Gràcies per tot, Maki!

26 May 2015

    November 6, 2004: F.C. Barcelona – Deportivo de la Coruña, 2-1 It was cold. Not as cold as Montreal winters, but I was back in Europe and had spent the last four months living the good life in the south of France where, beautiful truth be told, other than attending parties and chilling at various family-in-law’s downtown […]

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Dani Alves and the duration of an athlete’s time at a club

25 May 2015

Let’s begin at the beginning: If Dani Alves had come from La Masia, his renewal would already be finished. Whether this is a good thing is another question. But because he isn’t, his case is really an excellent one as it lets us sit back and reasonably think about progression, and precisely when it is […]

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More on Lists

24 May 2015

This is a guest post by Isaiah. You can follow him on Twitter as @rockofthune. There have been some great comments regarding my list of most influential Barcelona players and I wanted to respond to several of them at some length, so I felt that that warranted an actual post rather than one off replies […]

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Barça 2, Depor 2, aka “What have we learned?”

23 May 2015

It has been about Xavi all along. This whole season, the twists and turns, everything we have learned and experienced, from Enrique convincing him to stay to his coming to terms with his new role and executing it flawlessly has been about the Maestro teaching all of us, from the newest culer to the most […]

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Xavi and the Qatar question

22 May 2015

This isn’t a time for ranting, or moral high horses. Nor is it a time for unquestioning fealty. This is a time to discuss, to understand the Xavi decision and his destination even as it is a discussion that should be prefaced with “It really isn’t any of our damned business.” In many ways it […]

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Barcelona’s Top 10 Most Influential Players

21 May 2015

This is a guest post by Isaiah. You can follow him on Twitter as @rockofthune. It is never really possible to nail down the most important or influential moments of a team, but with Xavi departing and Carles Puyol already gone, it seems like it’s time for one of those listicles we all love so […]

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The man, the Maestro, the “Inevitable Xavi”

19 May 2015

Death is a part of life. This is also true of the mini-deaths that typify a legend leaving a club. When Xavi leaves FC Barcelona it will feel weird. Ray Hudson once termed him “The Inevitable Xavi.” He is a magnificent player who, even when many (including me, in full disclosure) were ready to put […]

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FC Barcelona is Messi’s team, aka “The littlest giant takes full control”

18 May 2015

FC Barcelona is Messi’s team. For years, such things have been intimated, really since Pep Guardiola decided to unleash Messi as a false 9, but they have always felt premature. Scoring the most goals and influencing matches with brilliance doesn’t mean that it’s your team, nor does being the most talented among the captains. This […]

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Atletico de Madrid 0, Barça 1, aka “Campions”

17 May 2015

In 08-09 Barça won a Liga that became a Treble, and nobody expected it. Then Barça won a Liga and pretty much everybody expected it. Then again Barça won a Liga that was tainted by Champions League failure and the departure of a player whose exit was laid at the feet of that record points […]

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The Coach, The Player, The Enemy and The Treble, among other things…

14 May 2015

Some of my thoughts of the last nine days for you to chew on. Click here for Kxevin’s latest. 1. The Coach (A) Pep this, Pep that. Thank heavens I don’t have to listen to any of it anymore. I got especially tired of reading about people writing about being fed up with people talking about Pep. Even more […]

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It’s almost over, for better or worse

14 May 2015

As a culer, I am struggling to get my mind around all of this. Truly. This is a season that has rocketed past. It seems like only last week we were wondering about buying Luis Suarez, and him having to miss the first half of the season, would Neymar blossom like all second-year attackers at […]

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Bayern Munich 3, Barça 2 (3-5 agg.), aka “Wait … there was a second half?”

13 May 2015

In the wake of a match that leaves bloggers struggling with a suitable subject, culers come through for us all: The second half. In many ways, the return leg of the tie with Bayern Munich was a complex one for Barça supporters, because it represented so many conflicting feelings: — Romance vs pragmatism — The […]

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