Thiago’s Debut: Italy v Spain LiveBlog

Like the title says, Thiago’s debut for Spain will be today, but in the second half it seems. Kickoff is at 2:45pm EST.

Also worth noting is that France v Chile starts at 3:00pm EST

Line-up ESP (vs ITA): Casillas – Iraola Pique Albiol Arbeloa – X.Alonso Iniesta J.Martinez Cazorla Silva – F.Torres

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. LOL the entire media fraternity just got trolled by Wenger..That sort of trolling deserves mad props 😀

  2. Heh, Wenger’s conference quotes just came on twitter. Hilarious reactions from everyone.


    1. I’ve never laughed and being frustrated at the same time so much in my life. Somebody needs to make a movie about this, really.

  3. Samir Nasri. Manchester City. £22m. Or maybe £25m. But you probably stopped reading after Samir anyway. In case you hadn’t heard, Cesc Fábregas is going to Barcelona. Arsenal will get over his departure by signing Brazil’s Jadson for £12m from Shakhtar, a deal which prompts the sort of reaction Larry David might give at a dinner party when asked by the host to comment on the food: Nah. Having signed Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Arsène Wenger will also continue his bid to leave Arsenal with the poshest-sounding team in history by landing Byron Lawrence from Ipswich Town. Next on the list is a plan to bring Charles ‘Charlie’ Charles back to life. Because it’s Friday, there’s time for a quick quiz: is Byron Lawrence a) a grizzly, no-nonsense 33-year-old centre-back or b) a highly-rated 15-year-old midfield gadfly? It’s a good job Arsène Knows. Imagine if he didn’t Know.

  4. Kari called it on Wenger trolling the entire world here. Sheer madness and delusion perhaps, but man! too unconventional a saga for a stock ending : ) of course that could all have changed by the time i awaken in three hours. when this is over I doubt there’ll ever be a transfer imbroglio to match it…

    1. Yeah, I’m just wondering if Wenger is keeping his powder dry for a blast at Barcelona when it does go through?

  5. And now puyol joins the show :

    Tw Puyol: “Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, hope it’s not like other times a car driving in the wrong direction (Glass half full)” [barcastuff]

    Hoy será un gran día!! Today is gonna be a great day!!

    “Aiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiai!!!! I’m a bit nervous!! Ooooooohh! Moc moc!” #fcblive

  6. The transfer of Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas (24) to Barcelona has been completed. He’ll fly Barcelona today. [sport]

  7. Whew. Saga finally over.

    Hope he’s good for us.

    We can now concentrate on winning more trophies!

  8. No it’s not YET Sport isn’t an official source I do think it will happen today but won’t take it as official until FCB or Arsenal announce it or one of the players tweet about it.

  9. There have been so many false dawns in this transfer saga that I don’t even know what to think right now. Sport and MD are both reporting that it is over, but that isn’t the first time it has happened. Pique and Puyol are both tweeting about the transfer, but that has happened before. Wenger has his head stuck in the sand and refuses to acknowledge the transfer saga at all… that has happened before.

    My brother (a gooner) and I are both hoping it’s over. It’s been a long, draining process, and if it isn’t over we both might go crazy next summer.

  10. Puyol and Pique are already welcoming Cesc back. Just glad it’s FINALLY over. I wonder what we’ll be talking about next summer though.

  11. Well, Pique and Puyi have confirmed it. Cesc is already flying to Barca, they say. Hush. Finally it is over.

    This is one signing about whom i do pretty much no doubts. Only question is his fitness but our fitness guys are the best in business. So after long time, Pique – Cesc – Messi will line up for Barca. Am happy about it. Welcome Cesc! We have high hopes from you.

  12. twitter folks : Right now > Xavi Hernandez is standing at the Barcelona airport with a bouquet of flowers.

    1. Really? Please tell me it’s real. It would be really magical!!
      I wish somebody would post up a video of it.

    2. Xavi’s work is done I guess. The Maestro singlehandedly brought Cesc home and we shall forever be greatful. He needs a pay rise.

    3. I know, it’s all the Goons who were saying Xavi was unsettling Cesc(as if he’s not a grown man) so according to them it worked.

  13. And what if Cesc was the reason for the long lasting unsuccessfulness of Arsenal? …

    1. Yeah maybe the truth all along was that Wenger’s faith wasn’t misplaced and that Arsenal players are actually world-class but their defenders and Almunia and Bendtner suck cos they’re too distracted by his handsomeness to play

  14. The trip of Arsenal midfielder Cesc to Barcelona could be postponed until Sunday. He’ll sign a five-year deal. [sport]

    Sport has taken us for a ride.
    But then, Puyol and Pique has been getting orgasm so there must be some truth in it.

    1. I will never forget this Saga ever. For starters it brought me to this blog and i’m greatful(thanks Cesc). Seriously don’t know what i’m gonna do now during silly season.

  15. And if it all pushes though, it will be really funny given that just a few hours ago, one Arsene Wenger said, “I don’t expect nobody to leave the club.” Must really suck to be him.

  16. Cesc was on his way to the airport, but the plan to already fly to Barcelona this afternoon was changed last minute. [ona fm]

    Our fellow BFB’ers from India, please, please hand over a summary of this transfer saga to one of the directors in Bollywood. I really think it will be a greater success than Goal.

    There are really many ways to make this movie exciting.
    Arsene chasing Cesc to plead him to stay.
    And at the airport after making a scene, Cesc decided to spend one more night in Londo while Xavi was alraedy waiting at the airport with bouquets of flowers and Pique and Puyol already planning a prank on Cesc at the airport.

    Man….it could be one hell of a movie!

    1. Scene at airport: Xavi sees Cesc, starts running towards him-in slow motion. Cesc sees Xavi running towards him, drops his bags and starts running towards Xavi in slow motion. Cue 2 minutes of them running towards each other with cheesy hindi song in the background. They come close, stop, Xavi looks Cesc in the eye, Cesc eyes sparkle of a tear, for a moment time stops. Then they hug each other and look deeply into each other. It seems they are about to kiss when suddenly they turn their face and hold each other in a tight embrace. Volume picks up and camera zooms out.

      The End.

    2. Ian over here will enjoy that *smirk*

      And when Cesc finally comes over to the club and sees Pep he’ll try to run over and touch his feet, but Pep will stop him and say ‘no, son’ and hug. That’d be there.

    3. before the hug pep sayin the famous dialog “pagle! subah ka bhula agar sham ko ghar aa jaye toh use bhula nahi kehte!!!!!”

    4. LOL

      and then as the credits roll out the whole Barcelona team including Pep, Tito and Rosell turn up at the airport and everybody starts dancing to Spanish guitars + Hindu beat!

    5. Yes, we must have an enormous dancing finale, with Shakira’s hips making a guest appearance!

      Later an independent French filmmaker can remake it as a tragedy, in B&W with no dialogue and lots of slow-motion closeups of a single tear rolling down Arsene Wenger’s face.

    6. Hahaha I love this. I know they’re supposed to be all artistic and stuff but I’ve always found some of the arthouse indie European stuff so pretentious. Not all, I really enjoy some, but others just seem like it isn’t as much about telling a story through what happens to be an unconventional way as much as about how unconventional and brilliant and unique and artistic the makers are.

    7. Wow,I’m soooooo relaxed now…..not because of Cesc coming(well,a bit)but the saga has officially ended!!!!!!!!!.Yippee!!!

      Yes,I totally agree on a Bollywood movie.We can also add the incident where the mayor of Cesc’s hometown said he was kidnapped.Gosh,It would really be good.Bet on it winning some Filmfares or even Oscar 😉

      But who will play Cesc,Xavi and rest of the characters?.

    8. Its already running longer than the soaps here, with no loss of drama..

      BTW who’d you cast as Xavi/Cesc/Pique/Puyi?

    9. Make John Abraham lose a bit of muscle and get facial hair, that’s Fabregas for you.

    1. It is possible since he is carrying an injury.

      I can’t remember who but a few years back there was a transfer saga as well around this player only for it to fail during a medical 😆

    1. Accept it my friend. Resistance is Futile. Fabregas will be assimilated. Reason is irrelevant.

    2. @Marcotti: According to @mundodeportivo Arsenal
      have NOT accepted Barca’s offer for Cesc. Still in London

      Should I dream??

    3. No . The deal is done.
      Fabregas will arrive on sunday , pep wants the squad focused on the game.

  17. Apparently Arsenal are upset that Barca leaked the news early. Thats why it is not offical yet. That is really lame from Arsenal I mean come on let it die already.

    1. Come on, you didn’t expect this to end without at least another weekend of finger pointing, arm waving, and tantrum throwing by both sides, did you?

    2. Yea silly me. I actully thought that everyone decided to grow up and finish this saga. I was mistaken.

  18. Someone should tell Marcotti that Fabregas is listed on our wikipedia page under “current squad.” At last we have official news the deal is done!

    1. OMG!! I jsut checked it. It is so cheeky. I wonder who edited it. It was done less than an hour ago!

    1. Its being telecasted on 24 Ghanta (a bangla news channel). The channel is available in almost all dth platforms.

    2. Really ?? How did u find that out ?

      Because i checked the tv listings for that channel, and its not shown there.

      Anyway, thanks. I will check it out at match time. Hope they show it.

    1. I can imagine Pique winking at Cesc. Man, I can’t imagine the amount of fun they’re gonna have.

      Last season Pique had Shakira distractions and now Cesc.
      Another reason for us to quickly blame Pique 🙂

      I actually think Shakira is going to be jealous at Cesc

  19. I’ll say this again. Rosell has been great in dealing with our transfers.

    I now feel more secured about Our squad for next season.Pep would use different tactics by flooding the midfield sometimes to cover for our lack in the back

  20. Andre Arshavin said this on his website

    What brought you more joy: a goal against Barcelona or four against Liverpool?
    AA: Goals against Liverpool.


  21. Everyone can disbelieve all they like, but it’s happening, for better or worse. Verbal OK was given this morning, paperwork to follow later. The Tweets from Puyol and Pique were premature, but there is no more official word than that of the players, who are kept apprised of such things by the manager, and in this case, almost certainly Fabregas himself.

    1. I don’t find this article hating on us irritating, but the ooh-I’m-so-Bri’ish-and-ever-so-edgy look at me I diss everyone cos I’m so cool pretentiousness is so juvenile. Like using words like sanctimoniously melodramatic feckless oafish toff flapping face indignant buffoons. By golly!

      Despite the blah blah blah though I have to give him a bit of credit for putting a huge chunk of blame on Fabregas.

    2. I second this. I follow football because it is a source of enjoyment for me. The second it becomes more a cause for bitterness and hate, I’d have to reconsider it.

      And what’s with the Bassam comment?

    3. Bassam I have found to be consistently classy and I welcome him here.


    1. A lot of crap is being said me thinks. Who cares that pique announced it since its a done deal.
      Especially for a deal that is being talked for so long anyway.
      Journalists getting crazy with it.

    2. Sort of agree, but come on can’t Pique contain his excitement for just another day. Anyways its a done deal. Doesent matter if its announced today or tommorow.

    3. Contain what? and why?
      So I read that this supposed journalist called Balauge said “arsenal fans are understandably infuriated by puyol and pique tweets” and even “arsenal board could delay the deal for a bit” …


      this guy is simply talking trash.
      So the fans and the board are not disappointed with the player , him wanting away for less money and forcing a transfer , but with pique announcing the confirmation of the deal?
      This is beyond crazy.

    4. He also announced the deal was done. I know he’s not affiliated with Barca but still, he’s also responsible for this mess. I think Cesc told his friends and that’s how they know. Anyway what the hell are Arsenal pissed about it’s not like announcing it today or after their match tomorrow’s gonna make any difference. I don’t think there’s any gooner who thinks the deal has not been done or who would even want Cesc back after all this.

      The stuff this boy has got us into, he had better be worth all this trouble.

    5. I have to say for the first time today I reckon we did go over the score. Simply no discipline among the players doing this sort of thing. Imo, given all that has gone on, it is disrespectful to Arsenal. They’ve probably been given info at a sensitive time not available to the public and they should’ve kept it to themselves. I hope Balauge is right when he says there’ll be a slap on the wrist for those involved, either from Pep or Rosel.

    6. Arsenal are angry because, once again, it looks like they aren’t in control of the situation. They wanted to break the news to their fans, their way, and influence the way the media reports the transfer. But the way the news leaked prevented all that. At this point, half the major papers in England are reporting how Arsenal have “lost” the Fabregas transfer saga, and the fanbase is feeling something between anger and confusion, to go along with a current of acceptance and relief.

    7. @Jose

      Agree with Jose, I concede that Puyi and Pique maybe should have waited but come on leaks are released all the time when a transfer is almost done this is nothing new. They just wanted to do it their way so the media will go after bad Barca as if we held a gun on them to sell.

    1. Awesome, thanks! That was hilarious. As delusional as Wenger may be, it does seem to me that he was deliberately trolling the journalists there.

      “I don’t want to zink about zat now. Eet is only zpeculation.”


  22. If you all can take your minds off Cescgate for a few moments, you might consider that there is very possibly going to be a players’ strike that will delay the beginning of the Liga season by two weeks. Tim Stannard has a nice article on that here:

    Unlike the threatened strike earlier this year, which was largely about the TV rights issue and promoted by the clubs and the LFP, this one has been called by the Players’ Union and is in support of players who have not been paid, in some cases for over a year. It will be a shame to delay the start of the season, but this situation is absolutely disgraceful and needs to be sorted out asap. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Worth mentioning that Puyol was at the meeting in Madrid and supports this action fully.

    Also, WOOOO!!!! CESC!!!!! MOC MOC!!!! 😀

  23. totally unnecessary tweets from puyol and pique.cant they wait few more days.

    imo they need a rollicking from pep

    1. Arsenal will announce the signing after their game tomorrow as simple as that.
      Anyone thinking they got sentimental much about our enthusiasm and decided to delay the transfer cant be serious.
      Its about keeping it together until the first match is played, because it happens to be too close.

    2. Anyone thinking they got sentimental much about our enthusiasm and decided to delay the transfer cant be serious.

      i m not serious.

      but i question bout the timing of tweets from tarzan and pique.

      cant they tweet after its official.

      already its a muchly debated transfer.dont they know that?

    3. Hes their friend , they are human beings.
      Coming home , the way they mean it , happens once in a lifetime and they have been waiting for it.

      They could tweet about it after it goes official the same way they could have avoided talking about cesc for the past 3 years.
      I know that they mostly answered press’ questions but still.
      If they dont(and im not suggesting that they should anyway) keep quiet when talking about a contracted player of another club who is their friend , imagine how much easier it is for them to burst with joy when this player is contracted to their club , just not officially yet.

  24. A lot has gone down in the few days since I’ve been on here.

    Cesc- Not a bad piece of businness if the last set of numbers I saw was correct (30M+ 5M variables+ 5M from Cesc + a 16 yr-old to be named later and a sonic screwdriver + a $15 lost bet by Jnice). Am I happy? Dunno. Do we need him? Dunno, Pep seems to think so so I’ll go along with it (between the two of them Cesc and Xavi have one decent pair of hamstrings and one decent pair of Achilles tendons so maybe it’s for the best). Will he shave? Will the twitter BFFs distract each other? What will occupy our time next silly season? When will the trolls attack? Will Thiago get enough playing time? Too many questions.

    The BFFs?- Do we REALLY expect the BFFs to be mature and reserved about this? That being said, why give Arsenal/Arsene an excuse for more petulance?

    Arsenal/Arsene?- Enough with delaying the inevitable. It makes you look more like petulant ninnies and less like the “big club” you were worried you wouldn’t look like any longer! It’s gonna be hard to like my second team for a while.

    Does it make me a bad cule if I’m not looking forward to Sunday’s game? Really, I’m still classicoed out! If it were not for the opponent, we wouldn’t be caring as much about this trophy. I’m vascillating between wanting to see the best XI available(goodness how I’ve miss that!!!) and thinking it would be a great idea to say screw it, start the XI from the Copa Catalunya so there’s less chance of a preseason ArbeloaRamos happening!

    1. no mom4, I’m not looking forward to it either.

      If our opponent was not EE, I would be excited to watch some football from Barcelona.
      still sick from the last 4 El Clasicos to be honest.

  25. Mou’s taking the Supercopa very seriously it seems. He decided to allow the fans to attend the last training before the match. I bet he wants to give his team some psychological advantage from the fans to beat us, which would put them in pretty good shape before the start of the season.

    Hope our moc moc team is thinking about the match and not about when Cescy boy will touch down in BCN.

    1. I wonder if the grass will actually be cut this time. I only worry about us defensively but we should be ok if this is what we put out.


  26. BTW Had Wenger did the trnasfer earlier he could’ve gotten Stekelenburg and Mata and probably Sakho or some decent defender. Think about that. Wenger is a moron.

  27. Pique and Puyol are just human being, really..they can feel happy and emotional too, just like other human being..

    Especially Piqué, Cesc’s best friend since 10 years old.. He’s so happy and emotional, even since he woke up in the morning he seemed so excited..

    Look at Cesc families and friends (from Arenys de Mar) tweets..

    And this site from Cesc home town :

    They already welcoming Cesc.. That’s how happy they are, their brother/friend/local boy finally comes home after 8 years..
    I’m sure it’s Cesc himself who leaked the news to his friends and family, why should all these people worry about Arsenal’s feeling?

  28. @obii,you need not refer to me as being bitter,thats why its barcelona football blog,not obiis’ just my two cents…

    1. But you’re always complaining about something. Just take those news from goal with a little tiny pinch of salt. There is no need to get mad over those exaggerated reports.

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