form, IMO..but so crucial.

      Great Game. Great Team. Great Win. And what a way to punch through Morbosa and give a killer blow even in an otherwise inconsequential trophy.

      Visca Barca

  15. What a way to win a match! Messi has started the season out with a bang – 3 goals and an assist from 2 matches.

    You can see why Pep wanted Fabregas immediately. He made a bunch of amazing passes, and his movement around the field is so unpredictable.

    1. Some sites also count his pass to Villa as an assist (at least he also smoked past 2 or 3 MFers to set Villa free).

  16. Can’t believe this piece of sh*t Mourinho’s and what he’s done to Tito..I understand players getting in a fight (don’t condone it though) but managers? WTF?

    1. Mourinho is just a little bitch. That match served him right. Hope a hefty suspension will be a bonus and add to his antiques!

  17. Euler’s right. Let’s enjoy this. Don’t give them the satisfaction of our enjoyment being spoiled. Plenty of time to talk about the bad bits later – and not all of them on their side ( ashamed of the taunting of Marcello).

    This side of ours just never gives up. We’re fast developing the only thing Man U could have taught us. The absolute belief that you’re not gonna lose, even in the last five minutes.

    and the quality of the winning goal . . . . .

  18. I respect Real Madrid as a club and I know, we as Barcelona, shouldn’t have reacted so flamboyantly at Marcelo’s tackle, BUT…

    I have absolutely ZERO respect for Marcelo, Pepe and Mourinho. A team reflects the character of its leader and sadly for Madridistas, that character is one of malicious intent and immaturity.

    Aggressive tackling I understand. Anger in the heat of sport, I accept. But when a coach walks across his line and physically assaults another coach… that, I have no tolerance for.

    My favorite writer, C.S. Lewis, puts it best.

    “The true test of a man’s character is when he thinks no one is watching.”

    Mourinho revealed his true quality tonight and unfortunately, he wasn’t alone. He was in front of 93,000 cules and millions more across the globe.

    I’m incredibly proud of my club, proud to be a cule and even more proud to know that character, respect and humility have won the day.

    ¡Visca Barça! ¡Visca Catalunya!

  19. madrid cabron, saluda al campeones

    mou manages to wind me up more each time.
    what, did he pinch tito’s cheeks?
    anyways let this not spoil this victory.
    a half ass barca defeats a pumped up madrid.
    it’ll be interesting to see what they blame this defeat on.

    1. This is madrids intention. To win at any cost and if not, spoil the victory for others at any cost. and this attitude has been drilled to the players by mourinho.
      i on some level feel sorry for their players. being made to be these kind of footballers when they have so much skill. Why does Mou thrive on being hated sooo much!

  20. Great win, absolutely brilliant. And mourinho, royal madrid, marcelo etc, you are an absolute chuffing disgrace to all that is good in the world.

  21. Pique was poor – unfit

    busquests was poor – unfit

    Abi, Smach and Alves were monsters.

    Pedro was great but his first touch and pass was piss poor

    Our collective pressing game? Poor

    This was a victory of the mind. Mental stregth over fitness.

    And im so proud of the guys today.

  22. This was actually no half ass Barca. I don’t think there’s another team in the world that could have stood up to Madrid tonight. They played VERY well.

    … and it still wasn’t good enough 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. So we beat them when in training mode and them being super competitive/fit/urging for the cup?!

  24. I am refraining from saying anything because quite honestly I am seething at this point..I don’t want to go off because quite frankly I’m pretty pissed about the way Mourinho is ruining the game I love with his cynicism..
    Maybe I’ll post about the game when I have calmed down but what I will say now is that Marcelo’s tackle was a potential season-ender..
    Mourinho had no business touching our coach Vilanova
    And if anyone still support the way this Pepe plays his football then I have nothing to say to them..
    Oh and Alves!! Madre Mia.. I’ll say he was fucking flawless today..

  25. Apparently there are people on twitter claiming that some people in the crowd were making monkey noises at Marcelo. I mean I understand why the crowd would hate Marcelo but that’s disgusting.

    1. They probably were, they have before. Don’t delude yourself, there are just as many ignorant racists in the Camp Nou as in the Bernabeu (where they target Dani Alves, usually).

    2. It is a thing that Spain should be shameful about. Irrespective of where it happens.. this kind of outright racism is a big blot on spanish football.. and shows them up even in the golden years of their sporting success.

    3. I know, it’s just gross that nothing is ever done about it. And classicos with a scary mix of seething anger and mob mentality just always seem to trigger this kind of garbage.

    4. They made monkey taunts when he got his yellow and again when he was sent off. It was horrible to be in the middle of it – made me sick to my stomach. The worst was seeing kids do it…

  26. What a win! Thank God we won’t be playing them again until December. Great match just deteriorated with their despicable actions in the 2nd half. Mourinho attacks Tito??? Seriously, I am just baffled that anyone can defend him or this team.

    Marcelo’s tackle was awful, could have broken Cesc’s leg. Bad sportsmanship at its worst, spreading from the coach down to all the players. Can’t win so let’s scissor tackle and bodycheck them.

    Barcelona were fantastic. Off form, playing against super-charged Madrid, and they can’t beat us. Messi is unstoppable.

    Huge psychological boost to us, blow to them, though I’m sure Mourinho will weave it into the delusional victimized narrative that’s coming to define, and handicap, that club.

  27. This is the least meaningful trophy we will be competing for this year, but I still cannot smile ear to ear at this victory!

    😀 ^ YAYA

  28. Valdez has had a great pre-season, he truly is one of the rocks of our team, mister el reliable.

    Alves was absolutely flawless in defense today, he kept quiet and proved to everyone that he is more than just an attacking fullback, and Mou must be furious thinking that RM’s chance of winning was to expose Alves, yet that plan turned out to be impossible.

    Messi again with the clutch goal of the tie, he went missing for almost the whole second half, and he comes out and produces goals when its needed, he really is evolving into something even more bigger and better.

  29. A comment on the fight at the end:

    This current RM squad needs to get its act together. That type of behavior is simply unacceptable. First Sergio Ramos at the 5-0 last season and now Marcelo at the 5-4 this season: learn to lose like professionals. Seriously, it is embarrassing. I don’t say this as a cule but as a person seeing some disgraceful sportsmanship.

    1. He actually came out towards Pep just after Pep reacted to the tackle, but Mou was pushed away by other people, and Pep retreated as well. We saw that on later video captured by Catalunya TV3.

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