Barça 3, Eibar 0, aka “Football’s constant lessons continue”

18 October 2014

Football is fun, mostly because it can teach us so much about things, like a crafty old veteran who hunkers down to explain everything that we missed about what we thought we had just watched. One of the things that football teaches us is that expectations are illogical. As people crowed about Messi popping off […]

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The Good, the Bad and the Suarez

13 October 2014

This is the post I promised Valdemar II, the winner of the World Cup predictions thing who asked for: “A post about the possible starting elevens and alternate formations for [this] season” Well, the transfer window wasn’t closed at the time nor was the squad finalized so I thought it would be better to hold […]

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A personal standard, aka “Messi is better than Ronaldo is better than Messi”

11 October 2014

The Shrug. The last time that I saw a truly transcendent performance by an athlete was by Michael Jordan, in Game One of the 1992 NBA Finals. One of the benefits of being an old man is that you had the opportunity to see stuff like that, an athlete beyond compare, on the biggest stage […]

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Rayo Vallecano 0, Barça 2, aka “Achieving a state of grace”

04 October 2014

Winning is kinda weird when you think about it, because it isn’t supposed to happen. Even if you consider what has to happen for a goal to be scored, never mind enough goals to win a match, the mind boggles at the amazing complexity of it all, the chain reaction of attackers doing the exact […]

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PSG 3, Barça 2, aka “Okay. So what happened?

01 October 2014

The away Champions League leg to Paris St-Germain was like the baseball pitcher who has a perfect game going. Then he walks a guy. Next guy gets a hit. Next guy hits a home run and suddenly, it’s all gone. Barça rolled into Paris on the heels of a single draw as the “negative” result, […]

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Talkin’ bout differences…

29 September 2014

I still remember the first time I went to the Camp Nou. It was in the fall of 2004 against Deportivo de la Coruña. Ronaldinho did stuff I couldn’t quite understand from my seat in the third ring on the southern side of the stadium. Giovanni Van Bronckhorst goofed up and gifted the lead to […]

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Barça 6, Granada 0, aka “What a difference two days make”

27 September 2014

Two tales from life, both having bearing on this post. 1. One of my bikes was making an odd, cricket-like noise. This brilliant mechanic checked everything, even pulling the bottom bracket. We scratched our heads as a much less talented mechanic said, “Hey, a chainring bolt is loose.” Voila. 2. My training week is Su: […]

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Malaga 0, Barça 0, aka “Enrique era over before it started?”

25 September 2014

A football game is in every way, shape and form, about time. It starts with the first kick of the ball. Great players seem to compress and expand it — depending on whether you are the tormented or tormentor — it as their skills play with chronology. It slows when your team is hanging on, […]

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Perfection, Barça and notions of stability, aka “Foundations are important”

21 September 2014

There is as much danger in being overly pessimistic as there is in getting overly excited, but it’s very safe to say that there isn’t a culer who, even in a most optimistic moment, would have thought that after 5 matches Barça would be perfect: 5 wins and 0 goals conceded. Last season Barça delivered […]

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Is “mes que un club” just a slogan, aka “Multinational corps don’t have politics”

08 September 2014

A favorite Twitter commentator brought something to mind this morning in posting a very good editorial about the club and its stance, or lack thereof, as the September 11 pro-independence (or pro-choice, dependent upon whether you like waffles) day looms. Many people come to Barça for the football. I would reckon that most come to […]

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Celebrating without wrecking: Munir El Haddadi, aka “The next nothing”

06 September 2014

Football is a weird, often absurd thing that makes us forget what it in fact is, which is entertainment. As young people caper about a flawlessly manicured lawn in a quest for an inflated sphere, the next fat paycheck and maybe, just maybe, glory, supporters forget all of that. We clutch our replica shirts, scream […]

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The Andoni Zubizarreta Show has ended, aka “Now we wait and see”

04 September 2014

Even though it’s early days, it is safe to say that that man in the middle of this image, Andoni Zubizarreta is, along with folks like Ed Woodward and Jorge Mendes, one of the winners of this summer transfer window. I know … he finally did something, right? Wrong. It’s because in grading the Barça […]

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