A Strange and Twisted Tale

We often remember things and people as a series of emotional moments. We don’t really control them, but we have vivid recall when it matters most. I remember the moment I met my wife more than 14 years ago, although she was just a friend-of-a-friend and at the time it was no more momentous a… Continue reading A Strange and Twisted Tale

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Distant Stadiums and Broken Clubs

Today is really about one thing: crumbling infrastructure. It may seem like it’s about other things because I’m going to mention food, the Lord of the Rings, and even Power Rangers, but it’s actually all about infrastructure. As an American, I am no strange to oddly placed stadiums. In fact, it’s weirder to me to… Continue reading Distant Stadiums and Broken Clubs

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The problem with Koeman

Back when everyone was raving about Quique Setien after his Betis side got a result against Barça, I had a TV show appearance in which that question came up. My answer was, “I don’t want him anywhere near the Camp Nou, because his teams still make the same mistakes, even after all of his time… Continue reading The problem with Koeman

When Koeman goes …

Here is what a new manager at FC Barcelona will have to look forward to: –A brilliant collection of young talent, all nurtured in a hothouse that pretty much ignores modern football–A nucleus in the person of four captains, all of who are past it and psychologically about as strong as a house of cards–Placing… Continue reading When Koeman goes …

Barça 0, Bayern Munich 3, aka “There’s hope, but …”

Nothing about the FC Barcelona experience is like a modern club. As grim reailty goes, that is a good place to start. The Camp Nou is, like the team, a construction zone. It’s in too many parts dusty, gray and musty, redolent with a scent that only a romantic would consider history. It’s just old.… Continue reading Barça 0, Bayern Munich 3, aka “There’s hope, but …”

Barça’s transfer window, aka ‘Boulevard of broken dreams’

Imagine if, during election campaign season, Laporta said, “The summer is going to be a salary dump. I will probably have to move Messi on, and a bunch of other players. Bear with me, though, as we get through all of this together.” He still would probably have won, but eyes would have been open.… Continue reading Barça’s transfer window, aka ‘Boulevard of broken dreams’

Ain’t no love when it comes to money. It’s just … money

Emerson Royal, delighted to be a player for FC Barcelona, complete with presentation and giddy signing ceremony, was shipped off to Tottenham in the next-to-last day of the transfer window. His career at his dream club lasted some training sessions, two matches and most of a transfer window. Clubs demand loyalty and set themselves up… Continue reading Ain’t no love when it comes to money. It’s just … money