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19 April 2014

Love BFB? We make a positive impact in your life? Click DONATE to support BFB this festive season. Poor Tata. Called upon to replace an ailing Tito, he arrived in Barcelona with nothing but a crumpled suit and a backpack filled with pistachio polo shirts. Given a poorly balanced squad to which he could add […]

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Goldilocks and the Camp Nou, aka “The case for Neymar”

18 April 2014

Neymar has a problem. Neymar IS a problem. Whichever (or both) of those sentences you think true, there is one thing we can agree on: Neymar is a galvanizing figure on the world football stage. When he came to Barça at the beginning of this season for a pile of cash, nobody knew what to […]

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RM 2, Barça 1, aka “The inexorable inevitability of defeat”

16 April 2014

Someone who knew once said to me, “You have to do 100 things exactly right to win a bicycle race. Do 99 of them exactly right, and you finish second.” Margins are like that in athletic endeavor. You push, you shove, you train as hard as you can, doing efforts and intervals until you actually […]

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16 April 2014

The 3rd clasico for the season. Well – technically not, because that term only really exists for the Liga games, but has now become synonymous with every meeting between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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Qué será, será …

14 April 2014

How one feels after a match has nothing to do with what happens during the match and everything to do with what one thought before the match. Say three guys are sitting in a bar aprés loss: “I never thought we could win silver,” says the first. “But I’m grateful for the run.” “I didn’t […]

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FYI: Article 19 and FC Barcelona

12 April 2014

My attempt at a disclaimer: While I am a barrister, Europe is not my home jurisdiction. I’ve spent limited time getting familiar with the applicable law and it’s entirely possible for me to have missed something. Corrections from those who know better are more than welcome. A few resources to start us off: FIFA Statutes […]

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