Spanish Super Cup Second Leg Liveblog

After a 2-2 draw at the Bernabeu, Barcelona is looking to lift their first silver of the season at the Camp Nou. Pep has left Cesc and Sanchez on the bench, and is playing our strongest lineup from last season.


Barcelona Starting XI

Valdes Alves Pique Mascherano Abidal Xavi Busquets Iniesta Pedro Messi Villa

Bench: Pinto, Fontas, Adriano, Keita, Fabreagas, Thiago, Sanchez


Kickoff is a 5 PM EST. I’ll start the liveblog 10-15 minutes before the match. Come get your groove on!


  1. I just can’t believe Mourinho. I can understand all the players getting heated up and fighting, but a coach, sneaking upon the other team’s coach from behind and pinching his eye, and then just walking off like nothing happened. Seriously, what the hell was that. I’m so buzzed up right now, damn.

    1. Mourinho: “Don’t have anything to say about Pipo Vilanova or what’s the name of that guy….”

      Mourinho: “Putting finger in eye Tito Vilanova? I don’t know any Pito Vilanova…”

      Honestly, it’s time someone put a stop to this.

  2. OK Euler, I’ll put aside dwelling on the the thuggery and enjoy the moment, but it won’t stop me from singing “Por que— PorquePorquePorque—-‘ (to the tune of Ole)

    …and I thought I didn’t want a Classico in August….can December come soon enough?

    1. If you watch the replay in slow motion as we have, Messi and Alves walk towards the sideline to retrieve the ball, and as they do that, Messi spits on the ground in front of Mourinho. It was all very quick and subtle, but Mou had to react as he did – OTT!

  3. Don’t let them have the satisfaction, BFBers. Don’t let them take away what was an unbelieveable performance for us. So much heart.

    Fabregas – what a debut. He knows how to win back hearts, that boy.

    Messi – no words left. Glad he’s on our team.

    Iniesta – wonderful.

    Alves – Oh, Alves. This was an incredbile game from Dani. The defense should shut people up for the rest of time, but it won’t. Whatever.

    Valdes – showed why he’s won the Zamora three times in a row. We thank him.

    Masch – immense. Wonderful buy from Pep

    Speaking of Pep, he was right in front of that tackle and wanted to jump in. But he held himself back. Class. So much class.

    I could go on and on. Half-fit and they wouldn’t go down. Equalized twice, even after conceding terrible goals.

    T’estimo Barca.

  4. barcastuff barcastuff
    Mourinho: “Don’t have anything to say about Pipo Vilanova or what’s the name of that guy….” #fcblive #elclasico

    barcastuff barcastuff
    Mourinho: “Putting finger in eye Tito Vilanova? I don’t know any Pito Vilanova…” #elclasico #fcblive


  5. Wow so happy. For me this is important trophy as well. In our year of 6 cups, this was one of them so that makes it important in my book.

    Fantastic performance by the team. Defending of set pieces was awful but that might also be because of limited time team has to play together. Messi keeps on coming up trumps. He was key in all the three goals today and also in two goals in first leg. We are living in special times.

    As for Madrid, have lost any respect for Mou ages ago. The guy is simply shit and he is ruining the game of football. Not by the physical play but by everything that he is doing. He is the poison and its sad what is happening to Madrid. Especially when they have a wonderful team and can legitimately challange us as they did for great part in two legs. Pity!

  6. As much as I hate EE and some of their players, to see Villa and Pinto react like that was disappointing.
    Marcelo was going to get a red card for that regardless of the reaction of our players. Marcelo looked well happy with himself after the tackle which was the worst.
    Pepe was disgraceful as usual but do any of us expect any more? Karanka and Mourinho will once again come out and say that our players go down too easy and that the referees favour us, let them, it belittles them more than us.

    For us to win this match at 60-70% fitness was amazing and makes me think that the gap is bigger this season than last. I mean, if you look at the bench from today we had Pinto, Fontas, Adriano, Keita, Thiago, Cesc & Alexis – which is probably the best bench anywhere in Europe including EE. Add to that, Puyol wasn’t even on the bench and we have Afellay as a backup. I’m pumped.

    The best thing about tonight wasn’t Messi’s goals or even the trophy.
    Mascherano was a monster of Puyol proportions tonight leading me to believe that he will in fact be our first choice centreback alongside Pique all season.

    As a Seether song says, Rise Above This and enjoy what was a thoroughly entertaining 90something minutes which brought us another trophy.
    If you need something else to brighten your day, the players’ strike gives us another 2 weeks to fully prepare for the season which could be huge.

  7. What a performance by the team! It really is a good match, a great one for the neutral (except for the last-part nastiness).

    I think EE can do much better with a different coach. Mou really destroys football. I used to like him in the way he used mind-games, press conference back during Chelsea but now it appears he has lost it. Shame for EE really, such a good squad but poor attitude.

  8. First of all, I’m lost for words due to the sheer quality and awesomeness of our team – beating RM convincingly just 3 days after such a poor performance is unbelievable.

    Messi: 13 goals in 9 (or 10?) matches vs the EE. And what an assists by him, just like in the 5-0 last season! Is he God, or even better?

    Unfortunately I’m also lost for words when it comes to Pepe, Marcelona and Mourinho. They are SOOOOO despicable, it’s a shame that they spoil the beautiful game again and again.

    But it won’t take away my happiness, because we’ve kind a owned a Real Madrid side that was talking about (or better some of their fans) a 3-0 win and that our time is over, we’ve passed the zenith, EE will win every trophy this year.
    A Madrid side that Pep sincerely admitted to be in better condition right now.

    I’m also reliefed that there won’t be another clasico in the next 4 months. Even a Supercup felt like a CL knockout match in the end. They are sooooo desperate to beat us, it’s shocking.

    1. Obviously I meant Marcelo as one of the most despicable persons in the history of football.

    2. RM is the dirtiest team I’ve seen in a long time and that’s pathetic considering that they’re the most expensive team. Every game they commit 2-3 red by the 67th minute but the refs have no clue how to govern the Clasicos. They usually hand out a token red at the end that has no effect at all on the match or future matches except it gives RM a chance to complain to the ref which makes them more hesitant handing out punishment which creates the same type of garbage match.

      Both teams also dive and complain to the ref even when the call is obvious. This is why the last 5 Classicos have been terrible to watch.

      Refs need to revisit the rulebook and hand out yellows immediately when they see them regardless of what effect it will have on the match. That’s the only way to get this clusterfuck under control.

      RM i

  9. I’m in a text battle with my brother over this game. I swear EE fans can’t admit defeat without an excuse!

    Great game! Can’t wait to see what this season will bring. I’m thankful every day we have such an amazing team and a great classy man like Guardiola to steer us towards glory.

    As far as EE is concerned…for a team who is supposed to be the royal team of Spain, their behavior speaks volumes. Just because you can’t play without kicking the daylights out of everyone doesn’t give you the right to behave like animals. I hope the Spanish FA reviews the fight and does something about Mourinho and that the ref’s stop being scared of making calls against Mou’s boys.

    If RM want to regain their dignity and reputation then FP better kick Mou, Pepe, Marcelo, and all the other thugs to the curve but he’s such a Mou ass kisser that I doubt it’ll happen.

    Visca Barca!

    1. He’s not here Vj otherwise I would!

      I told him to build a bridge and get over it and to stop talking smack because his team didn’t win shit but alas EE fans suffer from narcism and delusions and they can’t get off their self righteous soap box either.

  10. Oh and guys, Cesc made the pass that set up the attack that set up the assist for the goal that won the game.

  11. Anyone else find it funny that Pepe has now added diving to his repertoire? I saw 2 clear dives. One against Villa when there was a slight tug of the shirt I think and one against Messi when there was absolutely no contact.

    I guess he figures his usually thug play isn’t enough to get him red carded so he’s mixing in the diving now too.

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