Brace yourself, elections are coming.

03 July 2015

Power, lust, glory. Lies, deceit and treachery. All is fair in love and war. And while some of us truly don’t care who wins the Game of Thrones, others are on the tips of their seats. After all…   “I learned how to die a long time ago.” That’s good to hear for Jordi Majó […]

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Burn Baby Burn

02 July 2015

Note (1): This article is based on rumor and speculation. In fact, the player in question and his agent have come out and denied said rumor and speculation. Nevertheless… Note (2): Guess who’s back? Kevin chimes in with what he claims is a guest post called Luck, la Masía and winning the lottery. ———— Confession time. […]

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Luck, La Masia and winning the lottery

02 July 2015

Not a return. Just a guest post, precipitated by events. Let’s build a mountain, an unassailable fortress of a mountain that will make even the most staunch Sherpa quake, and retire his crampons. That mountain will be made of dudgeon, and shall be christened Mount Nonsense, a sentiment that caused the mountain to spring, fully […]

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The who to the what (2)

28 June 2015

Part two, the defenders. For my take on our goalkeepers, check part one right here. 2 Strengths: Off the ball movement, especially going forward. He excels at finding the space in the right side channel to receive through balls and passes that are played over the top. Weaknesses: Unfortunately, receiving the all in the position […]

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In Our Dreams, We Are All Dani Alves

21 June 2015

The whole press conference is a show of Alves’ personality: mocking, irreverent, boisterous, happy. He sings, he laughs, he scowls. His mood swings are swift, emotions on his sleeve to the point of being wailing sirens attached to his arms. A journalist is recognized and starts to speak, a query interrupted by the subject. “[You’re] […]

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The who to the what (1)

20 June 2015

Copa America ain’t cutting it for you? Bored in anticipation of Silly Season? Unfazed by election talk? Let’s get down to some good old fashioned player evaluations. Since you like it when I make it last, I’ll split this one in four. Part one, the goalkeepers. 13 Strengths: Who said there weren’t any jaguars in Chile? […]

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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

19 June 2015

I can’t remember the first time I “spoke” with Kevin via the Internet, though I can remember the first time I met him in person. I was in Chicago visiting a couple of friends, taking a much needed break from New York, and I was sitting in a high school gym watching roller derby for […]

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Changes and farewells

18 June 2015

What a ride. When I started as a commenter over at The Offside Barcelona, who ever thought a space with a few voices would become something as interesting as it did. Back then, when I was just another voice in the crowd and Isaiah asked me to consider becoming a moderator, I was, frankly, terrified. […]

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Bartomeu and Laporta, more alike than anyone cares to admit

17 June 2015

And then there were two … Now that Joan Laporta has declared for the elections and we know that Bartomeu is already in, the two 1,000-pound gorillas are set to square off. Yes there are other candidates and the most interesting platform is that of Origen FCB, but reality is that there are only two […]

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A salute to the forgotten man of this treble season, Andoni Zubizarreta

15 June 2015

It seems appropriate to take a moment to give a shout-out to the man who made so much of this Treble season possible, a forgotten man by many culers in their Triplete zeal but who was essential, a man who got shout-outs from the likes of Xavi, Rakitic and Puyol for his work. No, not […]

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Sports, failure and a collective psyche

13 June 2015

The Copa America match that featured Argentina vs Paraguay was, for this neutral, endlessly fascinating throughout, and entertaining after the final result. After the match, of course, it was the expected, “Tata Martino screwed up.” But a very interesting Tweet from a pair of hyper-intelligent minds (and BFB mods) got me to thinking: “What really […]

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It isn’t fashion. It’s tradition.

13 June 2015

The problem with the new Barça shirt isn’t that it’s ugly, it’s that it’s repugnant in all senses of the word. adjective: repugnant 1. extremely distasteful; unacceptable. “the thought of going back into the fog was repugnant to him” synonyms: abhorrent, revolting, repulsive, repellent, disgusting, offensive, objectionable, cringeworthy, vile, foul, nasty, loathsome, sickening, nauseating, hateful, […]

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